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Finding Glowing Beauty In Books - Chapter 43.1


Chapter 43.1

Chapter 43.1:

Lan Ning shocked by the sales person's words. Such an expensive dress, he said buy just buy it. Isn't Taurus famous for being a miser?

'Why did you pay for me?' she felt that she couldn't keep up to the pace. She sttod still and looked at the guy standing in front of the cash register.

Yan Ru Yu said: 'Is it not appropriate to pay for your girlfriend?'

'But we are not yet!'

Yan Ru Yu smiled and said: 'Sooner or later will be.'

Lan Ning: '.....'

Teacher is always so confident!

'This gentleman, your dress is wrapped up.' The sales person smiled and gave the printed paper bag over to Yan Ru Yu.

'Thank you' Yan Ru Yu then took the bag and turned to Lan Ning. 'Let's go.'

Lan Ning: '......'

She walked out of the clothing store with all sort of feelings behind him. She heard the sales person behind her: 'Thank you for your patronage. Please come again.'

Lan Ning's brow jumped. She finally bought the dress. Such a happy feeling.

Walking in front, Yan Ru Yu suddenly stopped and waited for Lan Ning whom were walking slowly behind him. Seeing her expression of the mix feeling, he hooked his lips and said;'Relax, it is just a dress.'

Lan Ning: '.....'

The value of the dress is half of a year salary. It is not cheap! She doesn't want to owe him so much.

With that thought, she looked up and said to Yan Ru Yu: 'First, let me make it clear that the dress was bought by you. I didn't say I want it. You don't come and ask me for money later.'

Yan Ru Yu smiled and said: 'Rest assured, I would not ask you for money.'

Lan Ning: '......'

No, she suddenly had this feeling of 'you still would want to ask me for money.'

'Since we are here in the mall, let's go and eat something before we go back' proposed Yan Ru Yu. Lan Ning looked around and said: 'But now it is packed with people. There may not necessary be seats available.'

'It's okay. We can still go shopping for for a while.' Yan Ru Yu looked at her from top to bottom. 'Buying the dress, are you still missing a pair of shoes and a bag?'

'Teacher, how you know.... Hu hu...'

Yan Ru Yu accepted the praise very frankly: 'Because I have never stopped learning.'

Lan Ning: '.....'

What did you learn?

The two persons went to visit the shoe shops. Lan Ning don't usually wear high heels but the dress that she had just bought is more suitable to be worn with high-heeled shoes. She thought that the dress is already so expensive, so she should not save on the shoes. She need to compliment it well with high heels.

Because Yan Ru Yu bought the dress for her, her budget was just enough to buy shoes. Taking opportunity of not having to go into the dressing room, Lan Ning did not give him the opportunity to secretly pay. After picking up the shoe and gave it to the sales person, she took out her credit card to make payment.

Yan Ru Yu seeing her holding the holding the newly bought shoes and is very unconvienced when he says: 'You use such a cheap shoe to match the dress?'

Lan Ning: '.....'

Where is it cheap? It is her monthly wages.

She snorted and looked around: 'There are not too many people eating now. Let's just find somewhere to eat.'

Yan Ru Yu frowned at her words: 'If eating is also anything will do, then your life is too casual.'

Lan Ning: '......'

Her life is not aimed at eating only. He thinks thet everyone is like him?

Yan Ru Yu finally picked an Italian Restaurant for dinner. Lan Ning originally wanted to buy him dinner to thank him for the expensive dress. But she never expected that he will select the most expensive restaurant in the mall for dinner.

Lan Ning looked at the menu and gawked at the high price.

She chooses the cheapest items on the menu just like how she was having dinner with Ye Cheng last time. After returning the menu to the waiter, she took a sip from the water gobblet on the table.

Still on the table.

Still reading the menu, Yan Ru Yu looked up and asked: 'Do you want to drink red wine?'

'I don't want to'

'How to have Italian Food without any red wine?'

Lan Ning said: 'You just want to drink the wine. Just drink yourself....'

Yan Ru Yu bowed his head and continued to read the menu. He would have to drive later and could not drink.

He ended up not ordering the red wine and returned the menu to the waiter. Lan Ning took another sip of the plain water and looked at him. 'In fact, I also have driver's license.'

Yan Ru Yu asked her: 'Have you driven on the road before?'

Lan Ning thought carefully: 'Yeah... before taking the road test, the master took me around several times.'

Yan Ru Yu's eyebrows moved: 'Between wine and life, I choose the latter.'

Lan Ning coughed twice: 'You look down on people. I have passed the exams on the first attempt!'

Yan Ru Yu: 'It is your good luck'

Lan Ning: '.....'

She does not want to communicate with him for the time being.


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