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First Marriage Then Love - Chapter 17


Lin’s heart was black, absolutely black!

Looking at the table of food, Anran constantly cursed in her heart.

Looking at her busily ordering plates after plates of dishes, Anran clenched her purse and asked with a bit of resentment, “Can you finish it all?”

Lin took a look at her eyes, continued with the food fight, and felt quite good. She  said “I’m not the same. I eat for two people, now. Eat more, I am not afraid of digestion.”Then she clip the block of fresh fish into Anran’s bowl, bluntly said “Come on, you can eat too. Here is the best River City steamed small yellow croaker. ”

Anran looked at fish in her bowl. Her heart dripped blood. Her pink heart felt sad, her pink purse also felt sad, her credit card was also very sad!

As the saying goes turn grief into appetite. Thinking it a little later, that she held the money away from her, she put the chopsticks to attack the cuisine on the table.

Just when she was ready to eat, her cell phone rang at this time. it was a song ringtone of unknown musical repertoire. The  melodies had a touch of sadness.

Anran pulled out a cell phone from the bag. It was Su Yi Cheng’s call. Anran saw Lin before she answered. In fact, she did not know what to talk to him, though they were a couple, they were not familiar with each other after all.

“Who? why don’t you answer the phone?”Lin looked at her strangely. She guessed and asked ”Mr. Su?”

Anran nodded, finally pressed the answer button, “Hello.”

“Are you busy now? Did I disturb you? ”Su Yi Cheng asked softly on the other side of phone. He sounded particularly nice.

“No, no. I am eating.”Anran replied truthfully. She wanted to say something, but did not know what to say.

. “Oh,”Su Yi Cheng replied, with a little tired, and said “From this morning till now, I have not eat yet.”the tone seemed like it could win the sympathy of others, with a poor taste.

“Well, how could you not eat, did business trip was busy?”Anran timely cared.

“Ah, busy.”Su Yi Cheng whispered to reply.

Anran did not know what to speak. She was a passive person. To find the topic had never been her strong point. The two was silent for a moment just like this. When Anran thought to open her mouth to hang up the phone, suddenly she saw a beauty with Zhang coming toward here.

Anran stunned. She still spoke to Yi Cheng on the phone.

Manager Zhang led the beauty to the front of them. She carefully looked at Anran. Her mouth displayed a faint smile. Anran thought this straight smile seemed to have seen it, but she could not remember where she had seen it.

“Mrs. Su, this is Youranju owner, Su Zong.”Zhang introduced the beauty.

That beauty looked at her and nodded, her mouth smiled wider after ‘Mrs. Su’, these three words. Her face became more pronounced.

Anran watched the woman, beautiful and tall, fair-skinned, big waves accompanied by insignificant mature hand with a bit playful and cute.

“Anran, Anran?”Su Yi Cheng called over the phone.

Anran regained her consciousness and said. “Uh, in, I am.”

“Are you out?”asked Su Yi Cheng. He had just heard Zhang voice.

“Ah, I and Lin are eating in Youranju.”Anran said truthfully.

“Ah, well, you put the phone to Yi Jiao.”

“Yi Jiao? Who is Yi Jiao?”Anran did not understand, who was Yi Jiao, wasn’t she just said it clearly that she and Lin had lunch, ah!

“Sister-in-law, my brother was talking about me. I am Yi Jiao.”The beauty on the side smiled tenderly.

Anran stunned a moment, even on the opposite, Lin also surprised a moment.

“give the phone to her, I’ll say a few words.”Su Yi Cheng said.

Anran stood looking at Su Yi Jiao, did not speak, nodded, simply forgot to Su Yi Cheng existence via telephone. He could not see that she nodded,  so Anran handed the phone over to Su Yi Jiao.

Su Yi Jiao took the blunt, held the phone, said directly, “Brother, are you have clairvoyant or the Goddess of Mercy pinch magic, then I let Zhang took me to sister-in-law’s the table, you know. ”

Under the table, Lin legs kicked Anran. She looked at her, her eyes seemed to ask how it was.

Anran frowned, shook her head. She was now a forehead paste, sleepwalked.

Su Yi Cheng did not know what happened at the other side of the phone there. He said something, only to hear by Su Yi Jiao. She smiled tenderly “Relax, I don’t scare sister-in-law. I had just come, listened to Zhang said that yesterday Huayu Xuan guests are coming today, So I went over to look at. But brother, your married was fast enough. Yesterday, I called back our nagging mother. She said about your marriage. Today, I had to meet sister-in-law. ”

Anran blushed. She did not expect it so soon. Yesterday, she was called a single, but today, she  had stepped into the ranks of the married women, side by side with Lin.

“Well, well, she is my sister-in-law. I would be look at your baby.”Su Yi Jiao said, glanced Anran side, blinked a few times at her playfully.

Anran smiled, somehow felt at loss and little embarrassed.

“Well, you can tell Mum yourself. I’m not a blabbermouth”. Then she nodded her head, then smiled tenderly, handed the phone back to Anran, ” sister-in-law, my brother said he wants to talk sweet nothings with sister in law.”

Anran thin face was red. She took the phone from Yi Jiao hand. “Hey. ”

”Did Yi Jiao scare you? ”Su Yi Cheng’s voice was still nice and moist.

Anran glanced smiling Su Yi Jiao, shook his head, “No, no.”

“She is my sister, also Youranju owner. She heard about you, feel curious, so come to see you. There was no malice.”Su Yi Cheng explained.

“Ah, I know.”She had just heard what Su Yi Jiao said.

“I come back in the evening. I call you, so we can come out to talk. ”Su Yi Cheng said.

“Ah, yes.”Anran nodded. they would have a good conversation.

She hung up the phone, turned to Su Yi Jiao who had not gone. She smiled at Anran and asked ”Sister-in-law, what did my brother told you? what a whisper.”

. “uh, no, no,”Anran heart felt ashame, what private message was, what!

“Well, the two of you don’t need to tell me sweetly.”Su Yi Jiao must’ve said it. Her mouth displayed an ambiguous smile.

“I really did not!”Anran explained, swear guaranteed.

Su Yi Jiao smiled then laughed tenderly, did not speak anymore. She turned around and glanced toward Lin. She nodded at her, then glanced at food on the table, said “sister-in-law, today our kitchen pushed out new dishes. I let them to be served. You try it, okay? ”as she said it, she turned and went into the kitchen.


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