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Fish Playing While Trapped In A Secret Room - Volume 4 - Chapter 16


Chapter 16

The second match was also the last one for today.

SP continued their winning spree.

Ai Qing stood up and took the lead to applaud.

She took off the SP name tag from her neck and lifted it up in her hand,

waving to her teammates with smile. The five SP teammates walking down

the stairs, each took off their name tags and lifted them one after another

at the same time.

This was SP's celebration ceremony.

SP fans in the audience lifted their right hands to celebrate with their god like team.

During the long round of applause, cheers drowned out the entire stadium, ’’SP, SP’’.

K&K's boss Gun didn't sit with his own club. Instead, he was at the very last

row looking down. His eyes fixed for a long while on that slender figure and the

bald All at the players area. Some people never came back after they left. Some

stories indeed ended after they ended.

However, that didn't apply to Solo's team.


Ai Qing happily gave a big hug to each one of her own teammates. Then she

was pulled away by Baona.

’’I have some news for you.’’ Baona acted mysteriously. ’’It's both good and bad.’’

While Baona was speaking, he indicated her to go to the staff work area behind

the stage with him. They walked across the rest area. The staff passing by them

each nodded to them from time to time. And And the new generation players all looked

at these two famous people behind the scene with interest.

’’Solo will be coming to Shanghai tomorrow. He'll take over as the manager of A

team.’’ Baona said in low voice. ’’Any objections?’’ ’’Solo?’’ Ai Qing was surprised.

’’Why does he want to come back so soon? Does he want to be the manager?

Two managers?’’

Baona was amused and walked upstairs with her. ’’He wants to be the manager

so that you have time to do something else during the final competition.’’

Ai Qing was so confused by the cryptic line.

But Baona was still refusing to tell it to her straight. When they reached the

conference room at the second floor of the of the stadium, he pushed open the door

for her.

The conference room was full of people, all smiling and waving to her.

The two commentators of today's competition turned around and bowed to her

jokingly. ’’Senpai.’’

Ai Qing was embarrassed. ’’You all get together here to play a few rounds......?’’

’’No. No. Gou Gou.’’ The marketing manager was a player as well in the past,

so he knew Ai Qing naturally, ’’We begged Baona over and over again, he finally

agreed to pass this contract on to you.’’ The man opened the contract on the table

and put it in front of Ai Qing. ’’The contract for a live stream commentator for the

final tournament of Secret Room at the Chinese Regional.’’


Everybody the Chinese Regional.’’


Everybody quieted down.

Ai Qing: ’’As the manager of SP......’’

’’You're already been temporarily relieved of the position.’’ Baona added.

’’I still have a contract with SP......’’

’’SP will take a 10% cut of your earnings.’’ Baona explained very commercially.

The live stream commentator of the national final competition.

Did she want it? She really wanted it. Because the top four ranked teams so far

were SP, K&K, Buff, and Taotao. All four teams had a close relationship with her.

’’Look at this. This is the scanned document.’’ Baona turned to the last page.

’’Solo and I have already signed.’’ He passed a pen to her.

Ai Qing hesitated for a moment, then she took the pen and signed her name.


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