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Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation - Chapter 115


Chapter 115: New World

Translator: Ash Editor: Geoffrey

His voice had yet to dissipate, yet Jing Tao could already feel a vigorous force surging towards

his stomach. To his dismay, Li Yao had pushed him 3-4 steps away and had also tossed the gold

transfer card at his face.

Li Yao's eye had turned blood-red as a mysterious power started gushing from the depths of his

bone marrow, causing him to give birth to an unstoppable feeling and an urge to fire his

burning fist towards Jiang Tao's mouth.

Jiang Tao was stunned. Not even in his dream would he have imagined that some hick would

actually not only not give him face but also even dare to shove him.

And, to his disbelief he had even been pushed away!

The awakening of the spiritual root was the most mysterious phenomena in the world of

cultivation. The state of awakening one's spiritual root differed from cultivator to cultivator.

For instance, Jiang Tao, who was a pure creation-type cultivator, simply didn't have such a

painful reaction when his spiritual root had awakened.

Even in his dreams, he would not have imagined that Li Yao was on the verge of awakening his

spiritual root.

And as long as he got a little more stimulus, even a tiny bit of stimulus, he would then be

Jiang Tao burst into anger. In a single step, he arrived before Li Yao and grabbed onto his collar

as he spoke through clenched teeth:

’’I was kind enough to befriend you, yet you actually dare to humiliate me like this! I was being

considerate, and yet you failed to appreciate my kindness!’’

’’Why? Do you think that those seven 'idiots'are heroes and I am coward? Is that what you think?

Aren't I alive, while those seven 'idiots'are dead? I can keep on living and live a happy life, while

not even dregs are left of those seven 'idiots'!’’


From the depths of Li Yao's eyes, flickering flames appeared one after the other.

Jiang Tao grinned hideously:

’’They were all powerful cultivators, and yet for some ordinary people, they chose to die. If they

aren't idiots, then what are they?’’

’’Let me tell you this you are a stupid brat. We are in the Wasteland, where the number of

cultivators is way more than in the inland. There were at least ten cultivators on the train who,

like me, had made the wisest choice.’’

’’Are we really cowards? Of course not! We were retaining our strength, biding our time. For a

gentleman to take revenge, waiting ten years is not too late!’’

’’But only those seven idiots stepped forward and clashed head-on with the beast tide!’’

’’'The blood of strong must flow for the week'? Hahaha, what era do you think we are living in!?

Such nonsense is simply laughable!’’

’’In short, you better listen to me. I am a 3rd level Refinement Stage cultivator and a descendant

of the Jiang Family. My strength is beyond your imagination. So long as you dare to speak half a

word, I, like stomping an ant to death, will crush-a-hick-like-you-to-death, do-you-hearme?’’


Li Yao didn't hear anything.

The only thing he heard at the moment was a deep rumbling akin to a taut string snapping

echoing in his ears. Deep within his brain, something had ruthlessly snapped.


As if a shackle that had been restraining his soul had been smashed to pieces, as if a dam that

had been stopping the flood had completely collapsed... strength surged forth like a tsunami

from the deepest parts of his brain, thereby increasing the size of his pineal gland by a couple

dozen times before blasting out through his glabella.

A blood-red flame soared to the sky!

In the blink of an eye, everything before Li Yao was blood-red; it was as though the whole world

had been dyed red as rumbling resembling the howling of the wind and the seas resounded in

his ear. It was as though millions upon millions of crystals had burst at the same time, blasting

him into a marvelous new world!

Li Yao had completely lost the ability to think. His hungry and thirsty, iron-like fist turned into

a roaring, ferocious beast and bolted out before his brain had even issued any command.


A sound akin to a watermelon bursting apart was followed by a blood-curdling shriek.

As if a horn to commence the battle had resounded through the sky, making Li Yao's blood, to

the very last drop, boil.

His other fist similarly turned into a ferocious beast; involuntarily tightly clenching, the fist

was raised to his chest and pulled out before punching ahead!

What he did next, he had no idea...


God knows how long after did Li Yao finally fiercely open his eyes. His mind was completely

blank, and soon, he discovered that he was inside a small medical tent.

Half of his body was immersed in a light green medical solution, which made him feel very

comfortable at the places where it was in contact.

However, his entire body, from head to toe, was in incomparable pain; it was as if a crystal train

had rolled over him back and forth a dozen times.

But what made him most surprised was...

’’Color? So many colors?’’

Blinking his eyes, Li Yao looked all around in confusion.

He discovered that the whole world was completely different from before. It was incredibly

resplendent and brimming with colors. There were even a few hundred colors which he could

not name.

Moreover, many tiny, gorgeous specks of light of many colors were also floating in the air.

This kind of strange state could not describe in words.

It was like someone who was color-blind since birth and only knew two colors black and

white in his life had suddenly gained the vision of a normal person. If the kind of

incomparable shock that he got when crimson, orange, red, green, azure, blue, purple...

gorgeous lights of countless color entered his retina was again multiplied by a hundred times

that would be precisely what Li Yao was feeling at this moment!

Furthermore, Li Yao discovered that not only was the brilliance radiated by every object in the

surroundings incredibly resplendent, even his own body was emitting faint, rainbow-like

radiance round after round.

On his forehead, just a bit above his glabella was three thin and long ’’spirit threads’’ that were

lightly swaying along with his breathing.

When a few tiny specks of light gradually floated over, the ’’spirit threads’’ would suddenly

reach out and fiercely suck in the specks of light.

As if a long snake was swallowing an egg, the specks of light would be sucked into his brain

through the spirit thread, and via the pineal gland, it would be converted into a very pure

energy which would then be absorbed into every part of his body, causing his entire body to feel

calm and comfortable; it was extremely pleasant.

’’What is this?’’

Li Yao reached out to grab the spirit threads, but his palm instead directly passed through them.

He simply didn't feel anything.

Even when he rubbed his glabella, he didn't feel anything strange.

His soul, on the other hand, could clearly feel it. There was a new organ in his neural field; an

organ that had evolved from his pineal gland, and this very organ was controlling these spirit


With a move of his telepathic thought, these spirit threads started dancing and very soon

swallowed a few dozen specks of light before completely sucking them into his neural field,

thereby nourishing his soul and body.

The specks of light, upon seeing this, escaped in succession. The speed at which these specks

floated became much faster, much like frightened planktons in the ocean.

’’If I can produce some more and grow them a bit longer, it would be a lot better!’’ Li Yao


Just as this thought appeared in his mind, his brain started aching as strength stored in his

soul, in a steady stream, infused into the new organ evolved from the pineal gland.

Not only had the three spirit thread grown a little longer, a slightly shorter fourth spirit thread

had also been formed. Furthermore, the movement speed of the spirit threads had also

increased by a lot.

Soon after, over a hundred specks of light were captured.

’’So formidable! If I could grow over a hundred spirit threads at once, wouldn't I be able to sweep

all the specks of light floating in the air?’’

Li Yao became extremely excited.

But this time, the new organ evolved from the pineal gland didn't respond to his call; on the

contrary, from the depths of his neural field came a faint warning, waking him in the blink of

an eye.

This request was far beyond his capabilities. Unless he was willing to overdraft his life, it was

impossible to achieve it in a short period of time.

’’It seems that the growth of the spirit thread is limited. I must, step by step, grow slowly. This

is not something that can be achieved overnight.’’

From the medical treatment pod, Li Yao somehow sat up and curiously observed the strange

new world.

He discovered that even if he closed both eyes, he was still able to perceive this incomparably

new gorgeous world. Furthermore, it became even more clear and vivid.

’’Is it possible that this new organ evolved from the pineal gland can directly perceive the


Right away, Li Yao used both his hands to cover his eyes as he gathered his telepathic thoughts

in his forehead and scanned his surroundings.


Li Yao quickly discovered that there was another medical treatment pod just opposite to him

and laid inside was a wounded man.

The ’’radiance’’ emitting from this person's body was a hundred times stronger than his!

The radiance around Li Yao's body was still not firm; it was like a flickering flame swaying in

the wind, weaving in and out, giving off a feeling that it might be extinguished at any moment.

But the radiance around this person was like water in a stream that was flowing slowly. The

radiance had formed a sparkling armor which tightly covered his entire body.


There were only four spirit threads on Li Yao's forehead, and he relied on the movement of

these spirit threads to swallow the floating specks of light.

But the spirit threads on that man's forehead were not only numerous but were thick as well.

Furthermore, they had also interwoven together to form a huge vortex that was producing a

powerful suction force, allowing him to inhale countless floating specks of light.

It was as easy as blowing off dust! It was a hundredfold more efficient than that of Li Yao.

’’The structure of this spirit thread vortex is really mysterious!’’

Li Yao secretly praised. Just as Li Yao carefully tried to take a closer look, a dazzling beam of

light suddenly shot over from the wounded man's body, causing Li Yao's brain to feel a

prickling pain.

When he looked again, the wounded man was covered in a black sheet, rendering Li Yao to be

unable to see any of his spirit aura.

’’Little Brother, casually spying on someone else's cultivation law is the biggest taboo in the

world of cultivation. As you had just become a cultivator, this father will not haggle with you,

but keep in mind that outside, you can not stealthily inspect other cultivators like this.’’

A coarse voice said with a laugh.

Li Yao was surprised for a moment and opened his eyes to look. In the opposite medical

treatment pod sat an ugly man who was as tall as a bull and as robust as a horse. The man had a

beard that was stiff and straight, as if swords had been hoisted from his face.

Li Yao flushed red in embarrassment. Just as he wanted to apologize, a word from the other

guy's mouth had made him surprised for a moment before he became wild with joy as he

jumped out of the medical treatment pod.

’’Cultivator? Right, right, my pineal gland has evolved into a spiritual root! My spiritual root has

awakened I am a cultivator!’’

Li Yao yelled. As he waved his right fist, a series of water-like ripples appeared in the air,

spreading and propagating for a long time.

For three months, he had been wandering all over the country, yet from the beginning to the

end, he couldn't find an opportunity to break through. Never in his imagination would he have

thought that on the northbound train, watching the magnanimous sacrifice of Ding Yin and the

other seniors, such a bloody scene, as well as being angered by Jiang Tao would cause his blood

vessels to expand, his soul to be set ablaze, and his spirit root to be awakened!

From this moment onwards, he was no longer an ordinary person and he was no longer weak.

After encountering last night's soul-stirring scene, he would no longer need someone else's


Now, it would be possible for him to fight shoulder to shoulder to the bitter end together with

Ding Yin, Wei Qingqing, and the red-eyed officer.

The robust man watched Li Yao with a grin. Only after Li Yao had calmed down a bit did he

slowly say, ’’I am Guan Xiong, a Building Foundation Stage cultivator from the Mountain Sea

Sect. In the Wasteland, everyone calls me 'Mountain Sea Guan Xiong'!’’

’’Mountain Sea Sect, Guan Xiong?’’

Li Yao immediately remembered that after the sacrifice of the seven cultivators, a cultivator

who was not far away had come over quickly. With his own strength, he had blocked the beast

tide, preventing it from reaching the crystal train. He was the cultivator who had bravely

charged straight to the demon clan giant while waving the Anti-Ship Swords of Flames.

This rough man with a stiff beard in front of him was none other than Mountain Sea Guan


’’Brother Xiong, you didn't die? Awesome!’’ Li Yao was happy from the bottom of his heart. This

was truly an unexpected yet pleasant surprise.


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