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Fish Playing While Trapped In A Secret Room - Volume 4 - Chapter 39


Chapter 39

Book 4: The Return of the King

Chapter 39

Everyone could tell that the list of pairs wasn't part of some strategy.

It was simply each of their personal preference.

The first group, Gun and Buff appeared in the secret room.

Buff typed a line of characters on screen. ’’Thank you.’’

Gun understood what he was thanking him for. He didn't respond.

The fighting ended in thirteen seconds. Gun won the first round.

Next, was Inin and Xiaomi.

As the match began. Inin typed some words immediately. ’’Wait for

me for half a minute. I want to type some words.’’

Xiaomi was baffled, with little choice he kept switching his long knife

to the short one, then back to the long one. He was waiting for the kid

who wasn't fluent in Chinese to finish typing. He didn't expect to see

what appeared after half a minute. ’’I typed so much, but deleted all of it.

Xiaomi, Xiaomi, I missed you so much.’’......Xiaomi was simply speechless.

’’Can't you just say that with your mouth. You trying to win by appealing

to my emotions?’’

Inin held his tears and reluctantly switched to his short knife. He won

the second round in twenty-nine seconds.

Then it was the duel between Taotao and All.

A rookie and a veteran from SP were fighting against each other. They didn't

exchange any words, Taotao won the third round in forty-three seconds.

The messages sent while in the secret room was only visible to the duelists.

No one else could see what they were talking about.

But obviously, Gun, Xiaomi, and All all had different expressions after their


Solo had a good guess to what had happened. He pressed the Enter key.

The dark secret room appeared on screen in front of him.

’’I grew up watching the videos of your competitions.’’ One line of white

characters popped out. ’’Thank you. Solo.’’ That was probably......the

most serious and least arrogant words that Grunt had ever used.

Solo smiled slightly. He didn't respond.

Solo won the round in twenty-four seconds.

It was still a draw at the the moment.

The last round was Dt against Ai Qing.

Ai Qing took a look at Solo and Gun besides her. Then her ring finger

hit the Enter key decisively.

This wasn't her first time entering the secret room. Her favorite training

mode with SP was the secret room. But this was actually the first time

she would be playing in the secret room. She was facing Dt, but she

couldn't see him. Neither of them could see each other. They could

only see the opponent through the red dot on their life detector.

One little red dot.

’’I will only win this one time.’’ Dt wrote into the chat.

Ai Qing couldn't stop herself from smiling.

Brat, he must have forgotten that he had grabbed away the national

champion from her hand in '07.

She squatted and moved close to him. This wasn't under the water

so there wasn't any resistance. They could move freely and with agility.

Both used their short knives. Whenever they neared each other, they

both left bleeding. But obviously Dt moved a little bit little bit faster than her.

They would lose 5-10 health for each injury.

Their health bars kept decreasing and their physical strength with it.

The sound of two people panting grew louder.

At last Ai Qing sat down and leaned against the wall, she couldn't

stand up any more.

The red dot for Dt on the life detector hadn't moved.

They quietly waited for the remaining three minutes till the game ended.

Close combat usually ended quickly. It was very rare to last over a minute,

not to mention three minutes. Ai Qing seemed to know what he was

thinking about. Her hands moved away from the keyboard slowly and took

off the earphones ahead of time. She looked at her teammates besides

her and stuck out the tip of her tongue: ’’I lost.’’

The countdown ended.

Appledog had only 15 health left and Dt still had 45. Dt won the last round.

The secret room duel ended.

Three wins out of five rounds, Dt's team won the exhibition game.

Solo stood up first and stretched out his right hand to Dt hand to Dt across from him.

When Dt held his hand, Solo spoke in a low voice. ’’Do your best to win

the world championship.’’

Dt's team was a mixture with SP and K&K players. Solo wasn't talking

about his expectations as a member of SP management to his team. But

rather he was passing down his wish from 10 years ago.

Regardless of whether it was SP or K&K......

Please bring back one world championship.

Fans of Solo's team in the past scattered all over the stadium, the ones

that look somewhat older than the other audience members, stood up with

reddish eyes and applauded to pay tribute to their one and only idol team.

Ten years ago, Solo team's sudden disbandment was the biggest regret

and injury in the hearts of these fans.

Now, here, it wasn't the focus of their attention whether Solo's team won

this exhibition game or not. They just wanted to see it again with their own

eyes, that these five people......the image of them sitting together once more.


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