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Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation - Chapter 123


Chapter 123: Little Bluebird

Translator: Ash Editor: Geoffrey

When Li Yao unsteadily returned to the medical tent, his hair stood upright as

if they had been scorched by a flame spirit glyph.

He ruthlessly smashed himself into the medical treatment pod. He felt as if

everything was spinning, as if he was a small boat in the middle of a

tempestuous storm.

He had been vomiting for a long time, and now, there was nothing left to even

vomit; half way through the journey, he had already puked out all the gastric

acid in his stomach and had almost spat out his heart, liver, spleen, and lungs.

’’A gentlemen's revenge is never too late, even after ten years. Little Black, you

just wait and watch! The day I become a Master Refiner, I will definitely

modify you into a broom!’’ while throwing up, Li Yao ruthlessly shouted in his


However, the Black Wing Sword, who was the target, wasn't able to hear the

cries in Li Yao's heart. After swallowing an amount that was as vast as the sea

of demonic energy and flying as swiftly as lightning twice, its mood was good.

It was contentedly sleeping in his backpack.

’’Student Li Yao...’’

At this moment, an intermittent female voice floated into Li Yao's ear. it

sounded a bit difficult to comprehend.

Li Yao was taken aback in fear.

After becoming a cultivator, Li Yao's senses had become extremely keen, not to

mention that despite there being no place for a woman to hide in such a big

medical tent, he didn't discover anyone.

’’Student Li Yao...’’

Once again, the female voice rang in his ear. It was faint and weak like a voice

of a lingering female ghost.

Li Yao had goosebumps explode all over his back the female voice was

coming from beneath his body; however, there was nothing beneath him but

the pedestal of the medical treatment pod!

’’I'm in here...’’

When Li Yao was just about to be absolutely terrified, a tiny spirit mechanical

bird, fluttering its metal wings, flew up from beneath the medical treatment

pod. Its sparkling, transparent crystal eyes flickered with an embarrassed look

as she gently said, ’’I'm sorry, I am still adapting to this new body. I am still not

able to fly proficiently. Just a moment ago, I crashed into the ground. I was not

intentionally hiding or anything to scare you, Student Li Yao.’’

Li Yao was stupefied. He opened his palm and let the mechanical bird carefully

land on his palm.

It was a small yet exquisite spirit mechanical bird whose whole body was

wrapped in a pale green brilliance. A majority of its limbs had been carved

from crystals, its frame had been cast from some sort of metal, whilst

translucent crystals covered the outer layer of the meticulously carved gears,

flywheels, driveshafts, and U-joints. They all fit so perfectly that it gave a

natural aesthetic feeling.

Li Yao could not help but wonder because this mechanical bird was giving him

a familiar feeling. He always felt that he had seen the look in the bird's eyes

somewhere before.

After pondering for a moment, Li Yao widely opened his eyes: ’’Wei Qingqing?’’

The mechanical bird fluttered her wings in joy as she lightly nodded her small

head. Right now, her voice was still very gentle, and unlike the clear and

melodious voice from before, her voice had become a bit soft.

’’Yes, Student Li Yao, it's me. It's all thanks to you finding the wisp of my

residual soul that Uncle Tang, Professor Ding, and the others were able to turn

me into a spectral cultivator. However, as I was too weak and as a result of my

soul having been exposed to the air for too long, my soul was fragmented. For

the moment, my soul is not strong enough to sustain a large spirit prosthetic

body, thus I can only use this small, bird-type spirit prosthetic body.’’

Speaking to this point, Wei Qingqing's eyes lit up. Her facial muscles that were

made of crystal fibers also showed a smiling expression. She said in a gentle

tone, ’’I guess this is alright too. Ever since childhood, I have liked birds. Often

in my imagination, I would always think of myself as a little bluebird[1] that

could fly freely amidst the clouds. Now, this can be considered as my wish

having come true.’’

Li Yao, holding the little bluebird, sighed with emotion in his heart.

Amongst the seven cultivators, Wei Qingqing gave him the biggest shock.

She was no more a 20 year old who had just graduated from Sky Fantasia

Academy, not to mention she was a culture-type cultivator, the weakest type

among all cultivators. To be honest, even if she didn't come forward, no one

would have blamed her.

Yet, she didn't hesitate to stand up. In the happiest period of her life, she had

died even before her life had bloomed what kind of power actually drove her

to come forward?

Li Yao was extremely curious about everything regarding Wei Qingqing.

’’I came here specially to express my gratitude to Student Li Yao. If you hadn't

found my residual soul, perhaps I would have already vanished into a puff of

smoke by now. How would I be able to see this clear blue sky and the clouds


Wei Qingqing, fluttering her wing, lightly leaped from Li Yao palm and rose

into the air. As she somewhat clumsily flew in circles, she intermittently said,

’’H-however, I still have not yet perfectly mastered this spirit prosthetic body.

It takes everything for me to just converse. Student Li Yao, it would be better

for you to enter my world of fiction, where we can directly use spiritual

exchange. What do you think?’’

’’World of fiction?’’

Li Yao suddenly recalled that Wei Qingqing was a very mysterious ’’Illusionist’’,

who, according to the rumors, could create an extremely powerful world of

literature, and in this world of literature, everything was at their beck and call.

Li Yao was completely curious regarding illusionists. He momentarily nodded

and joyfully replied, ’’Of course I will, what should I do?’’

’’You don't need to do anything. Just close your eyes.’’

With a flap of her wings, Wei Qingqing flew to his head: ’’Student Li Yao,

welcome to my novel, <Bluebird>. Let us together enter the <Bluebird>world.’’


Li Yao felt a slight shaking in his eardrums as the scene before him blurred. He

felt as if his soul was pulled out from his body and was falling down into a

seemingly bottomless hole. He didn't know how long it took before he felt as if

his soul was fiercely smashed into a new body!

In his ears rang howls of the wind, and what was in front of him were the

ever-changing white clouds and large groups of white clouds that were like a

sea of cotton, which under the breeze were molded into all kinds of shapes and


Puppies, horses, buildings, forests... Everything, shining under the golden

brilliance of the sunlight, gave off an appearance akin to a city in the sky.

’’Beautiful, this is so beautiful!’’

The world of fiction created by Wei Qingqing was almost the same as the real

world. Even more so, the illusory aesthetic feeling it gave off made Li Yao

completely relaxed and happy.

Then, he found that he had wings. He had turned into a falcon who was flying

and hovering freely amidst the clouds.

When he recalled the scene where the Black Wing Sword carried him beyond

the ninth heaven, Li Yao's complexion suddenly became worse.

’’What is it? Don't you like flying high in the sky? If not, then you can imagine

yourself as the bird you like and we will fly a bit lower.’’

An ordinary, little bluebird that was as ordinary as wildflowers in deep valleys,

with the exception of the three long, lush green feathers on its tail, flew above

Li Yao as it spoke in a soft voice.

’’It's nothing. I like flying high in the sky, but what I don't like is diving directly

from 10,000 meters high in the sky to just one meter above the ground in half a


While speaking, with a move of his thought, Li Yao suddenly transformed into

a fierce vulture.

The little bluebird was scared by the grim and ferocious appearance of Li Yao.

She flew 4-5 meters ahead before circling back. Flying shoulder to shoulder

with Li Yao, she curiously asked.

’’You like vultures? I thought you would prefer falcons because falcons look


’’Although the falcon is majestic, it is too noble, too proud. It is not at all

suitable to live in every place, and even though the vulture looks ordinary, even

though it looks a little ferocious, in the places where the falcon can not live, the

vulture can live quite well.’’

Li Yao stretched out his wings and soared freely. Bit by bit, he started to enjoy

this feeling.

He craned his neck to look about and said, ’’Since we are in a novel, what is the

story of this novel?’’

’’There is no story. This <Bluebird>novel is just a little bluebird flying in the

sky as she gazes upon the many clouds which are all changing into all kinds of

forms and were overflowing with multitudes of colorful brilliance under the

illumination of the sunlight and the molding of the gales of wind. I am

preparing to write all kinds of shapes and colors of clouds into this world. It is

simply just this.’’

Wei Qingqing paused a bit before continuing with a smile, ’’Originally, this

novel only had one character, and that was a little bluebird, but now, I think

that adding a vulture would not be bad too. Together, they will fly over the

mountains, rivers, and seas of the Heaven Origin Sector, watching the sea of

clouds in the sky till they reach the end of the world.’’

’’Now, I understand. This is pure literature!’’ Li Yao was filled with deep


Wei Qingqing was a little embarrassed. She lowered her head and said:

’’In fact, I have also written of other stuff and some popular youth novels in the

market. It's about an extremely talented heir of a major sect who fell in love

with an ordinary girl, but the elders of the sect were against them and didn't

want them to be together. Instead, they had wanted to marry him to the

daughter of an elder of another sect... It had things like this and that. When I

was in university, I had also published two other novels, and they sold pretty

well! However, in my heart, my favorite is this incomplete <Bluebird>. I began

writing this from the age of fifteen and was planning to write it till the age of

fifty. Till now, I have not shown it to anybody else. You are the first person to

see it.’’

’’This is too wasteful! I'm just a coarse fellow who has little, if any, education. I

do not understand literature,’’ said Li Yao. He was immensely embarrassed.

Wei Qingqing slightly smiled. Her little feet lightly stepped upon Li Yao's body

before the little bluebird soar up and circled around the vulture:

’’Maybe this is fate. Since childhood, I have liked watching the ever-changing

clouds in the sky. I have always wished to turn into a little bluebird and fly in

the blue sky amidst the white clouds. Who would have known that I would

really turn into a little bird? Ha, now after personally experiencing it, I would

definitely be able to write the best <Bluebird>novel!’’

The girl's optimism moved Li Yao.

He asked himself if it was him who was dead and was reborn into a spirit

prosthetic body, and moreover remain life-long as a ’’spectral cultivator’’,

perhaps he could not be as calm and as optimistic as Wei Qingqing.

Li Yao could not help but ask, ’’Sister Qingqing...’’

’’Call me Little Qing! I am just 3-4 years older than you!’’ the little bluebird


Li Yao flushed, but fortunately, his face was covered in feathers, and the little

bluebird also didn't see:

’’Little Qing, last night on the crystal train, why did you come forward?

Obviously, there were many cultivators who didn't stand up. Your strength was

the weakest of them all. Wouldn't an Illusionist's spiritual attack play a limited

role against the beast tide? Even if you didn't stand up, no one would make any

irresponsible remarks.’’

The little bluebird was silent for a long time. She continued flying amidst the

clouds, continuously chasing after the warm sunlight before she finally


’’Maybe, maybe if I did not come forward, no one would blame me.’’

’’Moreover, I was so weak that even after I overdrafted my entire life force, I

could only fire the Taiyi Lightning Railgun once... Even without me, perhaps

they would have still been able to delay the beast tide.’’

’’I was also hesitating, but then I thought of my teacher and what she would

have done if she were in my place. She would have definitely stood up, so

inheriting my teacher's will, I just came forward, that's all.’’


[1]- The Bluebird is a three-footed mythical bird that is the messenger of a

fairy-god mother. As what it looks like, you can check it out here


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