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Finding Glowing Beauty In Books - Chapter 28.3


Chapter 28.3:

Ye Cheng threw his coat onto his bed and waved them as if they were flies: ’’Go... go... play your games and watch your xxx’’

His dorm-mate seeing him in such a good mood, sent him whistles and ambiguous smile: ’’I am guessing that you have a date with your bian bian ah?’’

’’Our senior, the editor?’’ The two other dorm-mates suddenly voiced their curiosity, wanting to find out more about the rumors.

Jian Jian pretended to be mysterious: ’’Oh, his editor is our senior sister... She is indeed very beautiful.’’

’’Oh, no wonder he despise all the cute girls from our school. He original like the senior sister ah!’’

’’Oh, the poor girls in school.... they will be sadder ah ~’’

Ye Cheng turned back and smiled at his three dormitory mates: ’’You go ahead and say..... next time, don't come looking for me to help to get their contacts.’’


Dormitory suddenly become silent.

The next morning, Ye Cheng wore the clothes that he has chosen last night. He rushed to Star Park. In front of the door, while waiting for them, from far, he saw Lan Ning walking out of the subway with a girl. They were walking towards him.

Lan Ning is wearing what he last seen in the photo, the bare pink hooded coat with her long dark hair draped over the shoulder. The girl next to him is wearing a dress, walking in a very conspicuous way. Ye Cheng saw them looking over to his side, and waved at them.

Lan Ning pulling Qu Tong came over with a little embarrassed look at Ye Cheng: ’’You have waited for a long time?’’

Ye Cheng smiled: ’’No, I have just arrived.’’

’’Let's go to the flower side first to take photos. In the afternoon, we go and have buffet!’’ Qu Tong excitedly holding Lan Ning's hand, move towards the direction of the sea. Ye Cheng walked next to them. He turned around and asked Lan Ning: ’’Bian Bian, you have been very busy lately?’’

’’Hm. Yes a little. Teacher Xing Xin finalled delivered his manuscript and now working on his book.’’ Lan Ning said and looked at him: ’’While we are on the topic, have you been writing recently ah?’’

Ye Cheng smiled and said: ’’Of course I am. I am very serious.’’

’’That's good.’’

Qu Tong sighed next to them: ’’Really cannot stand you these people. Finally can come out to play but still wanna talk about work.’’

Lan Ning said: ’’Oh, then we don't talk about work. Let's talk about the exam that you will be sitting next month.’’

Qu Tong: ’’..........’’

She stroked her head over to Ye Cheng whom is standing at the other side of Lan Ning: ’’You said, that if you have children with this life, the child should be very pathetic.’’

Ye Cheng froze for a moment, and then bowed his head and laughed. Lan Ning turn red in the face and then shot over to lightly smack Qu Yong's head: ’’During lunch this afternoon, you are not allowed to eat meat!’’

Nonsense child, do not want to study properly, but thinking so much mess!

At the flower sea, Lan Ning found a lot of people who really like a flowers. Qu Tong brought her and Ye Cheng over to take a lot of photo. Close to noon, she then cried hungry and demand to head over for lunch.

Fortunately, they have reserved the table yesterday. If not, do not know what time they will get to eat.

The waiter brought them to their table and then left. Lan Ning went to take the food. Qu Tong and Ye Cheng was sitting at the table. Qu Tong holding a fork in her hand, turned towards the direction of Ye Cheng: ’’Brother, you like our sister, Lan Ning ah?’’

Ye Cheng blinked and said: ’’Yes.’’

Qu Tong laughed twice: ’’Then you do not blame me for coming and being the light bulb. I think that you are very good. I will remember to say a few good words in front of sister Lan Ning for you.’’

Ye Cheng cannot help but laugh: ’’Thank you. I will buy your ice-cream later.’’


’’What are both of you talking about?’’ Lan Ning brought over a bunch of things. Almost could not hold. Ye Cheng quickly stood up and help her to bring them to the table.

’’Hah...’’ Lan Ning took a deep breath. Turning to Ye Cheng and Qu Tong, she said: ’’You also go and get your food.’’

’’Then I go. Both of you enjoy your chat.’’ Qu Tong quickly stood up. As she was leaving, she cast Ye Cheng the comrades-like look.


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