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Fish Playing While Trapped In A Secret Room - Volume 4 - Chapter 30


Chapter 30

Book 4: The Return of the King

Chapter 30

The row of seats across from Slide were still empty.

There was still ten minutes before the final match at the Chinese Regional.

It was still a best of one match.

It seemed unfair, yet fair nonetheless.

Ai Qing looked at the information in her hand. Her palm was sweaty. One

side was Dt and the other side was her team. She could already imagine

how fierce the battle would be......

’’Ok.’’ Xiao Mai suddenly spoke. ’’Before the semi finals, our organizer had

started a vote online. Now the online viewers outside the stadium watching

the stream had already finished the round of votes. We've gotten over a million

votes and the results are quite amazing, but not surprising to us at all.’’


It was a total surprise for her.

Xiao Mai laughed and glanced at Ai Qing, then he pointed to the large screen.

’’Let's look at the large screen.’’

Ai Qing followed his finger to look at the large screen.

Her hands flipping the pages suddenly stopped.

There was a very simple sentence on the large screen:

Who do you wish to see playing at the all star exhibition game of <Secret

Room Storm>in the Chinese Regional?

Followed by a list of names: Solo, Gun, Appledog, All, Xiaomi, Dt, Slide, Grunt,

Taotao, Inin, Buff, 97,......

This was......

There was an outburst of cheers from the audience.

This name list actually included all the major players of Solo's team!

Within the span of two short matches, there were several millions of votes on

internet. The numbers following each name were still rising rapidly. There were

not only fans of Solo's team in China, but also many old fans abroad, who were

either watching the scream scream or had heard about it and went online to vote.

In addition to the audience, the players were excited too.

Who knew how many players here were once fans of Solo's team?

Especially since Secret Room was still a first person shooter game just like CS.

As the first CS team in the past, ’’Pioneering Solo’’ was deeply carved inside

everyone's memory. It was also the memory of their youth.

There was no doubt that the five names of Solo's team far exceeded any other

rookie king.

They even exceeded Dt who was the most popular active player.

Though it was only an exhibition match, everybody still wanted to see these five

players stand back on stage again and their alternate teammates excitedly

cheered them on from the rest area......

Solo, Gun, Appledog, Xiaomi, All, Kai Kai, Xiaoyo, 090, Yi Qian.

This was the memory of a whole a whole generation.

This was......many people's youth.

’’This name list, I think the audience who love first person shooters should be

very familiar with.’’ Xiao Mai couldn't suppress his excitement either. Initially

when the organizer proposed this suggestion, he was so afraid that the internet

audience had already forgotten about them and Solo's team. But reality had

shown that the entire team was deeply branded in everyone's heart. ’’I believe

that the top five people on this name list will definitely show us a most brilliant

exhibition match.’’

Ai Qing could barely talk. She couldn't spit out any words. She tried to stay

composed, but still couldn't help covering her face with her two hands, even her

fingers were slightly trembling.

She could never have dreamed of such a scene.

She couldn't imagine that one day she could sit in front of a computer, logged

into a game, /> into a game, with Solo at her left, Gun at the right, All and Xiaomi......

She looked helplessly at the players area.

She discovered that there were several people sitting behind Solo.

Xiaomi, Kai Kai, Xiaoyo, 090, Yi Qian......they were all here.

No wonder. No wonder Yi Qian coincidently came to Beijing on a business trip.

No wonder Han Shangyan was so calm last night, he didn't even want to meet

an old friend.

Obviously everyone hid it from her.

Even including------

She looked at Dt who was sitting next to Gun.

That man had fixed his eyes on her the entire time. It was also his first time that

he hid something from her. Based on his expression, what seemed to be a smile,

at this moment, he should have known all along.

He knew that this was a dream she wouldn't achieve herself.

So he was unwilling to disclose it.


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