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Favored Intelligent Concubine - Chapter 55


Chapter 55

’’This treasurer, find which of these things are the most valuable, which are the most expensive, you pick some out, and then give me a separate class!’’

’’Yes Yes.’’

The treasurer decided that Lan Qin Yu would definitely be someone important, and while wondering one of the most valuable things was smashed out, and his heart was still calculating how many rebates he could get from it!

Lan Qin Yu was also grasping this kind of psychology. She is sure that he will not take out the ordinary goods and will do his best to help her for his own benefit!

The eyesight of being the treasurer must be much better than that of her layman. These treasures are all very delicate, and she can't see their preciousness...

’’This lady, I have already found out!’’ Just discuss the price!

Lan Qin Yu put down the teacup, oh, the accepting the result.

When she went out of the palace, she roughly counted the number, about 50 pieces, and the shopkeeper picked out one-third of them, carefully placed on the cushion that she purposely brought. Also, the more expensive the gold, the easier it is.

Damage, how can he just put them on the hard table? If anything is broken, he still has to pay for it!

After the time, Mo Yun was completely ignored. Lan Qin Yu actively asked the price of the one-third of the treasurer in the shopkeeper, and also took out the paper and pen that did not know where to get it, using words that no one could understand. I wrote a whole piece of paper in a dense way, the space was not enough so she turned the page and wrote it!

’’Well, that little thing is worth six thousand two? Remember it! And that jade value is ten thousand! My god, astronomical number! This should be well preserved! There are still...’’


She almost remembers it, Qin Yu repeated a bit, added up the total amount converted into digits, then ......

A lot of zeros! There are a lot of zeros behind! !

If you add something that was not taken out because the item is repeated, God! I just love you! This is what you you wear, it's true! When compared to being the princess, she was more pleased to have so much water fishing!

’’Small(I think this is a servant or something?), this is for you to record these things, and then give you the ticket!’’

The treasurer looked flat on the blue feathers and turned to the buddy to take the books, but she was stopped.

’’I have to say I want this?’’

Petrochemical, re-petrochemical.(??)

There were still a few guests who were curious, so they came to join in the fun, but when they heard that they also froze together, and Mo Yun ignored it.

What is this woman doing again? Tossing the treasurer for half a day, into a picking things, and having an estimate. Finally, she gave a sentence: It improper!

The shopkeeper was sweating on his forehead and his face was not good. He was very suspicious of whether he had misunderstood something.

’’That... what did you say?’’ Improper? What a joke!

’’I said, these things - are improper!’’

Lan Qin Yu answered him very seriously, but he was laughing in the heart and was cheated! She just uses just uses the eyesight to accomplish her ulterior motives!

’’Miss, you... don't open this little joke, you, do you want me to pick it up?’’

’’I'm asking you to pick out the most valuable things, but I have to say when? I have it?’’ Qin Yu turned around and asked a small boy, the very honest little boy shook his head,and the treasurer glowered at him.

Something that has no eyesight! Even nodded!

However, Lan Qin Yu is not so selfish, and people have helped themselves so much. It is okay to give some rewards.

Just take two golden leaves from the remaining two-thirds, and take out a green and transparent jade bracelet, touch it back and forth, so this is also a value of 500 two! It's a pity

Now! At the end, I kissed my relatives again(the accessories i think), and this was handed to the treasurer.

’’Hold it, these three things, I take! Others, Xiao Yunyun, help me pack it! I will bring it back later!’’


What is the greater hope, the greater the disappointment? What is stealing chicken without eclipsing rice?

It means now! Originally thought now! Originally thought that with a big business, I can turn a large number of tens of thousands, but in the end I can only earn one hundred and eight thousand! In order to earn more money, I dare not look at the texture of these jewels, and take the best ones out. As a result, I am sure that I am picking the rest of the things, or the little things inside!

Lan Qin Yu carefully put a few papers into the clothes, satisfactorily picked up the packages packed by Mo Yun, and prepared to leave.

The treasurer was still in self-sorrow, and she did not see that she was going to leave. The man still stared at her with an incredulous look. He feathered his eyes and slammed his eyes. ’’These melons don't want money, right?’’

The buddy nodded, and Qin Yu grabbed it with satisfaction. These seeds taste very good! Since you don't want money, take some more.

In addition to Mo Yun, there was a big mouth! The face is full of sorrow, this... who is this! ! !


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