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Finding Glowing Beauty In Books - Chapter 42.1


Chapter 42.1

Chapter 42.1:

After the blushing Lan Ning was thoroughly revealed, she finally drove him out. Without putting down the schoolbag Qu Tong asked her: 'What is the situation with Teacher?'

Lan Ning turned to stare at her: 'Why are you asking so much? Is your homework done?'

Qu Tong is stunned and looked at her asking: 'Are you really going to move, sister Lan Ning?'

Lan Ning was stunned and narrowed her eyes: 'You are thinking too much......'


'Ai...' Qu Tong sighed and went to the bedroom while mumbling away. 'Do I want to re-write the rental criteria? This time, the tenant cannot talk about love relationship within the year.'

Lan Ning: '....'

You really have thought too far out! She did not say she want to move!

Lan Ning also returned to her room and took a shower. She sat down in front of the computer. Just going on QQ, she saw a strange avatar blinking away.

It turns out to be one of her university friend, Pan Shu Rong, whom she had not seen for several years.

She opens curiously the message to see the news of Pan Shu Rong with her red wedding invitation. 'Lan Ning, I am getting married! (Shy) Send me your current address and I will send you the invitation card and candy.'

Lan Ning: '....'

During her university days, her relationship with Pan Shu Rong was not good. She could even say that both of them were incompetent. Pan Shu Rong was a very beautiful and recognized beautiful woman in the class. However, when she was in her sophomore year, everyone discovered that Lan Ning was was also very beautiful. So, she was often compared with Pan Shu Rong.

'But you're going to get married sooner or later?' She looked at the other person's data.

In the looks of both of them, Lan Ning score better than Pan Shu Rong. So, her evaluation was a little higher than her. Probably because of this, Pan Shu Rong had a grudge in her heart. The most important thing was that Pan Shu Rong also liked Mu Yuan at that time. As a result, Mu Yuan had choosen Lan Ning instead.

This incident caused Pan Shu Rong to hate Lan Ning for a long time. At that time, Lan Ning was also somewhat uncomfortable. However, now it is time to move on. Come to think of it, it is said that pan Shu Rong's Shu Rong's luck is good. She perfectly evaded the scum.

Lan Ning looked at the wedding invitation on the screen.

She congratulated Pan Shu Rong and sent her address to her. Pan Shu Rong quickly responded to her and reminded her to come attend her wedding.

She made an ok gesture and closed Pan Shu Rong's dialog. The icon for Dai Qing is still blinking at the bottom and Lan Ning slip click to read.

Dai Qing: Lan Ning, did you receive the wedding invitation of Pan Shu Rong yet?

Lan Ning: Received....

Dai Qing: Ah, she really sent it to you. Really not clear of her intention of sending it to you!

Lan Ning: Why do you say that? After all, everyone are old classmate.... (:3’’∠)

Dai Qing: You think ah. The moment you started with Mu Yuan, she hated you she hated you for a long time! Later, when you broke up with Yu Mu Yuan, she definitely knew about it. Now that you are single, but she is getting married! This if not to show off? I could hear her proud laughter across the screen!

Lan Ning: .....

Lan Ning: It was so many years ago.

Dai Qing: Oh, women sometimes have long grudges in the heart

Lan Ning: After all, I had promised her that I would attend

Dai Qing: God bless you (prayer)

Lan Ning: .....

Dai Qing: But then again, she chooses to marry on May 21st is not stupid? Isn't it also a holiday?

Lan Ning: You are aware of it... then how come you are still single?

Dai Qing: I am cutting my friendship with you... (Goodbye)

The icon quickly went dark. Lan Ning quit her QQ


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