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Fishing The Myriad Heavens - Chapter 98


[ED/N: Human as in man-made]

"Dong, clang!"

A series of light noises emanated from the kitchen, falling into the ears of the gleeful Hu Hanmin.

"There's something!"

Slowly pushing the door open, Hu Hanmin rehearsed the lines in his head again. But as the door swung open, what appeared before his eyes caused him to gape in shock.

'Where the hell is my promised fox spirit? Where's the beauty?!'

Hu Hanmin felt like he was being cheated out of something. There was indeed a little fox running about, but there wasn't any fox spirit in the kitchen!

The little fox seemed to be badly startled by the sudden appearance of a human and it quickly shrunk into a corner, shivering slightly.

Hu Hanmin closed the kitchen door after him and walked up to the kitchen counter. Around 10 fruits the size of chicken eggs were laid out neatly with one of them sliced into two. Numerous grain-sized fruit flesh lay on the chopping board, piled together like porridge rice.

"Could it be that this is the porridge I've been drinking every morning?"

Hu Hanmin was slightly mystified. How come he'd never seen this kind of fruit before?


Hu Hanmin picked up a grain-sized piece of fruit and put it into his mouth.

A thick, sweet taste flowed into his mouth. Although its taste was chilly and unlike the warm porridge which he was used to, it did not taste too far off from it!

"Forget it, the fox spirit should just be a fake. But these strange fruits should be able to fetch a pretty good price in the market. As for this little fox, I'm sure the rich ladies in the city would definitely be willing to pay generously for its fur! If my luck is good, perhaps I might even have enough to buy a wife for myself!"

Hu Hanmin mumbled to himself as he picked up a chopper and turned to look at the little fox with a sly grin.

"Little foxy, although I have saved your life once, the time for you to repay that kindness is here... I'll need you to lend me your fur!"

Hu Hanmin raised the chopper and neared the little fox slowly.

The little fox was scared silly. Its little paws were still wrapped rigidly around a small fruit as it struggled to comprehend the current situation.

Right at that moment, a thin fishing line suddenly descended from the sky, passing right through the roof of the hut into the kitchen! Light-green smoke immediately filled the small kitchen as the sleeping incense finally burned out.

The now empty hook somehow managed to hook onto Hu Hanmin's arm as it fell!

"F*ck! I've caught a human? What should I do now?" Bei Feng scratched his head as he mumbled. Based on his experience, there were only two methods to remove the hook from a target. First, there must be a strong enough force from the other end to forcibly rip off the hook!

The second method was to reel the object in and then remove the hook manually.

"Could it be that I have to reel this useless fellow in and then kick him back down again after removing the hook?

Bei Feng clicked his tongue in annoyance. Why did he have to catch a human of all things?


"Ss! It hurts!"

Hu Hanmin's fingers came into contact with the little fox's fur at the same moment and immediately, he felt a prick on his fingers like an electric shock which caused him to drop his chopper in reflex.

What nobody noticed was that a strange black light had passed from the little fox's fur and through Hu Hanmin's finger.

The little fox hesitated for a moment, and then quickly scrambled off in another direction.

"God d*mnit! Where the hell did this fishing hook and line come from?!" Hu Hanmin cursed aloud as he pulled the hook out of his arm and chucked it to the side angrily.

Bei Feng widened his eyes in shock as he looked on from the heart of the hook. With the five meter radius of vision, he had naturally seen Hu Hanmin being unaffected by the mysterious binding powers of the hook, being able to move freely and even managing to pluck the hook out smoothly!

'What's going on?! This person is obviously just a regular human. How did he overcome the suppressive might of the hook?!'

Bei Feng stared wordlessly.

Even a gigantic beast like the Variant Giant Salamander could only allow itself to be seized without putting up a fight once it'd been caught by the hook! But this person was actually completely unaffected!

The kitchen was only so big, and Hu Hanmin had also shut the door beforehand. In addition, the windows were too tall and the little fox had little space to escape to. It only escaped from one corner of the kitchen to another corner of the room.

Hu Hanmin's kitchen was so bare that even a church mouse would shed tears upon seeing it. Other than a small rice bucket and some firewood, there was nothing else. The little fox could only attempt to hide behind the rice bucket.

After chucking the fishing hook to the side, Hu Hanmin moved to continue his pursuit of the little fox. But after taking only a single step, he felt his head swoon, "F*ck! The hook was poisoned!"


The words had barely left his mouth before he fell to the ground, sound asleep.

That was the effect from the last bit of the sleeping gas produced by the dying embers of the incense. Not only Hu Hanmin, even the little fox was unable to avoid the potent effects of the gas. It too fainted unwillingly, its paws still gripped tightly around a fruit.

Looking at the barren kitchen, Bei Feng almost cried in grievance. "I only have one fishing attempt in three days! I can't just leave empty handed! Forget it, you'll have to make do!"

Bei Feng stood up and swayed the fishing rod carefully, directing the hook towards the little fox, finally hooking it on the ears, sending it soaring into the sky!

In the hut neighboring Hu Hanmin's, a little boy sat by the fireplace, poking about the fire with a long stick while waiting for his food to cook.

A gentle breeze blew through the hut, bringing a few embers through the open window all the way into Hu Hanmin's kitchen.

Of all the places it could have fallen, the embers somehow rested on the stack of extremely dry firewood. With some help from the wind, a small greenish flame slowly came to life and grew with shocking speed.

In just a short moment, the wooden hut, being a great source of fuel for the fire, burst into a huge ball of flame, the smoke rising high like a beacon which could be seen from a long distance away!

A host of villagers quickly rushed over with buckets of water in an attempt to extinguish the fire before it spread through the entire village. In just half an hour, the fire was quickly put out. By now, Hu Hanmin's hut had already been charred black and much of it had collapsed into a pile of ashes.

A bold fellow even rushed into the burnt down hut to search for survivors, but was forced to retreat, coughing heavily after just two minutes inside.

Finally, after some time passed, a few villagers went back in and found Hu Hanmin's corpse. He had already been burnt beyond recognition, and a nasty smell of charred flesh filled the kitchen.


Bei Feng reeled in the little fox from the well and, looking at its smooth fur and adorable head, he could not resist stretching his hand out to feel its fur.

"Ding! Grade Five Creature obtained, Fox of Natural and Human Calamity! (This fox has a kind and naive nature, and will always seek to repay any kindness shown to it. It is an emphatic creature and is known to be extremely good at mimicking the actions of others. This is the strangest species of fox and the level of its power is unimaginable! It could be the strongest, or the weakest Demonic Beast. The strongest which can slay gods and slaughter devils, or the weakest which could be killed by regular humans!

Its abilities can be divided into three types:

Number 1: Human Calamity!

Number 2: Natural Disaster!

Number 3: Natural and Human Calamity!

Abilities can be activated through touch!)

Experience gained: 26,600! Experience required to proceed to level 3 Fisherman: 70,300!"

"Ding! Grade 1 treasure obtained, White River Rice! (This is a type of Spirit Rice. Has a minimal chance of producing special variations of rice. Maturity rate is once every three months. Contains a small amount of Heaven and Earth Ling Qi. Consumption over a long period of time will result in the strengthening of one's body and increased longevity!) [1]

Experience gained: 300! Experience required to proceed to level 3 Fisherman: 70,000!"

Bei Feng was momentarily stunned, but quickly erupted in wild joy. This unassuming little fox was actually a Grade 5 Demonic Beast! The most important thing was that this little fox was not as dangerous as what one would expect of a Grade 5 Demonic Beast! He didn't need to worry about how to subdue it, and it had even provided him with such a large amount of experience!

As he stood there grinning sillily, Bei Feng suddenly remembered something important, and his face twisted in a grotesque manner as though he had seen a ghost. All the hairs on his body stood up on its ends. "Sh*t! Did I just... fall for it too?!"

[1] ED/N: Ling Qi as in Spirit Qi.


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