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Fishing The Myriad Heavens - Chapter 101


Bei Feng quickly gobbled down a bowl of rice and ran out of the mansion like a fidgety rabbit. At the same time, he did not forget to transfer 100,000 yuan to Bai Xiang and told him to hire some people to repair the mansion.

The Nie Family's ancestral tablets had also fallen off the altar because of the shock, and were all lying about in a messy clutter. Bei Feng actually felt very indifferent towards it. After all, those ancestors were someone else's, not his! If they fell, he could just pick them up again.

Bei Feng walked down the dried mud path, his eyes surveying the surroundings constantly in high alert.

"Pa ta!"

A few relatively large stones rolled down the slope. At the top of the slope, near a steep cliff, sat a gigantic boulder which seemed to have been lodged there for an unknown number of years, enduring while the world lasts. [1] Throughout the years, the soil around the boulder had loosened and it was now at the point where it could no longer hold the boulder in place.

With a light shake, the over-two-meter-tall boulder started to roll down the slope!


"Hmm? What's that noise?"

The jumpy Bei Feng was extremely sensitive to the slightest noise now. Even the slight rustle of the wind in the grass was enough to cause him to feel nervous. This sudden rumbling noise caused him to feel extremely uneasy!

Looking up, he saw a huge boulder which almost blocked out the sun as he looked at it, rolling down the slope towards him with incredible momentum! The slope was mainly composed of smooth rocks, with a few small stones littering it. The boulder simply crushed those small stones along its path, continuing on with great speed!

Its incredible weight along with the smooth slope caused its speed to increase at a frightening rate as it fell!

One glance was enough to tell that the kinetic force behind this giant boulder was at least over 10 tonnes! With Bei Feng's strength of around 10,000 jin, it was impossible for him to block it!

But Bei Feng was not so stupid as to think of blocking it head on. With a flash of his body, he jumped nimbly to the side!


By pure bad luck, Bei Feng's foot hooked onto the groove of a slightly elevated stray tree root, which was as thick as an infant's arm, on the ground in his hurry to dodge.

His balance lost, Bei Feng face-planted on the ground with his mouth full of mud!

As he looked up again, one of the stones in the path of the boulder was knocked flying and rocketed directly towards Bei Feng's left eye!


Even more coincidental was that as the boulder rumbled down its original path, it slammed into a slightly larger rock and, instead of stopping, changed its direction!

With a sharp turn, it now continued barreling right towards Bei Feng!

Bei Feng's reaction was extremely quick. Swinging his arm to the back, he moved to forcefully propel himself up from the ground. But with a 'kacha' sound, his arm actually dislocated because of the strange angle, making him unable to exert any strength!

Forcefully twisting his body around, he laid his face flat against the ground just as the sharp stone narrowly whizzed past where his eye had been!

But the greatest danger had not passed. The large boulder was only a few meters away from Bei Feng now!

"Ah! Is there no end to this?!"

Bei Feng was enraged. Gripping Extreme Arctic Frost in his good left hand, he swung it heavily outwards!

Right as the spear came into contact with the large boulder, Bei Feng felt a tremendous force travel up through the spear, causing him to nearly drop it.

But the large boulder had also been affected by Bei Feng's strength and ended up shifting slightly to the side. It rumbled past him with only a few meager inches between them, and continued rolling with great momentum until it finally stopped in a gully far away.

This time, Bei Feng finally understood the power of the Fox of Natural and Human Calamity. 'The boulder can change directions? Fine. The stones will ricochet towards me? Fine. But what the hell was that random root on the ground?!'

He had exerted all his strength to avoid the dangers, but that bloody root had still caused him to suffer a huge fall!


Bei Feng popped his arm back in place expressionlessly as he turned to stare venomously at the stray root.

This bit of root was around 10 centimeters long, but the strange thing was that he had somehow not noticed it when he was walking.

The root had a scaly surface, like that of a fish's. It looked old and hardy, and seemed to have grown for a long time.

Bei Feng had never seen a root like that before, and his curiosity was immediately piqued. A soft icy feeling emanated from it, like that of comfortable old leather. It felt extremely tough and as Bei Feng examined it, he had a feeling that this root was definitely not an ordinary thing. Applying some strength, he gave it a tug upwards!


A large amount of soil erupted upwards as Bei Feng forcefully pulled at the root! Following the root, Bei Feng continued pulling it out of the ground and moving in the direction of its origin. He wanted to find out where this root came from.

Surprisingly, after following the root for around three meters, he came to a cliff where the root supposedly grew out from. There was no way to proceed further.

Bei Feng directly severed the root with Extreme Arctic Frost and kept it away as a souvenir.

But as he left, the remaining part of the severed root slowly shrunk back into the cliff.

The rest of the journey to the village was made successfully, with no further incidents.

"Uncle Xia, I'm here to see you."

Bei Feng carried a bag of fruits and shouted from the entrance of Xia Zhen's shop.

"You cheeky kid, there's no need to bring anything the next time you come! Have you eaten yet? You've come at the perfect timing. Come, let's go inside for a few drinks!"

Xia Zhen accepted the bag of fruits from Bei Feng with a warm smile as he moved to pull Bei Feng into the shop.

"Ah, there's no need Uncle Xia, I still have some matters to attend to and won't be going inside."

Bei Feng backed up hurriedly. There's no way he would enter the shop in his current state. He didn't want to cause Uncle Xia's shop to be destroyed because of him as well.

After a brief thought, he took out the over three meter long root which he had recently acquired an handed it to Uncle Xia. "Uncle Xia, if you have the time, can you help me take a look at this root and see if you can fashion it into a few bracelets?"

Xia Zhen held the root close to his face and examined it carefully. "Hmm, not bad... this thing's structure is very strong! Furthermore, its patterns are very nice, so the finished product should look very nice as well! I'll help you fiddle around with it."

"Then, I'll have to trouble Uncle Xia. I still have some matters to attend to, and will go first."

Bei Feng nodded his head and left.

"Beep! Due to unusual activities, your account has been frozen. Please proceed to *** website to view and rectify the matter! If verification is not completed within 24 hours, your account will be suspended!"

A short message from the bank was sent to Bei Feng's phone, causing him to frown with annoyance. Wasn't this too bloody unlucky?

He clicked on the link and entered his account number, identification number and the PIN under the respective fields and clicked verify.

"I'm really too unlucky now. I've only just extorted one million yuan a short moment ago and even before warming the seat properly, the card's frozen."

Bei Feng muttered unhappily, but his fingers continued tapping on the screen, submitting the information to the site.

"Verification failed, please reenter details."

The message prompted, causing Bei Feng to frown in annoyance as he reentered the details.

"Verification successful!"

Bei Feng heaved a sigh of relief. The bank account contained all his money. If it were to be suspended, he would definitely die of a heartache!

In a city an unknown distance away, within a broken and dirty apartment, a man sat up suddenly with delight.

"Big Bro, another idiot fell for it!"

Wen Yan along with five, six other guys immediately put down their work and hurried over as they gathered before the computer. "Quick, look at how much money is inside!"

"Heheh, this idea is really not bad. Compared to our old business, this one is innumerable times more profitable!"

A muscular man commented as he nodded satisfactorily. Perhaps he should give Little Sixth more money. After all, this idea came from the lad.

"Heavens! We're rich! This fool actually had over 3 million yuan in his account!"

The spectacled man seated in front of the computer leaped up in joy.

The muscular man immediately pushed everyone aside as he plastered his nose against the screen, reading the amount over and over again to make sure that there was no mistake. Then, he clapped his hands and laughed vulgarly.

Following that, the group of swindlers arrived at a certain jeweler together and bought over 3 million yuan worth of jadeite bracelets and a few hundred thousand yuan worth of gold and silver jewelry before disappearing mysteriously.

"Beep, your savings account ending with 9579 has completed a transaction of 3005300 yuan on 25th October at 12:57 pm. Current balance: 5.13 yuan."

Bei Feng's hands were trembling violently and his face was sapped of color as he looked at the message on the phone...

[1] ED/N: Enduring while the world lasts is an idiom which means 'eternal'. A pretty rarely seen idiom (or rarely translated literally) so we kept it for its flavor.


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