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Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation - Chapter 32


Sun Biao had somewhat of a dazed expression as he saw Li Yao act in this wild and crazed manner. The muscles in Li Yao's entire body were torn with one rep after another. Sun Biao's thoughts flew back to a time a dozen years ago;he sunk into old memories.

The reflection of Li Yao's figure in the depths Sun Biao's pupils seemed to gradually be overlapped by a tall lofty figure, becoming a different person.

Only when a chirping sound came from the lower right corner of the hologram, accompanied by a faint vibration on his wrist, did the old fogey awaken from his thoughts. He swallowed some spittle, moistening his somewhat dried throat. He withdrew himself to a corner so that Li Yao couldn't see him and he opened up the e-crane instant messenger function.

The image of a clear and elegant figure appeared, mixed with a chilling air, in the center of the hologram.

’’Old Sun. Sir I see that you have already taken that child away. I truly thank you sir for your actions this time!’’ Si Jiaxue expressed her gratitude with utmost sincerity.

Sun Biao chuckled saying, ’’My dear little Xue. You even went through your father to come seeking for this old geezer. What more can I say? However, in the end what is the relationship between you and this kid? Why do you want to help him?’’

Si Jiaxue frowned slightly. It seemed that she was very unwilling to be associated with Li Yao. She explained seriously, ’’Old Sun. There's not even a trace of a relationship between me and this little scoundrel. There's only the matter of me entrusting him, a few days ago, with the repair of an old model crystal processor left behind by my grandma. It was because of this that Helian Lie, the mad dog that he is, created a disturbance with this scoundrel. In the end, this matter came forth because of me. So of course, I should not allow him to be bitten by mad dog Helian Lie. Otherwise, wouldn't people have misgivings dealing with me?’’

With the raising of his eyebrows, Sun Biao adopted a mischievous expression, ’’So it's that simple eh? It's not that dear little Xue has fallen for this kid right?’’

’’Him? Preposterous!’’ Si Jiaxue couldn't help laughing.

Sun Biao did not expect this response. He said speechless, ’’Even this outrageous kid is not enough for you. My dear little Xue. Your standards are uncommonly high!’’

Si Jiaxue lightly laughed and changed the subject. The elderly and the youth chatted idly for a few sentences. Sun Biao cut off communications and raised his head once again, hearing Li Yao roaring himself hoarse:


’’This monster! It can't be! Can he truly wear 'Give Up' and complete 10 whole sets of squats?’’ Sun Biao's astonishment was enough to cause tingling in his scalp, scratching his head as he pondered. After a short moment later, he found a name from his address book and sent out an e-crane message.

Soon, a virtual crane flew out from the lower right corner of the hologram. It's wings extended and it transformed into a projection of the clear 3D figure of a person. To be exact, it was Fiend Blade Peng Hai.

Peng Hai was lying down in a relaxed comfortable manner in a bathtub. A large plate of fruit floated in front of him. Peng Hai was in utter pleasure as he soaked in his bath.

Peng Hai laughed saying, ’’Old geezer. I was just about to ask if you wanted to grab dinner tonight and ask about a certain person in the meantime. Do you know if our Crimson Nimbus Second has had any sort 'Monster-level' student graduate within the past few years?’’

’’Monster-level? There weren't any sort of special saplings in the past few years. Everyone was pretty normal and ordinary. I need to really think about this! Oh! Let's put this matter on a hold for now. I want to tell you some explosive news...... Do you still remember the clothes I specifically crafted for you a dozen years ago? 'Give Up'?’’ Sun Biao rubbed his hands, wanting to give Peng Hai a scare.

The muscles on Fiend Blade Peng Hai's face twitched as he recalled back to unbearable memories of past events. He said with rage through gritted teeth, ’’Of course I remember! You dead old geezer! You actually crafted such a vicious artifact! No wonder you were formerly known as the 'Degenerate of the Cultivators', you scum!’’

Sun Biao laughed mischievously as he was actually quite fond of this nickname. He said impatiently, ’’This set of clothes has been tossed in the corner and laid there ever since you graduated. I never used it at all. But today, there has been a student who put it on!’’


Fiend Blade Peng Hai really was shocked into paralysis. With an expression that didn't know whether to laugh or cry he said, ’’Dead geezer. You have a way too mischievous heart. This type of thing isn't something that you should give someone to wear willy nilly. This is something that will torture someone into having a mental breakdown!

Sun Biao was somewhat embarrassed. He grumbled, ’’At first, I saw the kid running too wildly. I just wanted to knock him off his high horse and give him a little taste. After two minutes, he would cry for his mom and dad and remove the clothes like a good boy right? Who would have imagined that once this kid had a taste of it, he still wanted more! Not wanting to remove it after wearing it! And he also did 7 sets in a breath of time..... That's not right, it was eight sets of 300 kilogram squats!’’

Fiend Blade Peng Hai asked astonished, ’’Crimson Nimbus Second actually has this kind of cultivation genius? How come I didn't know? Don't tell me he's not a third year, but a first or second year?’’

Sun Biao extended a finger, lightly swaying it, ’’Nope, he's not a cultivation genius.’’

’’Not a cultivation genius?’’ Peng Hai frowned.

Sun Biao squinted his eyes and said in complete seriousness, ’’Think back to those times when I crafted 'Give Up'. You were only 14 years old, but your Actualization Quotient had already hit 100%! You were able to connect to the essence of heaven and earth and draw essence energy into your body. You had a strong body. Your mental strength was firm. So, you were able to cross this ordeal of 'Give Up'!’’

Sun Biao paused, breathing in and out. It seemed that even now he dared not believe the sight he'd seen. Sun Biao continued, ’’And this kid will already be 18 years old this year with a maximum Actualization Quotient of 60%. And his fleshly body is still completely that of a child's. He's using his fleshly body paired with his monstrously thick level of mental fortitude to forcefully withstand 'Give Up'! Your kind is a cultivation genius that can hardly be seen once every hundred years. But this kind of person can only be described from head to toe as.....a monster!’’

Fiend Blade Peng Hai was moved. He never thought that his teacher would hold this kid in such a high regard. He was also interested, ’’Old geezer. Send me a recording to watch?’’

’’No problem. Oh that's right. I have a recording of a fight he just had. I'll send them both for you to watch. Although from a strength perspective, he's still at the fighting level of a child. But in regards to his battle awareness and his usage of his surroundings... Hehe. I'll say something that will make you mad. It seems that he's more suited than you for inheriting my title of the 'Degenerate of Cultivators'!’’Sun Biao laughed vulgarly as he sent over a few videos.

’’Why would I be mad~? I currently walk amongst the circle of cultivators and I've never dared to be recognized as the succeeding disciple of the 'Degenerate of Cultivators'. Otherwise... I fear that every minute there will be a group of justice seeking, demon beheading, devil exterminating, knights coming to cause harm to the circle of cultivators. I'm exactly looking for someone who can really inherit your legacy!’’

Peng Hai giggled as he received the videos. He opened them indifferently.

The more he watched, the straighter he sat, and the more astonished his expression. A wisp of cheer flashed in the depths of his eyes.

’’How is he? Not bad right? I don't have any impression on any sort of monster-level graduate you're looking for. Anyway, in the past dozen years, the only small monster that's been able to shock me into stupefaction is precisely this one kid! Why don't you come over if you're interested and chat with this little bastard? Laughed Sun Biao.

’’No need. You go and chat without me. Later I will 'talk' with him all night long and chat until daybreak! ’’Fiend Blade Peng Hai said beaming with smiles. His smiling expression was extremely vicious.


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