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Fishing The Myriad Heavens - Chapter 324


Chapter 324: Changes
Indigestion looked at Bei Feng kneeling on the ground like a toad with his long hair draping down his shoulders, and felt like it was dreaming. It was completely lost as to what this human was doing again this time.

"Haha, this Lord Dog is going to laugh to death! Are you waiting for a divine swan to appear?"

Indigestion's crazed laughter rang out in Bei Feng's head. Looks like the Cerberus had already mastered the Chinese language, even learning all the idioms like "a toad lusting after a swan's flesh".

It continued laughing uncontrollably for a long time before it noticed the dark look in Bei Feng's eye. Indigestion's laughter choked in its throat as it shrunk its neck back with a start. Without caring about the protesting Insatiable and Black Hole, it seized control of the body and took off!

"Come back here!"

Bei Feng's temples throbbed as he grabbed out lightly at the Cerberus who had reached 20-30 meters away.

An archaic claw descended from the sky, and an incredibly sharp aura surrounded the claw!


The Cerberus suddenly felt as if the space around it had solidified, causing it to be unable to move freely. It seemed to be going in slow motion as it tried desperately to flee. But before the hundred meter long claw, all its efforts were useless.

The claw wrapped around the Cerberus gently, dragging it back.

"This Lord Dog did not see anything!" Indigestion yelled frantically. No matter how it struggled, it could not free itself from the claw at all. In the end, it could only cry loudly and surrender.

"Woof, hou!"

Insatiable and Black Hole seemed to be having a lot of fun as they chewed on the claw curiously.

"This fellow is probably even able to kill Controlled Dan Heavenly Experts! He's even stronger than I was at my peak strength!"

The Cerberus's current strength was completely enough to contend against late stage Xiantian Lords. However, it was still easily caught by Bei Feng in one move. It didn't have to think much to guess how strong Bei Feng was right now!

The reason the Cerberus was so strong was largely due to its bloodline and innate abilities. Without any exaggeration, the Cerberus's bloodline was a top-tier one, equivalent to royalty among Demonic Beasts!

But despite that, it would still be far from being a match for Bei Feng even if they were in the same realm! One had to know that, at its peak, the Cerberus was an existence that, while at the Fake Dan realm, was able to kill a Controlled Dan Heavenly Expert and a hundred Xiantian Lords!

But as Bei Feng released his blood and Qi energy, it could clearly sense that Bei Feng was only a mid stage Xiantian Lord!

How strong would he be if he were at the Fake Dan realm? The Cerberus did not even dare to think about it!

"If you dare to tell anyone about what you saw here, I'll cut off your doggy head!"

A cold look flashed past Bei Feng's eyes as he slapped Indigestion on the forehead and warned it in a hush tone. A forced smile lingered on his face.


Insatiable and Black Hole flinched in pain and stopped chewing on the claw as they turned to look at Bei Feng innocently as if to ask why he was hitting them.

Bei Feng felt his temples throb lightly again as he shifted his eyes away. These two fellows were becoming cleverer and cleverer. With the personalities of these two, they would probably be harder to control in the future.

He glared at Indigestion one more time and released the Cerberus before returning to his cultivation.

Indigestion walked to the side side and was about to close its eyes to continue its own cultivation when it saw Bei Feng getting on his all fours and croaking like a toad again. In that moment, it felt a sudden impulse to burst out in laughter again!

Insatiable and Black Hole cocked their heads and looked at him with a dumb, blank expression that appeared rather cute.

But as it watched Bei Feng continue executing more stances, it could no longer laugh. 'This seems to be a breathing cultivation technique, and the grade of it should not be lower than my own inherited bloodline breathing cultivation technique!'

Indigestion opened its eyes wide and carefully observed Bei Feng. About a dozen minutes passed before it finally shook its head with a sigh. How could it be so easy to pick up a new cultivation technique?

Even if it managed to learn the movements and the breathing pattern, it was still useless if it did not know the essence and soul of the technique. It would even bring more harm onto its body if it forcefully tried to copy the technique.

Breathing Techniques were considered the higher grade among cultivation techniques. They borrowed the energy of Heaven and Earth to strengthen one's body, severing mortal chains and allowing a person's strength to soar!

The other cultivation techniques all required a large amount of resources to complement it. Bei Feng's Heavenly Laws Embodiment Technique belonged to the ranks of low grade cultivation techniques for this reason.

It was not that the Heavenly Laws Embodiment Technique was not strong. It was because the amount of resources required to practice it was simply too massive!

Breathing Techniques, on the other hand, could unlock a person's potential, triggering changes from the deepest parts of the body!

Take the Minor Illumination Breathing Technique for example. It essentially exchanged a new set of bones for Bei Feng, giving him incomparably sturdy incomparably sturdy glazed bones!

The Minor Dark Sky Breathing Technique could open the hidden acupoints in the human body. Every acupoint cleared was essentially the same as releasing a chain on the body!

After looking to its fill, the Cerberus also went back to its own cultivation.

Although the Cerberus had laughed at Bei Feng, its own movements were not much better looking. But as it continued executing them, a unique aura that seemed to be congruent with nature emanated from its body, forming a resonance with Heaven and Earth!

Bei Feng was immersed in his state of thoughtlessness when he suddenly felt a pure energy devoid of impurities descend from the sky, enveloping him within!

A cool feeling suffused his entire body, causing him to feel extremely comfortable.

'Does this mean that I'd succeeded? But I haven't found the constellation that complements me, and I haven't located the acupoint in my body!' Bei Feng wondered with uncertainty. Following that, he exited the state of thoughtlessness and surveyed his surroundings.

He saw the Cerberus curled up in a strange position as though it was worshiping the moon. Its entire body was wrapped in a thick ray of moonlight, and large amounts of energy were being swallowed by its three heads!

'Is that a Breathing Technique that allows it to absorb energy from the stars? Even if it swallowed the energy from one star, it would still be extremely powerful!'

Bei Feng saw a beam of light descend from the moon, clearly visible with the naked eye like a heavenly pillar!

But within a few breaths, it'd disappeared. The moonlight cascaded down and illuminated the entire mountain peak evenly like a gentle waterfall.


In the endless mountain range behind Qingcheng, a huge ray of light about 33 meters thick could be seen shooting over from the starry sky far above. This ray of light was of light was a type of pure energy, completely undetectable using modern methods.

It was unknown which star or planet this ray of light came from, but it flew into the mountain range with incredible speed and quickly disappeared within it.

Deep beneath the spot where the ray of light disappeared was a huge underground space. Countless bones and skeletons were stacked messily in this space.

A series of chains hung from the roof of the underground cavern, supporting a huge coffin.

As the ray of light shot into this underground cavern, an intense Yin Qi rose up!

The temperature plummeted, and the cavern turned icy cold with speed visible to the naked eye. Large amounts of purplish gold mosquitoes and giant bats turned rigid in midair, and fell to the ground where their frozen bodies shattered into pieces!

At the same time, the sinister aura in the coffin grew stronger and stronger. Numerous illusory figures about 33 meters tall appeared around the coffin, emanating terrifying auras!

These figures all looked different from each other, but they were all formed by the stellar energy. Frigid Yin energy surged from the bodies of these figures, spreading outwards rapidly!

The strange phenomenon around the coffin continued for a full 30 minutes before the figure of a snake with a human head appeared in the underground cavern!

Counting carefully, there were 26 such strange figures in total!

After the 26th figure was born, the frigid Yin Qi blasted outwards, spreading through the passageway. The huge underground river stilled immediately, and began to freeze into ice!

The numerous chains around the coffin could not withstand the cold as well, and began to break apart one by one!

Strangely, the blood pool beneath it was still bubbling intensely, clearly unaffected by the cold. It did not show any signs of freezing over. However, the blood pool was now several times smaller.


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