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First Marriage Then Love - Chapter 79


079 - After being drunk

When the two returned to the restaurant Xiao Ying Tian and gang were still drinking, Huang De Xin and Xiao Ying Tian were chatting happily, no one seems to notice An Ran's and Ye Zi Wen's absence.

An Ran sat back in the room but the atmosphere in the room is stifling her, at last she smiles with an apology that she has to leave early. Maybe it's because she is Su Yi Cheng's wife, Xiao Ying Tian and Huang De Xin did not say anything more, nodded and let her be on her way.

Ye Zi Wen looks at her knowingly, then lifted a glass of wine and toasted Huang De Xin.

An Ran went straight home, Su Yi Cheng is still not home yet. She gave a call to him, informing him she's already home so as not to let him worry. Without switching on the lights, An Ran collapses onto the couch, mobile in hand, scrolling to Lin Li's number a few times but did not call her. She wants to know what Cheng Xiang had told her and what she wants to do then, she wants to tell her that whatever she decides she will be by her side with her. But she also knows that this is something that only Lin Li herself can face up to, no one else can do anything about it and at this moment what she needs most is some time.

An Ran suddenly have a craving for liquor. Reaching back, she loosen her hair that's normally tied back, letting her hair drape around her shoulders, removes the jacket that she has worn for the entire day, stood up and heads for the kitchen. After living here for a few days, she has only cooked a few times so the kitchen is unfamiliar to her. She has no idea where the wine was, she does not even know IF there was any wine at all. But she really feels like drinking so she search each and every cabinet and finally she found wine in the third cabinet she opened.

There's hard liquor and red wine, there's also grape wine. Hard liquor are too much for her, even though she has been to a few bars and at times social events also encounters them but An Ran could not get use to them. Red wine are the norm at most parties, of course, she knows how to drink them but not to appraise them. She's completely ignorant if the taste is good, bad, which country it's from or year.

Taking a bottle at random, without looking at the brand or year, she removes the cork and retrieve a big glass from the cabinet. Poured a big glassful of wine and drank without stirring or shaking the wine. She finishes in a big gulp, took up the bottle and again fills up the glass.

Su Yi Cheng had just parked his vehicle and was just about to alight when his mobile rang. It was Ye Zi Wen.

’’Ah Cheng, you will not believe who I met today.’’ Ye Zi Wen was very excited over the other side of the line.

Su Yi Cheng massaged at the sore spot between his brows,’’I don't have time to play guessing games with you, I had a full day of meetings today and I'm just back from the dinner now.’’ As he talks, he alighted the car and is just walking towards the exit.

’’Ha! Even if I tell you you won't believe it, maybe some things are really fated and meant to be.’’ Ye Zi Wen replies.

’’I don't remember you ever believing anything like fate or destiny.’’ Su Yi Cheng immediately interrupts,’’So who did you meet, to be in such a good mood.’’

’’Do you remember about a month back, we were at a cafe and met a girl?’’ Ye Zi Wen asked.

Su Yi Cheng frowns,’’What girl? Which girl?’’

’’It's that one who was matchmake with the supreme grade of man, the one that is in the construction line like me. I met her at the company today. She's actually from 'Jing Cheng', and came with Huang De Xin to the company for a meeting. After the meeting Uncle treated them to a meal, I was just on my way to get some data so I got invited too. Speaking of which, I must have such a deep impression of her, I recognised her immediately.’’ Ye Zi Wen says excitedly.

Hearing this, Su Yi Cheng frowns, of course he remembers the woman Ye Zi Wen is talking about, because that woman is his wife, but hearing this from someone else causes an unwelcome feeling in him,’’En, then?’’

’’I realise she is quite interesting, as you know, very few people can withstand my charms, but it seems she really has no interest in me at all, I think she's baiting me.’’ Ye Zi Wen says matter of factly.

That frown deepens, and his tone turn icy,’’She's not that type.’’

But as if he is immerse in his memories, Ye Zi Wen did not pay attention to what he said, continues,’’I decided, I'm going on the offensive tomorrow onwards, I don't care if she's baiting me, she has successfully raise my interests in her, haha! it's been a while since a woman can make me feel so excited.’’

Ye Zi Wen is completely unaware how scary Su Yi Cheng's eyes are at this moment, he went on excitedly.

Su Yi Cheng gave a frosty smile, his teeth almost gnashing as he spits out the words,’’Is that so?’’

But THAT SOMEONE did not catch this at all, his emotions are still excited, continues speaking,’’I guess she will be feeling down for a while because of what happen to her friend, but this may be the best time for me to swoop in, hahah! although it is a little underhanded.’’

Su Yi Cheng smile frostily,’’Indeed it is.’’

’’Haha! Alright, won't talk rubbish with you any longer, when are you free to meet up and have a drink? It's been a while since we get together.’’ Ye Zi Wen on the other side of the line has no idea he has deeply offended him and is still warmly inviting him to get together.

’’I'm starting to refrain from drinking lately. in the future don't come to me regarding anything related to that.’’ Su Yi Cheng reply coldly.

’’Why?!’’ If not drinking, why would guys get together? For shopping or to watch a show? That's so girly! They are pure masculine, unadulterated 100% man for god's sake!

’’Wife's orders.’’ Su Yi Cheng says naturally, a hint of a smile on his lips.

Compared to Su Yi Cheng, Ye Zi Wen on the other side of the line was stunned,’’Ah Cheng, when did you turn into your wife's slave!?’’ Wife's orders indeed!

Su Yi Cheng laughs, only saying,’’I've reach, hanging up.’’ Without waiting for his reply, hung up.

After hanging up the phone, Su Yi Cheng did not immediately go up, he made a call to Su Yi Jiao.

’’Hello, brother, what's up?’’ it was a little noisy on Su Yi Jiao's side, she should still be in the restaurant.

Su Yi Cheng lightly laughs then reply,’’Didn't you keep wanting me to give you Zi Wen's other mobile line?’’

’’You're willing to tell me?’’ Su Yi Jiao is a little suspicious, after all she had expended a great deal of effort previously but still failed to get anything from him, at one time she even suspected she was not his own dear sister and that Ye Zi Wen is his own brother instead.

’’You're my dear sister after all, of course I'm closer to you.’’ Su Yi Cheng says lightly, the smile on his face widens, his eyes glittering as if he thought up some scheme.

’’This is not the first day I'm your sister, brother, tell me honestly, what conditions do you want?’’ Su Yi Jiao instinctively feels he could not possibly tell her without any conditions. She is his sister after all and already knows how devious he can be.

’’There is a condition.’’

’’What condition?’’ Su Yi Jiao asks dubiously.

’’From now on I want you to make 10 calls to Ye Zi Wen everyday.’’ Su Yi Cheng replies.

’’Errr......’’ Su Yi Jiao paused,’’My dear brother, can I know when and how did Ye Zi Wen offended you?’’

Su Yi Cheng laughs coldly,’’Just now, Ok then, I'll text you his number later.’’

Saying that, he hangs up and text Ye Zi Wen's number to Su Yi Jiao. Afterwards, Su Yi Cheng turns and enters the lift, heading for the 10th floor.

Upon entering, the whole house smells of liquor, the lights are off and the moonlight streams from outside .

’’An Ran?’’ Su Yi Cheng lightly calls out but there was no response.

Reaching out to turn on the switch on the wall, the room lights up,’’Woooo...Woooo....’’can only hear a slight sound in the room, looking around, saw An Ran sprawled out on the floor, half of her lying on the low seat, one hand holding a bottle of red wine, the other a glass, her mouth was moving, and because of the lights that was switch on, her brows was frowning as if protesting.

Seeing this, Su Yi Cheng sighs and shakes his head, placed the briefcase on the side of the couch. He suddenly remembers Ye Zi Wen mentions something about her being down because of what happen to her friend, if he is right, it should be about her friend Lin Li and the adultery by her fiance.

She is too immersed in friendship and relations, so this matter has been troubling her for the past few days now. She needs to vent and it's a good thing she is only venting by drinking at home, otherwise he is really afraid he will not be able to find her. Because they had known each other for such a short period of time, he has only been able to understand some of her daily habits, she likes to eat green leafy vegetables, fish, she craves sweets, dislikes bitterness, only drinks caramel macchiato, if tea she only takes 'royal milk tea', habitually likes to place a box of biscuits and a warm glass of cuppucino by the side when she works, do not like meat, especially fatty meat but if someone specially pass it to her she will still eat it no matter how much she dislikes it, of course she will not chew it but rather swallows it.

Removing his jacket, bending over and taking away the bottle of wine and drinking glass. She actually drank a whole bottle of Lafite, did she think it was water?

Lightly patting her face,’’An Ran?’’

An Ran moans and frowns, the pouty lips is saying something, her face is reddish because of the wine, she looks so cute like that!

Su Yi Cheng lowers his head and kisses her forehead, then carries her up in a cradle embrace.

Suddenly being suspended in the air, An Ran feels giddy and her frowns deepens, her expression seemingly uncomfortable.

Looking at this, Su Yi Cheng whispers besides her,’’An Ran, do you feel like vomiting?’’ then walks towards the washroom.

An Ran struggles to open her eyes amidst a dizzying fog, her stomach feels as if she has been upended, a sudden rush of warmth surge upwards and reaches her throat in an instant, instinctively she reach up and covers her mouth with her hand, the other hitting on Su Yi Cheng's shoulder, indicating for him to let her down.

Looking at the one in his arms, he knows she's about to throw up and hurries to the washroom.

Just as they are about to reach the washroom, there's a sudden surge from her stomach and the whole thing just wahhhhhh! thrown out, in an instant, both of their chest area were soak and envelop with the smell of wine.

The only lucky thing is An Ran did not eat much and what was vomitted was just wine.

After throwing up, An Ran seems awaken from her drunken stupor, unable to react.

Su Yi Cheng looks down, looking at himself, then at An Ran, laughs helplessly.

An Ran Looks at him, expression sorrowful,’’I,I'm so sorry, I....’’

’’Silly.’’ Su Yi Cheng cradles her and places his forehead against hers.’’Why apologize, you did not do it intentionally, I just got back anyways and I haven't wash up yet.’’

An Ran looks over at him, pouting her lips, not sure if she should cry or laugh.

Su Yi Cheng carries her into the washroom and let her sit on the covered toilet bowl then retrieve two sets of clothes from the dresser.

Squatting in front of her, he then carefully begin removing the clothes on her body.

An Ran looks at him, face suddenly reddens, not sure if it is because of the red wine or because of the sensuality of the moment. When his hand reach over to her back to unlock the clasp on her bra, she hurriedly lifts up and hugs herself, looking at him, with her breathing getting hurried, she asks him nervously,’’You, aren't you going out first?’’

Su Yi Cheng looks at her laughingly, reach out pinching her nose,’’You don't feel I should wash up when I'm like this?’’

Although the two are husband and wife, and even though during this period that certain someone's needs for that particular area is not low, actually it's quite high, but to her, looking at each other's naked bodies is still a major step, just thinking about it makes her as red as can be.

’’Then..then you wash first, I'll be next.’’ and starts to get up. But just as she starts to get up her legs gave way, wobbling and she fell into Su Yi Cheng's arms.

Su Yi Cheng reach out and grab hold of her, half sighing,’’An Ran, we are husband and wife, do we have to be so distant?’’

Leaning in his embrace, An Ran is unable to say anything, it's not being distant, it's shyness, it's embarassing.

Letting her go, righting her up,’’Well?’’

An Ran nodded, her face reddens, speaking softly,’’But, but, it just feels so weird, I'm not used to it.’’

Su Yi Cheng laughs, reach out and removes all his clothings. his naked self on display in front of her, An Ran looks at his face, her face seemingly redder than before, her eyes unblinking, deeply afraid to see what should not be seen.

Su Yi Cheng reach over and removes the rest of her clothings, looks at her and gives a gentle smile, slowly bends over and place a kiss on her lips, softly, his scorching yet soft lips lightly lean against hers, only leaning and did not take the next step.

Hands reaching to take her arms that has stiffen due to nervousness, he places them around his neck and his own palms rubs against her smooth silk like skin.

Sticking on her lips, he asks,’’Is this better?’’

An Ran remains quiet, she's so nervous her heart is thumping so hard, she was scolding him inside, Better, how is this better? This is making me more nervous!

Without waiting for her reply, Su Yi Cheng slowly smile and just as An Ran was about to push him away, the hand that was holding her waist tightens so their bodies slap against each other, bonding them tightly together.

’’Wooo...’’An Ran has just made a sound when his lips takes the chance to slide into her mouth, his tongue caressing hers, giving her a heated French kiss.

Su Yi Cheng finally releases her when An Ran almost could not catch her breath, but before she is able to recover, his lips is sealed with hers again and it's even more intense and heated than the first time. Her legs followed his towards the shower, then that warm water pour down on them from above, the water flows from their hair to their face and because they are still kissing, some water sip into their mouths but the two of them did not care about that at all.

An Ran has not idea how she manage to wash up, because by the time the real washing up started, she is already tired out and immobilised.

She woke up groggily, and when she woke up again later she was already in bed, changed, with Su Yi Cheng sitting by her side. Half cradling her in his arms, then reaching over for the sober up tea on the dressing table. Talking softly,’’Come, be a good girl, drink the tea up, or you'll have a hard time tomorrow when you wake up.’’

An Ran is still groggy and not awake but just hearing about the tea causes her to frown and tighten her mouth, shaking her head. She really dislikes bitterness, and will rather have a bad headache than taste the bitter tea.

Looking at such a childish side of her, Su Yi Cheng really feels like laughing yet is exasperated, but he can only use methods to coax children to coax her, places the tea by her mouth,’’It's not bitter, for real, I added sugar.’’

Hearing this, An Ran slightly open her eyes, looking at him, as if ascertaining if he is telling the truth. After a while, finally opens her mouth and Su Yi Cheng carefully feeds her the tea with a spoon.

Once the tea has been finish, as An Ran is seriously tired and sleepy, she turns over and falls asleep again.

Su Yi Cheng lightly laughs, reach over to removes the hair that's covering her eyes, then covers her up with the blanket and takes the bowl out the door.

Placing the bowl in the washer, he washes some rice and turns on the cooker, setting it to porridge. Only after this does he returns to the room and gets on the bed from opposite her side, lay besides her, pass an arm around her neck, letting her sleep on his arm, the other arm wraps around her, pulling her into his embrace, helping her to adjust to a comfortable position.

An Ran stirs, mouth mumbling,’’It's not sweet.’’

Su Yi Cheng paused and only then realize she was referring to the sober up tea she just had and found it amusing. Softly whispering in her ears,’’Silly’’ then fell asleep with her in his arms.

An Ran was awaken by her growling tummy, even if her eyelids are fighting to stay close but with a growling tummy she's unable to stay sleeping.

She opens her eyes one by one, only to see an enlarge handsome face in front of her, eyes closed, sleeping peacefully as if like a child.

This is the first time since she share the same bed with him that he is still besides her when she wakes up. Normally his habit of having his morning exercise compels him to wake up at 5am, no matter how late he sleeps the previous night. And only after two hours of exercise does he returns for a wash then makes breakfast just in time for her to wake up.

So he has such long eyelashes, it's almost like a girl's, slightly curling upwards, looks gorgeous. She knows he has always been a gentle man, but it's also not hard to discover that his gentle demeanor is a bit too polished and his current sleeping self seems to be without any defenses, that slightly curved lips lets him look like an sweet innocent adorable child.

Reaching out to gently stroke his eyelashes, then following the contour of his nose sliding downwards and finally reaching his lips.

Looking at his lips that cannot be considered thick, she thought of what happen last night because of this pair of lips, he had kissed her till she almost passed out. Thinking of this, she pouted, then as if playing a prank she reach out with her middle finger, touching his lower lips lightly. Just as she was thinking to retract her finger, his mouth open and started biting lightly on her finger, even sucking half a finger into his mouth.

An Ran was shock, and only after realising his moving eyebrows knows that she was tricked!. She pouted, accusing him,’’You dare to pretend to sleep!’’ Such a nasty and vile action!

Su Yi Cheng smile, his eyes curved with more obvious laughter,’’I was already awake, I just did not open my eyes yet.’’ Saying this, he uses his tongue to lick her finger.

An Ran immediately turns bright red, saying in a spoilt voice,’’Let goo~’’

Hearing this, Su Yi Cheng did let her finger go, but the next instant he got up, flip over towards her and gave her a heated and deep morning kiss.

He finally lets go of her after a while, looking at her with laughter in his eyes,’’Good morning.’’

An Ran at this time found it a little hard to catch her breathe,’’Mor.. morning’’

Looking at her shy redden self she looks so adorable, and men are generally more prone to rush behaviour in the morning, at this point, Su Yi Cheng bend over and his hands starts to be improper again.

Seeing this, An Ran grab onto those improper hands, looking at him pleadingly,’’I'm soo hungry...’’

Hearing this, Su Yi Cheng who was burying his head in the nape of her neck, finally gets up, giving a peck on her lips and got out of bed,’’Let's get up, I prepared some porridge yesterday, it should be properly cooked now. You drank too much last night, so it's better to take something light in the morning.’’

An Ran nodded and lightly smiled, her insides feeling warm and snuggly, all due to his considerate self and gentleness.

By the time An Ran finishes washing up and changing clothes, Su Yi Cheng has already placed the porridge on the bartop, there really isn't anything to go with porridge in the fridge but there are some eggs in there so he prepared some scramble eggs as a side dish with the porridge.

An Ran sat on the high chair at the bartop, taking the scoop and chopsticks he brought for her, lightly saying,’’Thanks.’’

Su Yi Cheng only smile, sitting in front of her, having the porridge as well.

’’I'm sorry about last night.’’ An Ran says apologetically.

Putting down the bowl, Su Yi Cheng looks at her seriously, remarks laughingly,’’Don't you feel saying thanks, sorry, sorry to bother you, is unnecessary between us?’’

An Ran paused, then mischievously sticks her tongue out at him.

Su Yi Cheng laughs, picks a piece of egg for her and places it in her bowl, asking,’’So what happen to make you drink so much last night?’’

The eating motion paused, then an exhausted laugh,’’Last night during dinner Cheng Xiang was also there, with that woman, afterwards we had a quarrel, you have no idea how impressive I was last night, pouring wine and slapping people and all that. Now that I think about it, I still find it incredible, later after that I told the whole truth to Lin Li.’’

Su Yi Cheng kept silent, only looking at her.

An Ran raise her head up, a little self deprecating,’’Don't you think I'm very silly, it's not even my business but I'm even more agitated than the person involved.’’

Su Yi Cheng shakes his head,’’Lin Li is very fortunate to have a friend like you.’’

An Ran feels her nose souring, the eyes looking at him starts to turn reddish,’’I'm also very fortunate to have found a friend like her, she always thinks about me, worry about me and because of this I cannot bear to see her get hurt. Actually she is very pure and very simplistic about things, if she loves someone she will love them with all she has, but some people do not know how to treasure this. Because he knows she loves him, he wilfully squanders her feelings. Lin Li is so perfect, so kind, she does not deserve this kind of ending.’’ Tears start flowing from her eyes again.

Su Yi Cheng came around the bar-top from the kitchen, hugging her tightly in his arms, softly caressing her back, softly saying in a soft voice,’’Ok, it's fine now, everything will be better.’’


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