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Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation - Chapter 36


Noon at 12 O'clock.

The second batch of people with average strength had spent all their energy fighting. Practically half these people retired from injuries, lacking the ability to continue fighting.

Only now did the students of the Important Class leave their classroom. They warmed up their bodies and started to join in on the scramble.

They entered the field, causing the intensity of fights to increase by several factors. 10 admission tickets fell quickly to the hands of the Important Class of students. The battlefield had turned into a civil war amongst the Important Class.

01:30 PM. Aside from Helian Lie and Si Jiaxue, all the students of the Important Class took the field!

02:10 PM. Si Jiaxue slowly opened her beautiful eyes and entered the fray!

02:15 PM. The king of Crimson Nimbus Second Helian Lie walked out of the classroom, donning a domineering aura like a suit of armour, officially entering the war!

Helian Lie and Si Jiaxue had true strength that was clearly above at a different level than the other students. The gap between them was something that could not be closed simply by relying on the dominance of numbers.

In under a minute, these two each seized an admission ticket. Soon after they fended off an assault from an encirclement of 7-8 students, even beating six students straight to the medical shuttles.

So therefore, there was no one who dared to try seizing the tickets held in their embrace..... In the end, there were still 8 other admission tickets. It wasn't necessary to seek death under the hands of these two monsters.

’’Helian Lie, Si Jiaxue...... The last time Crimson Nimbus Second produced such great saplings was 3-5 years ago!’’ The Crimson Nimbus Guild Elder's face, which had been fixed in a serious expression for half a day, at last revealed a faint trace of a smile.

’’How boring. I should have known they would only come out now. I wasted my entire morning for nothing!’’ In the second VIP lounge, Zheng Dongming lay comfortably on the plump and firm thighs of the female teacher, sleeping. Occasionally he would lift his head to glance at the hologram. Giving a smirk, he soon quickly lowered his head back to sleep.

02:30 PM. In the depths of Crimson Nimbus Second, within the school's warehouse, in the middle of an old Cultivation Field.

Li Yao's two index fingers were stabbed deeply and firmly into the wooden floor. His head was to the ground and his feet in the air. Using only the strength of his index fingers, he was doing a handstand with perfect form.

His pair of feet weren't tied together facing the sky, instead they were spread open in a 180 degree fashion. His legs were parallel to the ground and as straight as a ruler. He looked like an upside down 马 character!

The two feet, separated to the extreme, did not have shoes on them. With toes as nimble as his fingers, he lifted a dumbbell unwaveringly with each foot. The weight of each dumbbell was 100 kg!


While under this state, Li Yao's nose emitted utterly strange snores. His pair of eyes were slightly closed and a bit of saliva trickled from the corner of his mouth. He was actually sleeping!


’’BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!’’ The micro crystal processor on his wrist vibrated violently and alarmed.

With a flicker of his body, ’’Bang! Bang!’’ sounds rang out, like two sparks of flint flying through the darkness. Something was sent flying to a wall that was over thirty meters away, creating another pair of loud ’’Booms!’’

The two 100 kg dumbbells were actually sent flying over 30 meters by Li Yao with a kick, deeply lodging themselves in the wall.

The entire face of the wall was full of holes. These were all craters left behind from a bombardment of dumbbells. The surface was like that of a meteor;it was a devestating sight.

’’Little monster. I've already lifted the restrictions of 'Give Up.' Quickly remove those clothes and join in the fighting. You still have half an hour!’’ laughed Sun Biao.

’’You don't have to remind me. How annoying.’’ yawned Li Yao. He scratched his shaggy bird's nest hair and walked to the exit indifferently.

02:32 PM. Li Yao emerged within campus. He walked with sleepy and drowsy eyes to the student assembly grounds where the battle was taking place. His image quickly appeared on the giant holograms in the VIP lounges.

Everyone felt curiosity towards this last student entering the field.

According to normal practice, such students who enter the field at such a late stage had the utmost confidence in their true strength. But all the cultivation geniuses of Crimson Nimbus Second have clearly already appeared on stage. Who the hell is this bastard? Could it be a weakling student who has already given up on the competition?

In the second VIP lounge.

Dong Zengming aburptly jumped up from the female teacher's thighs. His entire self turned incomparable sharp in a flash. He was like a war blade extracted from a drinking house. The air of alcohol dispersed, giving birth to an air of murder.

’’He's the one you wanted to watch? Will he be even more ferocious than Helian Lie?’’ The female teacher was absolutely astonished. It had been a long time since she seen Dong Zhengming act so serious.

’’Helian Lie is obviously stronger than him. But If I had to choose an opponent, I would rather just Helian Lie. I wouldn't want to choose this guy.’’ Dong Zhengming stared fixed at Li Yao.

’’Why is that?’’ The female teacher didn't understand.

’’Because he and I, are the same type of people.’’ With a laugh, Dong Zhengming's humble face revealed shallow dimples.

02:34 PM. Li Yao walked inside...... Dining Hall Number 2!

’’What the hell is he doing? There's nobody in the second dining hall!’’ The numerous VIPs were discussing and clamouring.

At this time, most of the fighting had come to an end. Quite a few students sat on the ground, panting for breath. The ones worthy to watch on screen are few. The somewhat strange actions by Li Yao naturally drawn everyone's attention to Li Yao.

02:35 PM. Li Yao carried an entire tray of meat buns out of gymnasium number two. He ate as he walked, devouring a dozen fist-sized meat buns in half a second.

’’Did he come here to fight, or did he come here to eat!?’’ The VIPs stared blankly for quite sometime. After confirming that their eyes were fine, they couldn't help but laugh with tears in their eyes.

Just a moment ago, they thought that this bastard was the secret weapon of Crimson Nimbus Second, some deeply hidden unexposed experty. They never thought that this bastard was actually a rice tub with an astonishing capacity for food!

And even within campus, there were quite a few students who saw Li Yao.

’’Look you guys, look! Even screwed ghost Li Yao has come!’’

’’Huh? He actually doesn't have any injures, how can he be so healthy and lively?’’

’’He must have been secretly hiding away just now and hasn't particpated in the fighting. That;s why he's still lively like a dragon and tiger.’’

’’Hey Li Ao. Don't go another further ahead. The Important Class of students all gathered there. They're all still fighting intensely and desperately. Be careful not to get accidently hurt!’’

As Li Yao gnawed on a meat bun, he looked down to see his micro crystal processor, turning a deaf ear to everyone's comments. Only when a student with good intensions warned him, did he lift his head and give a smile of thanks. Right after, he continued to walk forward.

’’It can't be that his head's been beaten retarded right?’’ The student who warned Li Yao commented to his companion with some pity.

The 10 admission tickets emmited special ripples of essence energy every half a minute, marking their positions on a virtual map. Soon Li Yao was able to lock onto a ticket!


Na Lanying was leaning her back on a giant tree. She was gasping and panting for breath. The alert expression in her eyes was like a sharp blade that swept in all directions.

She unperterbed about the trace of blood still left in the corner of her mouth. The thought of licking it never crossed her mind.

She had to breath in the greatest amount of air in the shortest time frame, to maintain a clear mind for as long as possible, to restore her combat strength.

This was because on her body.... Was a precious admission ticket!

Na Lanying was ranked 21st among the Important Class. Her Actualization Quotient was at 65%. To be able to seize an admission ticket was simply a gargantuan fortune for her. She lacked completely the confidence to be able to hold onto the ticket until 3 pm.

Fortunately today her lucky stars shined bright. A few experts in her class had went to jointly attack Helian Lie and Si Jiaxue and had received serious injuries;they were eliminated from the competition.

The remaining students went to go fight over the other admission tickets. There were no threatening existences with extreme strength in her surroundings. At least, at the present.

She had been leting her imagination run wild in her mind, when Na Lanying suddenly felt a stab of pain in her sternum. It was as if someone stabbed a stake of ice ferociously in her heart!

The young girl let out an ’’ah.’’ Every hair all over her body stood on end;she was like a started white bunny. Her body instinctively reacted, disregarding everything and fleeing 7-8 meters automatically.

Na Lanying had a certain feeling that if she had stayed there, she would already have been torn to shreds!

Standing seven to eight meters behind her, in sloppy clothes, was a completley ordinary youngster. If there was something that must be said weird about him, it would be the fact that his cheeks were stuffed full of buns. Without stopping, he kept on chewing... and chewing... and chewing...

’’Li Yao?’’

Na Lanying simply didn't dare to believe her eyes...... Screwed ghost Li Yao was the most famous person in Crimson Nimbus Second, the man of the moment. Obviously she wasn't mistaken.

’’It's actually him? Why was it that when my back was towards him, all my hairs stood on end? It was like I was facing a terrible Fiend Beast. I couldn't raise even half a thought of resistance in my mind. My only thought was to flee in desperation!’’ Na Lanying's heart beated like a drum. Her bosom slightly swelled up and down in undulations. She simply couldn't calm down.

Li Yao chewed his meatbun indifferently while walking over to her.

Na Lanying's scalp was frying. She felt a sense of crisis becoming more and more intense. She could not stop her entire self from trembling. No matter how much she tried taking deep breaths, it was no use! ’’I'm was completely surpressed to paralysis by the pressure of his aura. I can't even move a single finger at all. How can this be happening!?’’ screamed the young lady in her mind.

’’What the hell is she doing? Why doesn't Na Lanying beat down this bastard with a move?’’ The VIPs saw this scene and were at a loss. They were discussing animately amongst themselves.

’’This kid is the screwed ghost of Crimson Nimbus Second. I bet Na Lanying thinks it's below her to take care of him.’’ There were some people who finally asked and became clear on Li Yao's identity. They talked with complete certainty.

Li Yao walked one step at a time until he reached in front of Na Lanying.

With a tilt of his neck, he swallowed down the last meatbun with some difficulty and gave a burp. A smile oozed all over his face, showing his contentment. In the eyes of Na Lanying, Li Yao's appearance was just like tyrannosaurus rex swallowing down a ton of bloody meat. Traces of bloody sinew seemed to be embedded between his teeth,

’’You. Don't you come over......’’ Na Lanying said weakly from her heart. She was on the verge of crying.

’’Hello, you must be fellow student Na Lanying. I would like to ask if you've seen fellow student Helian Lie and where he is?’’ Li Yao chuckled, asking in a refined and courteous manner.

Na Lanying stared blankly at him for quite some time. Then with a wavering hand, she pointed in the direction of the school's sports field, ’’I. I don't know. He's probably at the sports field.’’

’’Okay. Thank-you fellow student Na Lanying.’’ Li Yao nodded with thanks, paying zero attention to the young lady's admission ticket. He brushed past Na Lanying's side and walked towards the direction of the sports field.

Na Lanying's pair of legs weakened, and she nearly collapsed to the ground. She watched, with shock and astonishment, at Li Yao's back as he gradually left. The back of her school uniform was soaked with sweat. Her delicate body was shivering and she had a sinking painful feeling in her stomach. Her mind was filled with the thoughts of her luck and new lease at life!


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