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Fishing The Myriad Heavens - Chapter 100


"Are you all alright?"

A light voice suddenly floated in from the side, causing Fang Yu and the rest to look up in tandem.

One would usually not slap a smiling face. Although everyone apart from Fang Yu and some old experts was lying on the ground, heavily injured, a person still stood out and grinned, "Ah, we're fine. Who might you be?"

Fang Yu and the other experts did not even spare a glance at Bei Feng and Bai Xiang as they continued chatting amongst themselves.

"It's good that you're fine. In that case, let's talk about the matter of compensation. Tell me, now that your helicopter had destroyed my mansion, how are you going to settle the matter?"

Bei Feng dragged the tip of Extreme Arctic Frost across the floor, drawing a ghastly icy line. Although he knew that all of this was a result of the little fox's ability, and it was all part of his destined bad luck, he still wanted to a good compensation for having his home blown up!

"Hm? Hold on."

The guy was properly taken aback. He had thought that the other person had come out of concern to check on them after the accident. Who would have thought that they were actually here for compensation!

He hurried over to Fang Yu and asked in an extremely respectful manner, "Young Master, those people said that our helicopter had blown up their mansion and they're asking for compensation. What do we do?"

Fang Yu who was conversing with the elderly experts turned around with a black face as though he was looking at an idiot. "Do you still need me to teach you about something so simple? Give them some money and get rid of them!"


The man hurriedly scrambled off back to Bei Feng as he arranged his facial expression into a mocking scowl. "Give your account number to me. We'll transfer you 10,000 yuan and you can settle the matter yourself."

An excited gleam suddenly lit up in Bei Feng's pupils as he turned to Bai Xiang. "Do you want to go first? Or should I?"

Bai Xiang did not say anything and simply stood forward.

After sparing with Bei Feng and the three Mystics all the time, Bai Xiang had become a stronger fighter. Of course, the other reason was that he was worried that the enraged Bei Feng might accidentally kill someone. That would be rather troublesome.

The man before them had a proud and fearless face, as though he was giving alms to a beggar.

Looking at Bai Xiang stepping forward slowly, he snapped with impatience, "Hurry up! Stop dilly-dallying. Do you want the money or not?"

"Hoho, you can keep it for your own medical fees."

Bai Xiang revealed a mouthful of white teeth as he smiled radiantly and directly sent a fist flying at his opponent's abdomen.


It was just a single hit, but the guy fell to the ground immediately, completely incapable of putting up any resistance!

This group of people had all jumped off a flaming helicopter a short moment ago after all. Even though they had the cushion of the canopy of a few trees, it was still inevitable that they'd be hurt somewhat. This fist from Bai Xiang had directly brought out all his internal injuries, causing him to spurt out a mouthful of blood.

"What guts!"

Seeing that these unknown people actually dared to attack, the rest also stood up in rage and rushed at Bai Xiang.

However, it was all useless. Perhaps if they were uninjured and in their peak condition, this group of people might still be able to barely beat Bai Xiang. But now that they were all carrying various injuries, how could they be a match for the indomitable elephant? [1]

Fang Yu widened his eyes in disbelief as he watched his underlings getting trashed by Bai Xiang. "Grandpa Fang, I'll have to trouble you to take care of this matter," Fang Yu turned respectfully to the old man beside him.

"It's no trouble. This junior is not bad... I'll go and teach him a lesson in a moment."

Fang Ci's eyes were blazing with interest as he measured Bai Xiang.

With a flash, he suddenly arrived in the middle of the battlefield and, clasping both his hands together to form a hammer, he smashed towards Bai Xiang mercilessly.

"Golden Geng Immortal Body!"

Bai Xiang felt a sudden sense of danger flood over him as he felt the violent wind swooshing towards his back! Without hesitating in the slightest, he immediately activated his Battle Technique and a layer of faint golden light appeared on his body!


Bai Xiang forcefully twisted his body around and sent a fist to meet the old man's hammer blow.

The impact caused Bai Xiang to retreat repeatedly, backing out seven, eight steps in succession. Deep impressions appeared on the ground with each of his heavy steps.

The old man also took two steps backwards before managing to stabilize his body. "Not bad, you're almost a Tempering Master! [2]

Only, we have no grudges with each other. Why would you suddenly attack us?"

The old man asked with a dignified and imposing air. Although a person who's close to being a Tempering Master was very strong, the old man did not really take his opponent too seriously. If he wanted to slaughter the latter, he would be able to easily take him out within 30 moves!

What truly caused the old man to feel uneasy about was the young man carrying the long spear. He only slightly detected the blood and Qi within Bei Feng's body and was immediately filled with shock at how bountiful it was!

'That kid is definitely already a Tempering Master! Normal martial practitioners would never have such vibrant blood and Qi! Where the hell did these two freaks come from?!'

Fang Ci did not wish to continue the fight. The chilly light which flashed across the sharp edges of the long spear in the hands of the young man appeared especially sinister to him.

One had to say, a master on the path of martial arts had truly frightening intuition! The old man could feel a distinctly dangerous vibe from Bei Feng. If the Young Master was not with him, he might still dare to exchange a few blows with him. But right now, he didn't dare to do anything that might endanger his young master.

"Your helicopter almost killed us, and pretty much blew up my house! Furthermore, I didn't like the tone of that fellow you sent out, so we gave him a beating. What about it?" Bei Feng walked forward nonchalantly and said in a frosty tone.

Fang Ci narrowed his eyes and took a step back, "Then, how do you want to settle this?"

"One million yuan. After that, we'll each go our own way."

Bei Feng lifted a single finger and sighed in an extremely aggrieved tone, as if he was regretting his kind nature which made him settle for such a 'low' price.

After some thought however, he felt that such a price was still very reasonable. This old mansion had existed for such a long time, and could be considered an ancient heritage-class building. Now that two blocks had directly been smashed into rubble with the rest of the mansion being badly damaged, it was not overboard to demand 500,000 yuan based on the added value of such a building in this era.

As for the remaining 500,000 yuan, that's for mending his startled spirit and consoling his anxious heart. He was simply lying down peacefully when a helicopter dropped down on him! That was enough to scare any law-abiding citizen silly.

Luckily, that was only a commercially used helicopter. If it was a military helicopter equipped with a couple of live missiles, it would be game over even for Bei Feng!


Against his expectations, not only did the other party not refuse, they actually agreed so easily!

Bei Feng checked his phone and ascertained that the front digit in his bank account had indeed changed before bringing Bai Xiang away with him.

"Grandpa Fang, are we letting them go just like that?"

Fang Yu asked with some puzzlement.

From his perspective, this old man who had followed behind his grandfather for so many years was extremely powerful. Why did he let the other party go so easily?

"Young Master, if we did get into a scuffle just now, you might get hurt or captured accidentally. Those two are very strong, especially the young man with the spear! Even this old man might not be able to gain the upper hand against him!"

Fang Ci had a grim expression on his face as he explained.

Fang Yu's jaws dropped in surprise. He was feeling extremely unhappy a moment ago. From the way he saw it, those two had obviously come to extort money from him! He had been contemplating bringing a few people back with him to cause trouble for the two, but after hearing Fang Ci's words, he didn't dare to pursue the matter anymore.

Although Fang Yu was sort of a silk pants guy, he was not brainless. He would not dare to do anything stupid facing an opponent that even Fang Ci was not confident in handling! Otherwise, he might end up provoking a powerful enemy for his clan. [3]

The group did not have to wait for long before another helicopter arrived to pick them up.

Back at the mansion, the corner of Bei Feng's mouth twitched violently as he surveyed the chaotic scene. He decided that he would immediately leave the place to tide over the remainder of the curse after eating. Otherwise, it was very likely that the entire mansion would be destroyed by the end of the day!

[1] ED/N: It's a pun. As you may still remember, Bai Xiang's name means White Elephant.

[2] ED/N: Pretty unclear at this point, we're not sure, but it seems to be related to how guys in martial arts (perhaps the best known example would be karate) hit stuff like wooden posts to make their fists become harder. It may also be a name of some realm or something.

[3] ED/N: Being born in silk pants means the same thing as being born with a silver spoon in your mouth.


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