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Flash Marriage - Chapter 44


Chapter 44

Chapter 44 Gong Xiaoyan isn't stupid!

’’You look really happy,’’ said Xue Yunfeng to me, ’’If I told you that Jiang Li was about to break up with me, would you be even happier?’’

I was so shocked that I almost bit my own tongue. ’’What? What did you say? Break up?’’

Xue Yunfeng nodded, his voice a little weak. ’’He doesn't like me.’’

I didn't quite buy it. From what I had seen, Jiang Li cared deeply about him. I asked, ’’He said this to you in person?’’

’’He didn't even have to say it. I could tell, too.’’

I waved my hand, comforting him, ’’Even if he said it in person, that doesn't mean it's real. Plus, he didn't even say it. You're just overthinking it.’’

Xue Yunfeng's eyes brightened before dimming again immediately. He shook his head. ’’I don't want to lie to myself anymore. I just feel like...Jiang Li's heart belongs to someone else.’’

’’What?’’ I didn't expect Jiang Li to be so slippery, cheating on someone like that...what a douche!

Xue Yunfeng suddenly glared at me with a vengeance. ’’Tell me. Does he like you?’’ he said vehemently.

I shook my head hurriedly, horrified, ’’The first thing he does every day is look down on me. I'm lucky enough that he isn't actively picking on me. Him liking me? No one would believe that!’’

Xue Yunfeng nodded, seeming to agree with me. ’’You're right. I also think that with your looks, you'd be hard-pressed to seduce him.’’

Me: ’’...’’

Suppressing the urge to murder this cute shota in front of me, I chuckled as if I were shrugging it off. ’’Exactly. Plus, he's gay. He only likes men.’’

Unexpectedly, Xue Yunfeng said, ’’To be honest, if he were in love with a woman, I wouldn't have anything to say. But if he was thinking of another man...’’ While he spoke, his eyes dimmed again. My heart ached for him.

But his words awoke a thought in my mind, and I immediately thought of someone: Wang Kai, who Jiang Li hated and loved at the same time. Hm...would Jiang Li really, truly have shifted his affections to Wang Kai instead?

Wow, he really had it out for others like him when hunting for new lovers. Wang Kai was obsessed and flirty with women, always on the look for someone new. Thinking that he would fall for a guy-that was completely ridiculous!

The more I thought about it, the more suspicious things seemed, and I couldn't sit still anymore. Xu Yunfeng sensed my discomfort. Tugging on my shirt, he asked nervously, ’’Is he really in love with another man?’’

’’Um...well...’’ I was stuck between a rock and a hard place, and didn't know how to answer him. Jiang Li falling for Wang Kai was just another guess of mine. Besides, this was someone else's business. I couldn't really speculate or gossip without knowing the full situation.

Xue Yunfeng's eyes were wide as he stared at me. He seemed almost close to tears. ’’Can't you tell me who it is? I just want to know what kind of person it was that could stun him.’’

Seeing Xue Yunfeng's pitiful gaze, I ground my teeth together. ’’So...this is only a guess, and it might be completely false.’’

Xue Yunfeng seemed relatively calm. ’’I understand. Tell me.’’

’’Do you know Wang Kai? He's the co-manager of our company.’’

’’How could I not? He spied on my sister when she was showering when he was sixteen.’’

’’...’’ So Wang Kai's flirtiness had gone on for ages already.

Xue Yunfei finally understood what I was getting at. His voice was hoarse as he cried out, ’’Ah! Are you saying that Jiang Li...he likes Wang Kai?’’

I nodded painfully. ’’It's just a guess, and it's up to you if you believe me or not. Honestly I don't even fully believe it. I wouldn't even go for Wang Kai, so Jiang Li with his high standards...but it's hard to say. Twisted people have twisted standards. Besides, Wang Kai is at least good-looking...hey, what's wrong with you?’’ I suddenly realized that Xue Yunfeng's expression looked terrible. It was the anger of lost reason.

His hands curled into fists, a dangerous light flickered in his eyes. He ground his teeth together as he spoke. ’’Wang if harassing my sister wasn't enough, he plans to seduce my boyfriend? If I don't show him some trouble, he won't know not to mess with me!’’

As he spoke, he slammed his fist down on the table next to the bed. The glass fell, as if startled by his outburst, and rolled to the ground, shattering into pieces.

My wee little heart shuddered with the sound. Even if this shota looked weak and gentle, he wasn't as kind as he seemed.

’’So...’’ I said, still shaking, ’’I don't think that there's anything between's just Jiang Li's crush on him...’’

Little mister Xue here got even angrier at my words. ’’A crush? Wang Kai is trapping him with seduction. It's an old trick!’’

Stroking my forehead, I continued to explain, ’’Wang Kai likes women though. You should know that.’’

’’He must've gotten sick of all the women and wanted a taste of men. I've seen plenty of his kind!’’...

’’Um...I think I'm going to leave for now...’’ Grabbing my bag, I waved a meek hand in the direction of the angry young man before leaving him behind. Before I left, though, I gave him one last warning.

’’Xue Yunfeng, don't let Wang Kai know that Jiang Li is gay. Please.’’

Downstairs, I spotted Jiang Li's luxury car in front of the building. I ran over, pulled the door open, and tunneled inside.

It was dark. Jiang Li didn't seem to intend to turn on the lights. My face turned to his hazy silhouette, I spoke. ’’You really aren't planning to go up there and take a look?’’

Jiang Li's irritated voice cut through the dark. ’’Nosy.’’


When we got home, Jiang Li leaned into the couch like a prince, commanding me without even looking up. ’’Gong Xiaoyan, go make me some late dinner. I want long, longevity noodles...if they're not good, I'll eat you.’’


So Gong the servant girl escaped into the kitchen. At one in the morning, she made her ’’master’’ long noodles...f**k. His birthday was already an hour past. What the hell did he need noodles for?

When I put the two bowls of noodles on the table, Jiang Li patted my head rewardingly. ’’You're so kind. You knew I didn't eat my dinner and made so much for me!’’

’’Um...Jiang Li...the other bowl is for me...’’

Slowly, Jiang Li took a bite from each bowl before glancing over at me. ’’There's chocolate cake in the fridge. Your favorite.’’

I watched him do all this with my mouth hanging open, and forgot to stop him. I only came back to myself when he started talking about cake and started in anger. ’’Do you have a heart or not?’’

Jiang Li didn't even look up. ’’Nope.’’

’’...’’ I'd seen shameless guys, but no one as shameless as him! I ground my teeth together, but couldn't do anything about it. All I could do was play pitiful, ’’Jiang Li, eating cake will make me fat. Wouldn't you be sad if I got fat?’’ If he dared say that he wouldn't, I was worried that I'd grab one of the bowls of noodles and shove it into his face.

He finally looked up at me. Sizing me up, he shook his head, ’’With the pounds you've got on you...if a man were willing to sleep with you, it wouldn't even be as good as holding a sack of bones.’’


’’Not everyone deserves to lose weight. You'd better gain some weight. I hate skinny little things. If you go around looking like that, I won't be able to resist mistreating you.’’

’’#&m;*#$!’’ You've already been mistreating me plenty!

When I walked into the bedroom, he was already lying sideways in bed, one hand cushioning his head. He looked like sleeping beauty. When he saw me walk in, he looked at me. His gaze followed me, sending chills down my spine. Had I offended him somehow again?

’’Gong Xiaoyan,’’ he said, his eyes smiling with some strange gleam.

’’Hm?’’ I looked at him, on alert. What was this guy up to now?

’’Come here.’’

Of course I was coming over. I wanted to sleep, and the bed was there. Iswaggered to the bed, yanked off the blankets, and burrowed in.

Jiang Li suddenly came close. Hands propped on both sides of my body, he lowered his head to smile at me while I was still frozen with fear. ’’Gong Xiaoyan, I heard you want a child?’’

Shocked, I pushed at him, ’’Who said that? You've gotta know that the thing I'm most afraid of is having children!’’

But Jiang Li grabbed my hands, preventing me from moving. His nose almost brushed against mine. A twisted light moved in his eyes, scaring all the sleepiness out of me. ’’Gong Xiaoyan, let's have a kid. It won't hurt that much.’’ Although his breath against my cheek was hot, it startled me into a shuddering fit.

I peered fearfully into his bright black eyes, so dark they could reflect my face. But because the light in here was dim, I couldn't quite see anything. The creepy atmosphere was suffocating me. Shivering, I said, ’’Jiang Li, are you crazy?’’

’’The husband has the responsibility and right to make his wife bear children.’’

’’Then let's get divorced. There's no negotiating on having children.’’

Jiang Li's eyebrows shot up. ’’You don't want to have children with me?’’

I rolled my eyes and decided to be direct with him. ’’Nope.’’ Having kids was terrifying. Only an idiot would want that!

’’I don't really want it either,’’ Jiang Li got off me and lied down again, releasing me from his grip. ’’If we had a kid as dumb as you, that wouldn't be nice.’’

At least that was freaking better than having a pervert as a child!

’’Of course, I don't want to have children with a skeleton.’’

Of course you want to have children with a man!

’’What are you simmering about over there?’’



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