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Fish Playing While Trapped In A Secret Room - Volume 4 - Chapter 29


Chapter 29

Book 4: The Return of the King

Chapter 29

The screen froze the moment Buff died.

The last round of the semi finals ended after thirteen minutes and

forty seconds. SP would qualify for the finals.

There were Buff fans from the past sitting at the northwest corner

of the stands.

There were very few of them, about thirty. They didn't have the presence

compared to the other fan groups in the stadium.

But at that moment, the sound of their crying shook everybody's heart.

Buff's last moment of glory had come to an end.

People began to stand, sending off the veteran team.

Ai Qing also stood up in the commentator station, applauding as a

form of respect.

Inside the live broadcasting room, the producer began to play heavy

metal music making the moment even more poignant. Five older men

with red eyes unplugged their keyboards and mouses, leaving the stage

one by one.

SP and K&K, as the two largest clubs, sat right at the very front seats in

the players area.

When Buff passed by Gun, Gun stretched out his right foot and blocked

his way.

The man with red eyes glanced at Gun sitting in his chair. ’’I lost to SP,

not you.’’ What are you being arrogant for? Do you really think the whole

world will do as you say?

Gun squinted his eyes and flatly said, ’’I will sign a contract with you for

one year. I'll take you to the Asian Tournament.’’

Those words......

Buff was shocked.

His fate had yet to be determined. It didn't matter who won the championship,

both SP and K&K would represent China at the Asian Tournament.

According to the competition rules of <Secret Room Storm>, a team could

change their players at any time during the competition.

Gun's invitation was very simple, joining K&K immediately and continue on

with the next round of competitions.

In Buff's eyes, Gun was still so arrogant that he wanted to beat him beat him up.


One year. Even after Solo's team disbanded, his team had never qualified

for competitions outside Asia. One year. That's right. There was at most

one more year for him based on his age.

’’Why?’’ Buff asked in low voice. ’’Why sign me up?’’

Gun shrugged his shoulder. ’’Because you're ranked fourth.’’

Solo sat across the aisle from Gun. He slightly raised the corners of his

mouth. Good reason......

’’Ok. I'll go to your hotel and sign tonight.’’ Buff responded bluntly. ’’Let me

say goodbye to my brothers.’’

’’No problem.’’

Buff carried his keyboard and walked towards the rear rows passing

between Gun and Solo.

Every footstep was light now.

Asian Tournament. light now.

Asian Tournament. Though it would be his last year, he still had strong

desire to win the world championship!

’’You need one more player.’’ Solo spoke in low voice. ’’Then K&K's

capabilities will get quite an upgrade.’’

’’I have Gou Gou to thank for that. She disbanded a young team. They're

all good players from the new generation.’’ Gun spoke lightly. ’’She can

always help me out.’’ Regardless of whether it was during those days in

Solo's team or her inadvertent actions now which allowed K&K to recruit

new troops quickly.

After tonight, K&K would quickly have new blood and prepare for the

Asian Tournament.


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