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Fishing The Myriad Heavens - Chapter 102


"AHH!!! Don't let me find you, you d*mn scammers!"

Bei Feng bellowed aloud like a madman in the middle of the road, his face red with rage. By now, it was obvious that he had been scammed!

Sprinting back to the village, he boarded a taxi which had just dropped off some tourists. "Uncle, to the county, quick!"

"Ok! Sit tight!"

The driver's eyes lit up with delight. What an unexpected stroke of luck! He actually managed to get a customer for the return trip as well! He happily stepped on the gas pedal and the taxi shot off into the distance.

Ten minutes into the ride, the cab suddenly slowed down and stopped in the middle of the road, much to the frustration of Bei Feng. "What's wrong?"

The driver had a resigned look on his face as he turned around, "We're out of gas..."


Bei Feng cursed speechlessly. He pointed at the driver and opened and closed his mouth repeatedly, but was unable to get a single word out. Should this matter be blamed on his bad luck, or should the driver be blamed for not filling up the gas before driving?

In the end, Bei Feng could only count this as part of his own series of misfortune. After another 10 minutes, he finally managed to stop another taxi for the rest of the journey.

This time, Bei Feng only instructed the driver dryly to take him to the county, and did not even ask him to hurry. With his current luck, the driver might just drive off a cliff if he drove too fast.

He did not even dare to shut his eyes and rest along the entire way for fear that he might not even know how he died if he did so!

As the taxi turned a corner, Bei Feng noticed that a wheel was rolling in front of the taxi. "Uncle, don't you feel that this wheel looks a little familiar?"

The driver looked out of the window and looked back with a pale expression on his face, "Oh no... that's from my car! Bloody hell, I went to get a change of tires this morning and the engineer probably didn't fasten the bolts properly!"


Bei Feng uttered a vulgar word as the taxi spun off the road and rammed into the railing. The taxi came to a dead stop and thick black smoke rose continuously from the hood.

The good thing was that apart from being slightly dazed, both Bei Feng and the driver were fine. The driver even got out of the vehicle and apologized profusely to Bei Feng.

Of course, Bei Feng did not intend to pursue the matter. It's most likely his bad luck that had implicated the driver after all! He dismissed the matter and simply waited at the side of the road, chatting with the driver until his next ride arrived.

Very quickly, another unlucky taxi came along and Bei Feng hurriedly flagged it down.

"Beautiful ladies, the car in front seems to have run into some trouble... this place is too remote, and there's only one bus every two hours. Should we stop to pick them up?"

The middle aged driver turned around and looked at the two girls at the back as he slowed down.

"Xiao Yu, should we let this person in? I think it might be a bit risky."

Hun Yunke looked at her friend with uncertainty.

Huang Xiao Yu also hesitated slightly before nodding. "It should be fine. They seem quite pitiful too;let's pick them up."

The driver's eyes glowed with delight. What he wanted the most was to earn an extra fare for driving the same distance.

"Hey kid, get in."

The taxi pulled up to Bei Feng and the driver stuck his head out of the window.

The question of the fare was not discussed along the way. After all, this was usually only settled after the ride.

'Merciful Gods and Buddhas, please watch over me and don't let anything happen this time!'

The series of misfortunes had taken a toll on Bei Feng's psyche. He had already been reduced to a fervent religious man as he prayed in a deranged manner to all the gods and deities in existence.

Unfortunately, reality often ran counter to one's hopes. A large rock accompanied with a generous amount of mud suddenly rolled down the hill right as the taxi turned a corner, causing them to almost drive right into it. Luckily, the driver had reacted quickly enough and used the emergency brake without the slightest hesitation. Otherwise, they would all be buried and crushed by the rock and mud!

"What a stoke of bad luck, looks like we won't be able to move from here for at least an hour and a half!"

The driver got out of the car and stamped his foot in annoyance. With this much mud and stone in the path, there was no way to get past it. They would likely be stuck here for around two hours! How many customers would he miss in those two hours?!

"How unlucky. If we hadn't stopped to pick this guy up, we would have already passed this section of the road by the time the landslide came down!"

Hun Yunke grumbled unhappily.

"Forget it, this can't be blamed on the guy. Perhaps we might have even avoided the danger by stopping for him?"

Huang Xiao Yu had a more positive outlook towards the situation.

Bei Feng also got out of the car in frustration as he looked at the time. It was already 1.40 pm. The bank closes at 5 pm, so he could not afford further delays.

He backed up a little and jogged towards the mound of mud. Then, with a light leap, he soared into the air like a graceful crane and in an instant reached a height of over two meters high. Then, like an agile cricket, he landed and leaped upwards again repeatedly until he reached the top of the mound and jumped over it.

"Holy sh*t! This brother, are you a martial artist? Impressive!"

"Master, master! Wait up! Do you still lack a lackey to serve you? I can even warm your bed!"

The taxi driver's eyes were almost popping out of his head. Did this fellow just jump out of an action movie? To be able to jump over two meters vertically without a pole or anything like that, what kind of feat was this? Even the Olympic gold medalists in high jumping couldn't achieve such a perverted feat! Hurriedly snapping back to reality, he called out to Bei Feng.


Bei Feng staggered mid jump as he heard the driver's words and almost fell off the mound. How come he wasn't able to see that this fellow was so shameless just now?

Indeed, it is easy to dodge an overt spear thrust, but difficult to guard against an arrow in the dark!

As expected, there were quite a few cars stuck on this side of the road as well, including another unlucky taxi. There were two guys and a girl in the taxi, and one guy seemed to be an obvious light bulb. [1]

After a few words with the driver and, subsequently, the three passengers, Bei Feng was allowed to squeeze into the taxi with them.

The three university students were just on their way to Qing Ling Village for a one-day trip, and they intended to return the day after. But now that the road had been blocked by a landslide, they had no choice but to turn back.

This time, the journey was surprisingly smooth, and the taxi arrived at the county rather quickly.

Immediately after getting off, Bei Feng sprinted all the way to the bank and grabbed a number.

"Miss, I've been scammed!"

Li Wanru stared blankly back at Bei Feng for a long time before coming to her senses. "A fraud case? Quick, come this way!

Xiao Wu, this is a special case. This person had just fallen victim to some fraudsters. I need you to print out his details and stamp it!"

Bei Feng pursed his mouth. Can this woman lower her voice? Her volume was so loud that Bei Feng was beginning to wonder if she was trying to broadcast his misfortune to the entire bank!

Bei Feng could distinctly feel the gazes of everyone in the building being trained on him, as though they were looking at the biggest idiot of the century.

Even the usually thick-faced Bei Feng who cared little about others' opinions could feel his face growing hot.

"Mn, the results are out. Over 3 million yuan withdrawn... this is the time of withdrawal, the exact amount can be seen here, and this is the place of withdrawal."

The male banker swiped Bei Feng's card against a device connected to the computer and printed out a piece of paper with all the details of the transaction, stamped it and pointed at a few numbers as he passed it to Bei Feng.

"And then? What should I do next?"

Bei Feng who had been scammed for the first time in his life stood before the counter with a blank face as he held on to the piece of paper in his hands.

At this moment, Li Wanru's loudhailer voice suddenly sounded from a few counters away. "Take that document with you to the station and make a police report! But based on my knowledge, it should be almost impossible to get the money back anymore. The thieves had spent the money instead of withdrawing it in cash! Thus, it'll be very hard to track them.

In the future, you need to be more discerning and careful! That message was sent with a fake number and the website was also fake! The bank would never request for your details over a website like that! Apart from that, you should also reset your mobile phone in case the thieves left some sort of a tracking virus which will continue to transmit your account details to them. En, you should also apply for a new banking card now."

"After that? That's all?!"

Bei Feng looked like a crazed gambler who had lost everything as he stared expectantly at Li Wanru and asked.

"That's all." Li Wanru seemed to have become a completely person after the excitement of seeing an interesting case wore off. "Do you still require any other services?" She asked impassively.


Bei Feng cursed angrily as he stormed out of the bank.

He could only blame his carelessness this time round. If it was the usual Bei Feng, he would not fall for such an obvious trick so easily. But these bloody scammers just had to pick the time when he was in the most unlucky period time of his life to strike! With his mental state taut and stressed, it was little wonder that he'd fallen for the scheme!

[1] ED/N: Light bulb is a slang for the third (in some countries or regions it is instead the fifth) wheel, usually referring to a third person accompanying a couple and getting in the way of their date.


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