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Flirting With Beast Girls! Doing Nothing But Copulation! - Chapter 14


Chapter 14

Flirting With Beast Girls! Doing Nothing but Copulation! Chaper 14: Riverside Fireworks Festival! Pampan Pampang It's fun!

’’Well . . . Puppy's has also broken again, Onii-chan this is difficult . ’’

’’You . Really a stupid, if you do this goldfish scooping one or two, hora . ’’

’’Wow, Tutte-chan is amazing! It is like a master of scooping fish . ’’

’’Well, if it comes to me it's piece of cake . ’’

Tutte who confidently shows off her prey with proud face and Papi who is simple cheerfully says amazing, amazing . Papi who desires to capture fish desperately moves her scoop into the water with 'poi'and breaks the paper blindly, Tutte lightly scoops up the goldfish near the surface of the water as if it scrapes water, so it is natural of course, it is natural that Puppy cannot understand such technical things, just she shines eyes on the work of Tutte with glitter .

 After that, Papi who asked ’’I would like to try other things’’ I took them to a shooting stall, Papi missed all and became teary face, on the contrary Tutte aimed skillfully at the small things like Ramune(soda) and other sweets and definitely drop them .

’’Ugh . . . Papi did not get one down . Uuugh!’’

’’You do not cry for something like that . Hora(see), I will give you this so get your mood better . ’’

’’Is that fine? This is what Tutte got?’’

’’It's fine, there are too many, I cannot eat alone by one person . . . ’’

’’Tutte-chan love love!’’

’’Kora, do not cling so much!’’

Until now teary in her eyes and was about to start crying, but the moment she got ramune, her face got bright and was in good mood . When I thought to buy something for Papi to stop crying? That's what I thought, but it ended I felt a little relieved .

Even though she said it with her mouth, but Tutte seems not against it . The association between the two may have shrunk considerably . If they gets along with each other, I am also happy .

’’Hya, this shuffles in my mouth?’’

’’Well, it's a ramune soda, hurry up and drink . ’’

’’Will Tutte-chan also eat with me?’’

’’It's fine, I gave it to you . ’’

’’Then, would you like to eat even one and we will get along well together?’’

’’ . . . Well . . . it cannot be helped, if you say that much, I'll have a taste . ’’

’’Un! Tutte-chan also eat it . ’’

’’ . . . Certainly, it's pretty obvious . ’’

’’Right? Papi like this!’’

’’Is not that all that matter to you?’’

’’maybe . Hehehe!’’

’’What, Keisuke! You, what have you been smiling for a long time? Well, do you want to mix with us?’’

’’That's not it, it looks fun . ’’ 

’’Onii-san also get along well . Hora, drink ramune received from Tutte!’’

’’Thank you . I ate ramune for the first time in a long time, but it does not change . ’’

’’How is it, onii-san?’’

’’It's delicious . When I think that I got it from Papi and Tutte, it felt superb delicious . ’’

’’What . . . . . . what are you saying stupid things! If you say such a thing to you . . . ’’

’’Wow, Papi likes onii-san! I love you!’’

’’I also . . . like, love you . . . ’’

’’Tutte, did you say something now?’’

’’I do not know . Hun!’’

’’A-re, why did you get angry with Tutte? Onii-san . ’’

’’Tutte is not angry, she is just a shy girl . ’’

’’Kora! Do not say unnecessary things . Hun!

’’I see, hey, hey, onii-san, Papi is hungry . ’’

’’Well, then, let's buy something and went to the riverbed to eat, we could see fireworks while eating over there . Does Tutte want something to eat?’’

’’ . . . it's fine whatever you chose . ’’

’’Me me, Papi want fried noodles!’’

’’Okay, then buy fried noodles, then deep fried karage and buy chocolate bananas as dessert . ’’

’’A cup full of happy Puppy’’

’’Is it OK with Tutte?’’

’’I like Taiyaki . . . . . . ’’

’’Okay, well then I will buy Taiyaki too . ’’

’’Huh . . . Well, this time I will give you a face and give it thanks . ’’

’’Thank you . Tutte’’

’’ . . . . . . . Stupid . ’’

I stroked Tutte's head with a 'pom-pom'who blushed, I pulled her soft little hand that was fidgety while being embarrassed and heading for the stall .

Although we got full of ourselves and bought too much, I was blocked with food on my both hands, but when we arrived at the riverbed, we crammed all together and shared food until we got good look at fireworks all over .

Papi, delightedly ate everything which ever we gave to her by saying delicious and tasty, smiling full of smiles, lips are covered with ketchup, sauce and so on .

By sayibg 'It cannot be helped', when I wiped her mouth with a handkerchief . I thought that Tutte who was watching us also suddenly started to eat with gachi gachi, she sticks out her face silently towards me .

When I wiped her mouth same way to Tutte, immediately after having a satisfying smile, she did not destroy her expression and turned her neck with a ’’Hun’’ .

Truly, I think she is not honest, but when I thought that it was part of Tutte's personality . It was not a pain but I even think that it was cute .

When I was looking after the 2, crowd of people began to rush and immediately after the announcement flowed, Whe I thought that the big fireworks will flew into the night sky . . . with 'papapan'sound the fireworks colored the night sky one after other .

’’Whoa, onii-chan it's pretty! Papi saw first time fireworks . ’’

’’It's beautiful . By the way, is Tutte also the first fireworks?’’

’’Oh yeah, />

’’Oh yeah, well, it do not look that bad . ’’

’’I see, I also with us 3 together watching, so I became the best summer memories’’

’’ . . . Stupid . ’’

’’Amazing! Big one made a 'Bam'sound? Ah, it scattered!’’

’’It's fantastic, is not it?’’

As I am center, papi with curiously started cheerfully jumping, Tutte grabs my sleeve silently and leans her shoulder on to me . It's a secret that it made my heart skip a beat by watching at her nipple from the little gap .

 ──When looking at the fireworks surrounded by contrasting people, the feast has also approached the climax, or just after a lot of fireworks burst in the low altitude with the pitch further raised, further in the sky and a flash in the horizontal row . It flares like a bullet, and finally it closes the curtain with oversized fireworks .

’’Papi was excited, Bang bang was amazing!’’

’’I was also exciting(in various ways) . ’’

’’Yeah! Papi, I am happy to be able to visit the festival with my onii-chan and Tutte-chan . ’’

’’I am also, Tutte?’’

’’I will evaluate it’’

’’I am very satisfied . ’’

’’Hooray . ’’

’’Wait . . . nothing . . . I will go with something like that . ’’

’’Thank you . ’’

 There were various things, fireworks that 3 of us could enjoy together . Although I spent a bit of expenses, I feel that I got the best memories . Also, I would like to see this next year as well .


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