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Fishing The Myriad Heavens - Chapter 99


Bei Feng felt like crying, but his eye sockets were strangely lacking in tears. He had made the mistake of stupidly touching the fox before hearing the System's evaluation of the creature! Things were beginning to look pretty bleak...

"Ding! Host had come into contact with the Fox of Natural and Human Calamity and was inflicted with its innate ability! Curse is identified to be Ability 3: Natural and Human Calamity! Strength of curse: Grade 1. Warning: Current state of affliction cannot be dispelled within 24 hours!"

As though in cahoots with his gloomy thoughts, a monotone robotic voice sounded in his head, smashing the last fanciful bits of hope in his heart into pieces.

"Natural and Human Calamity! D*mnit, what level of unluckiness is that?! And what the hell is a Grade 1 curse? Is Grade 1 the strongest or the weakest?!"

Bei Feng mumbled in a deranged manner.

'System! Come out, System! D*mnit, are you sure that this state cannot be dispelled? You're the omnipotent System!! Also, is Grade 1 strength the strongest or the weakest?!'

Bei Feng screamed in his head, unwilling to leave the situation as that.

This cute little fox was really too frightening! Just what did 'the strongest can slay gods and slaughter devils' mean?!

Furthermore, the fox had three passive abilities: Natural Disaster, Human Calamity and Natural and Human Calamity. Based on the intensity of the names of the abilities, Bei Feng had obviously been struck by the strongest among the three abilities!

'F*ck, if Grade 1 is really the strongest grade, then I might as well just sit down calmly and wait for death!'

"Ding, the affliction cannot be dispelled. However, after passing through it, host will be immune to the same ability in the future."

The System finally responded. Although it was impossible to remove the affliction, this could be counted as a piece of good news.

'Whew, that's a relief. Since the System said that there's a 'future', that should mean that I have a chance of getting through it this time.'

Bei Feng patted his chest to soothe his nerves. He had finally begun to relax a little.

Turning around to look at the little fox on the fishing line, Bei Feng revealed a rare look of fear on his face. He even began to contemplate chucking the damn animal back into the well!

This little thing was obviously a bloody time bomb! If he was not careful and got hit with the highest grade of Natural and Human Calamity, he would be finished!

But after some thought, since he would be immune to the ability after surviving the next 24 hours, it might become a useful thing to keep around!

Bei Feng did not even dare to remove the hook. In any case, it's best to wait for the 24 hours to pass before doing anything!

He hurriedly brought the little fox, rod and all, into a room and locked all the windows and doors shut.

He did everything in an extremely careful and cautious manner, afraid of triggering some unlucky accident.

It wasn't until the time he summoned Extreme Arctic Frost and sliced off a chunk of Variant Giant Salamander flesh successfully without anything strange happening that Bei Feng's guts slowly grew slightly and he became more confident.

He started a fire carefully and started cooking.

Leaving the fire burning, he brought a bucket to the well and threw it in. Then, he began to lift it up with the bamboo pole.


Bei Feng looked at the bamboo pole speechlessly. The bucket had broken off.

Finding a new bucket to attach to the pole, Bei Feng finally managed to retrieve a bucket of water from the well. Bringing it back to the kitchen to boil, he proceeded to wash the slime off the Variant Giant Salamander.

His actions were filled with caution and his senses were heightened to the maximum, as though he was anticipating some unlucky event. His entire being was in a state of great concentration.

The Variant Giant Salamander meat was cooking nicely, and a pleasant, appetizing smell wafted out of the kitchen. It seemed that the dish would be ready soon.

"Bai Xiang, how strong are you exactly?"

Mystic One waved her fingers curiously as she looked at Bai Xiang.

Bai Xiang and the rest had grown very familiar with each other in this period of time. Thus, they were very comfortable around each other. "My strength is not that great. The really perverted one is boss! Do you see that rock over there?"

The three Mystics looked at the rock queerly. What did this have to do with a rock?


Bai Xiang did not elaborate. Instead, he walked over and wrapped his arms around the over one meter tall and half a meter wide rock, directly lifting it into the air!

"Wow! So strong!"

Mystic One had stars shooting out of her eyes while Mystic Two and Three were staring with their mouths wide open.

Bai Xiang beamed smugly. Having so many pairs of eyes filled with adoration trained on him caused him to feel extremely awesome. "This is nothing. There's something even more formidable!"

Bai Xiang slipped his fingers into a groove on the rock and began to perform all kinds of tricks with it. Mystic Two and Mystic Three were so impressed that their jaws almost fell to the ground. Unknowingly, their feet carried them farther backwards in fear of being accidentally struck by the rock.



With a crisp heart-stopping sound, the groove which Bai Xiang was holding onto suddenly broke, and the gigantic rock shot outwards like a comet!

Bai Xiang looked on in shock as he watched the small comet soar towards the kitchen. Mystic Two and Mystic Three also followed the rock with their eyes, their faces turning greener and greener as they looked at its target. With an urgent yelp, the three immediately fled, as though they were being chased by a terrifying ghost!

Mystic One cocked her head in puzzlement before skipping after the three in delight. She didn't know what was going on, but since everyone was running, she'd just follow them and run!


Bei Feng removed the lid on the wok and looked at the braised Variant Giant Salamander with satisfaction. The meat had been cooked to perfection this time. Both the color and the form were greatly improved, and such a dish was enough to make an amateur chef like him extremely proud. Right as he was about to plate the dish, a loud bang suddenly sounded out!

A huge rock slammed into the kitchen door, smashing it into smithereens before continuing unimpeded towards Bei Feng!


Bei Feng widened his eyes in disbelief before ducking in a hurry. The gigantic rock soared right over his head, crashing heavily into the wok!


Bei Feng had narrowly avoided the missile and, drenched in sauce and bits of Giant Salamander meat, screamed in rage.

"Ah! The boss is mad! Quick, let's run away to tide over the danger for now!"

Bai Xiang and the group ran even faster as their hearts jumped crazily in their chests.

Bei Feng looked at the destroyed kitchen in exasperation. It was impossible to eat, at least for now. Even the wok was destroyed.

If it was a regular person, he would have been killed by Bai Xiang's comet long ago. Such a realization caused Bei Feng to click his tongue in shock. This ability of that little fox was really f*cking sinister!

Bei Feng could only count himself as being unlucky. This matter could not be blamed on Bai Xiang.

After much effort, he finally managed to hunt down Bai Xiang and the rest, sending them into the kitchen to make some soup. Luckily, the stove itself was not destroyed and the large clay pot used for stewing soup was still intact as well.

Bei Feng sat down heavily on his recliner in the yard and closed his eyes as he massaged his temples to refresh his spirit. As time passed, he slowly drifted into sleep.

"Chuk, chuk, chuk!"

A loud noise suddenly sounded from above him, causing Bei Feng to jolt awake in alarm. Looking up, he saw a helicopter diving towards him rapidly with thick smoke spouting from its tail.

And were those... people who were jumping out of the helicopter? What the hell? What's the point of jumping from such a height?! They can't even open their parachutes from such a low height right?

"D*mnit! F*CCCCKKK!!!!"

Bei Feng quickly scrambled out of the recliner and fled as though his tail was on fire!

At the same time, he shouted at Bai Xiang and the rest, "Get down! Don't come out here!"

Right as the words left his mouth, the crazily spinning helicopter crashed into the yard, bashing right onto the huge Banyan tree!


An enormous ball of flame lit up the entire yard as the helicopter directly blew apart!

A powerful shock wave full of bits of metal and other objects shot outwards from the ball of fire, flying wildly in all directions!

A large piece of detached propeller shot directly towards Bei Feng, causing him to summon Extreme Arctic Frost immediately to block it.

After the shock wave passed, the smoke cleared to reveal an extremely disorderly yard. Bits of metal and helicopter parts littered the yard, and small fires raged in all directions. The entire scene looked like a battlefield from a war movie. Bai Xiang and the rest slowly emerged from the rubble, with gray soot all over their dazed faces as they looked at the burning helicopter in the yard and the thick, black smoke rising off it.

Bei Feng waved Extreme Arctic Frost swiftly and a layer of frost Qi swept forth in all directions, directly quenching the fire in an instant.

Seeing that everyone was fine, he finally let loose a sigh of relief. Immediately moving the medicinal cauldron and the White Jade Fishing Rod together with the little fox into the basement, he blocked the entrance with a few large rocks.

"Let's go, I'm quite interested in how these guys plan to compensate me for this!"

Bei Feng gripped Extreme Arctic Frost in his hand and led Bai Xiang out of the mansion.

A few tens of meters away, five, six people were gathered together. By the looks of it, they were not injured lightly. Among them, an old man asked with concern, "Young Master, are you alright?"

"Luckily you were around. Otherwise, my life would probably have been done here today! Which company was this helicopter rented from? Do a thorough check for me when we get back! No matter the reason, I don't want to see them still in business after this!"

Fang Yu had an extremely ugly expression on his face. If he hadn't had an Evolved Jing Master beside him, even if there were trees and bushes to cushion his fall for him, he would still have either died or at least been heavily injured if he'd jumped from a height of 30-40 meters with just his cultivation of early Dark Jing!


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