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Fated Marriage - Chapter 12.2


Chapter Twelve (Part 2 of 2)

Over Tu Tu's side, her website went overdrive. Enquiries from her loyal customers asked the same question - 'Shop owner! Why are two zeros suddenly added on the end of all nightwear listings?'

'Sorry, it was a system error. Please select your items, I'll fix all your purchases to their original prices,' Tu Tu replied to her loyal customers.

Tu Tu waited patiently for the biggest fish to take the bait.

But Tu Tu didn't understand why the biggest fish suddenly logged out.

'Unless Qin Song doesn't want Ting Ting to wear those designs...' Tu Tu mumbled. 'Mmm, perhaps Qin Song wanted Ting Ting to wear more erotic designs!'

Tu Tu was inspired. She picked out a model wearing a black sheer strapless bra and underwear bundled with an edible whip. She photo shopped Ting Ting's head onto the model's neck. Tu Tu chuckled to herself and decided to add another zero to nightwear items. It'd teach that kid not to stop Ting Ting from contacting her!


On Qin Song's end his body was still stiff thinking about his 'little country bun' in a skimpy maid outfit. In addition to the spotty red rashes on his face, there was also a bright gleam in his eyes that would have scared Ting Ting whose body was still sore from last night. Ting Ting had to cancel her planned dancing lesson to a finger painting day at her preschool.

Yuan Yi Yi was amused by Qin Song's lusty daze. She waved a hand in front of him. 'Qin Song?'

The stinky witch's fragrance from her wrist made Qin Song sneeze automatically. 'Achoo... sorry.'

Yuan Yi Yi sat back on her chair as if she wasn't offended. She stared at him with a seductive smile. 'Are you allergic to me?'

Qin Song snapped out of his daze and forced a smile. 'Your fragrance is special, it left an impression on me.'

'I don't mind changing it for you.' Yuan Yi Yi said. She passed Qin Song a tissue. 'It's for your loveable red nose.'

Qin Song pretended he didn't hear Yuan Yi Yi's flirty tone. He took the tissue from her and put it on the table. 'Let's get on with business. Your motivation for investing in Qin's company is it because you're interested in Qin's company long term prospects or are you after Liang's company shares?'

'You're more direct than I thought you would be,' Yuan Yi Yi said.

Qin Song had a hard time supressing the image of his wife waiting for him at home in a maid's outfit. But he realised he had to get rid of the stinky witch before he could go home and eat his wife. 'Um, I prefer the direct approach for business. That's why I chose you to invest in Qin's company because of your decisiveness, compared to most of the geezers who'll go back on their word at the eleventh hour. It's what we have in common.'

'You're right, I'm an upfront person. I keep my word. That's why I'm going to ask you a direct question...' Yuan Yi Yi said. 'If I told you I don't want any of the incentives written on the investment proposal nor do I need any compensation for any breach term or condition... all I need between us is a mutual understanding, would you be up for it?'

The stinky witch didn't break eye contact with Qin Song and her implied tone was like she was suggesting 'let's have coffee' to him than discussing business. If he didn't need the stinky witch's cooperation then he wouldn't have minded throwing his cold fragrant coffee onto her white dress. Yuan Yi Yi could never look appealing in white as Ting Ting did in the white dress she wore for his thirtieth birthday banquet.

'Your offer is more direct than I thought you would be,' Qin Song said. He lifted his left hand and pointed to the ring on his ring finger and smiled gently as he thought of Ting Ting. 'I love my wife, she's the best thing in my life.'

Yuan Yi Yi's seductive smile didn't disappear. Her eyes showed Qin Song that 'I like these pair of high heels very much, I want to buy it and take it home to try them on.'

'You're such a romantic,' Yuan Yi Yi said and laughed softly. 'But I was talking about our long term relationship after you have Qin's company nailed under your thumb. What has that got to do with anything about how much you love your wife?'

Qin Song assessed the seriousness of Yuan Yi Yi's expression, he wasn't convinced.

Qin Song had his childish moments but he was blessed with perfect eye sight and intuition. That was why one look at Ting Ting and he knew he found his fated love. It wasn't hard for him to guess Yuan Yi Yi's ulterior motive, whether it was unintentional or deliberate, she was testing the waters to see how he'd react.

Qin Song was silent for a while. 'Miss Yuan, let's talk about more amusing business.'

'What?' Yuan Yi Yi asked.

It was the second time today and in Yuan Yi Yi's life that a man's answer left her confused.

Qin Song's attitude wasn't within Yuan Yi Yi's expectations. She had planned two responses. One response ready for if he reprimanded her for implying a shady relationship between them and the second response ready for if he asked her to elaborate. Instead he acted like he never heard her suggest anything and continued to smile politely at her.

'Ok, let's talk business,' Qin Song said.

Yuan Yi Yi still found the spotty red rashes on Qin Song's young face loveable but she didn't dare to continue to tease him. She recovered her composure and seriously focused on business.

Yuan Yi Yi was mesmerized by Qin Song's intelligence and youthful appeal but her intuition said that it'd be impossible for her to play with him.


At night Han Ting Ting rubbed soothing cream on Song Song's face but she was suspicious his spotty red rashes didn't disappear as quickly as his doctor said it would.

'Song Song, your face swelled up a bit more,' Han Ting Ting whispered.

She gently rubbed another layer of cream on his face and felt a little depressed.

Qin Song hugged Ting Ting's waist and his hands shamelessly caressed her body. 'I was in the same place with the special fragrance the whole day, I nearly suffocated and fainted today from holding in my breath too long.'

Song Song was using a sulky tone but Han Ting Ting wasn't in a happy mood to console him. 'Was it a female client? She wore heavy perfume?'

'It wasn't heavy. It was a special fragrance and she was a special person too,' Qin Song said.

Qin Song meant special as in a special nuisance! He couldn't wait until the stinky witch flew on her broomstick, far away from his nose.

Qin Song lifted his head for Ting Ting to rub another layer of cream on his face. He closed his eyes and enjoyed her cool touch. In his heart he could see his wife's gentle look as she rubbed the cream on him. He didn't have room to think deeply about what she was asking and answered her questions carelessly.

'Um,' Han Ting Ting whispered.

A special female client? Han Ting Ting finish rubbing the cream on Song Song's face and he locked himself in his study room to work. He'd been busy with work lately, most nights he barely touched his dinner or slept. She understood it was a critical period in his career and never resented him for neglecting her for work. But after she heard him admit that he had a special female client, her heart was no longer at peace.


Han Ting Ting hugged Putt Putt on hers and Song Song's bed, but lately she'd been the only one sleeping on it. She used her coral pink phone to talk to Tu Tu online through QQ to ask for Tu Tu's opinion.

Tu Tu Is Not Mao Mao: 'Your husband, Mr Wild Boar Head can be childish, hard to please, has a bad temper but he wouldn't dare cheat on you! He's not new to the business world, there's no new temptation out there that he hadn't seen and tried before he met you. He'd been successful for many years without letting any woman steer him in the wrong direction. Now he's married to you, he loves you and wouldn't do anything to risk losing you. He'd need to be a real Wild Boar Head before he's interested in some hussy who'd never be half your worth!'

Ting Bao Most Obedient: 'But he said with his own mouth that his female client is special.'

Tu Tu Is Not Mao Mao: 'In this world each person is special, there's no such thing as one person being more special than another person. If the client isn't male then it's a female, to what extent can the client possibly be special?'

Ting Bao Most Obedient: 'When his doctor asked him why he had an allergic reaction, he said that it was caused by a fragrance a female client wore. Today I saw that his face swelled more and asked him why. He said that for the whole day he was with the same female client that wore a fragrance to make his face swell more. He knows he's allergic to her fragrance then why would he still be close enough to her to make his face swell more? And it was for the whole day!'

Tu Tu Is Not Mao Mao: 'How hateful!'

Ting Bao Most Obedient: 'That female client made Qin Song allergic but he even praised her that she was special. They must have a good close relationship!'

Tu Tu Is Not Mao Mao: 'I'm still not convinced he's having seconds on the sly. You caused him to swallow a mouthful of cotton threads, his face swelled like a pig's head but he still loves you like crazy.'

Ting Bao Most Obedient: 'You don't understand his nature. He treats his family with sincerity and love. But he treats outsiders with a cold indifference.'

Tu Tu Is Not Mao Mao: 'Your husband, Mr Wild Boar Head like I said is childish, hard to please and has a bad temper. He couldn't be any more transparent. He wouldn't even dream of cheating on you in his sleep!'

Ting Bao Most Obedient: 'I'm frustrated and unhappy!'

Tu Tu Is Not Mao Mao: 'I have the best solution to make your frustrations and unhappiness fly out the window. Just choose between set 1, 2 or 3. Hurry up and buy a set, guaranteed instant relief after one night putting it to good use!'

Ting Bao Most Obedient: 'Um, Mao Mao, you really have heavy taste!'

Tu Tu Is Not Mao Mao: '(View flipped table CGI) How many times have I told you, you're not allowed to call me Mao Mao anymore!'

Tu Tu Is Not Mao Mao: 'XXOO is the best way for you to see how much he loves you, if you're not at peace about where his heart lies then choose a set to test him. I'm not asking you to parade yourself in it out in public so you don't have to worry. Besides, he's seen all of you, even if you're missing a bit of fabric here and there it wouldn't matter.'

Ting Bao Most Obedient: 'Will it work?'

Tu Tu Is Not Mao Mao: 'Why wouldn't it work?'

Ting Bao Most Obedient: 'Ok!'


The day Tu Tu's parcel arrived, Han Ting Ting was eating dinner with Qin Yun and Zhang Yu. When she received a phone call from a service clerk of an express delivery service, she was excited, embarrassed and happy all at once knowing Tu Tu's parcel was here.

'Ting Ting,' Zhang Yu called. She was curious why her daughter-in-law was blushing. 'What's wrong?'

'Nothing... Nothing...' Han Ting Ting denied and bit her lip. 'I feel a little hot.'

Han Ting Ting felt dizzy looking at the three different sets and asked Tu Tu to choose a set for her... She hoped it wasn't the sheer black set.

'Where don't you feel well? I'll call Song Song home,' Qin Yun said slowly.

After Qin Yun's second surgery his health was still dipping and it took a lot of energy to speak fast.

'Dad I'm ok. I'm not uncomfortable,' Han Ting Ting said and put down her chopsticks. 'Tonight Song Song has a work banquet. He said he'd be home late. Don't call him, I'll drive home myself.'

Qin Yun laughed softly. 'Zhang Yu, look at our daughter-in-law, she's faring better than you did at her age. In the past we don't even need to mention work banquets, I just need to work overtime or come home a little late, you'll pretend to be sick to scare me.'

Han Ting Ting saw Song Song's parents give secret loving glances. She could see that Qin Yun loved Zhang Yu and prioritized Zhang Yu over work. Zhang Yu was pretending to glare back at Qin Yun but he only had a look of someone who doted on Zhang Yu.

Han Ting Ting was frustrated to see Song Song's parents were deeply in love unlike her who was neglected by her husband. She quickly said farewell and went home.

Han Ting Ting picked up the parcel on the way home and couldn't stop from taking a peek. She was relieved it wasn't the sheer black set.

The moment Han Ting Ting opened the parcel, a sweet gentle aroma filled the car. It was the school set and a pink note was included in the parcel.

'My precious friend, I looked at the three sets and thought this set suits you, hopes your husband, Mr Wild Boar Head will love it. P.S. I had the dry cleaners wash, dry and iron it for you. As long as its use for its correct purpose, there shouldn't be an allergic reaction like last time,' Tu Tu wrote on the note.

Han Ting Ting thought having a best friend that sold an assortment of goods like nightwear was a good thing. She felt cheered up. She took out the school set, it was a school uniform that consisted of a white V-neck crop top with one button in the middle of the chest and a blue short pleated skirt. She asked herself if an ordinary girl like her wore it if it would have the same effect as a model with long legs wearing it... she was happy to delude herself.

Han Ting Ting shyly walked inside her house with Tu Tu's parcel and was surprised to see Song Song was home early. She didn't have time to be happy when her heart squeezed... a fancy pair of heels that didn't belong to her laid on top of Song Song's leather shoes. She could tell the way the shoes leaned on each other that their owners were in a rush to go inside.

Han Ting Ting froze on the spot and quietly cried.

In that moment Qin Song was walking downstairs and he wore home clothes. He was in a comfortable good mood after a shower and his hair was still wet.

'Honey, you're home early,' Qin Song said. Then he noticed Ting Ting crying like the sky had fallen. 'Why are you crying?'

Qin Song was shocked to see Ting Ting crying so much. He rushed to her side and held her face to see if she was injured anywhere. 'What happened? Did my parents say something to you?'

Han Ting Ting pushed Qin Song's hands away from her face. She took two steps back and kicked the heels to him. She cried and stared accusingly at him at the same time.

'Qin Song!' Yuan Yi Yi called.

Han Ting Ting saw a woman stepped out of the bedroom downstairs reserved for guests. The woman's hair was wet and flowed freely to her slim waist, she wore a white towel around her body and walked comfortably toward Qin Song. Han Ting Ting was scared and devastated but the woman smiled an intoxicating smile, it made Han Ting Ting's whole body shake with disgust.

Qin Song took a deep breath. He hugged Ting Ting who was going to run out the door if he didn't hold her tight. Then he looked over at the stinky witch. 'What game are you playing? This is my wife!'

Yuan Yi Yi shrugged her shoulders but it looked like a beautiful butterfly flapping its wings. 'I wanted to ask if I could borrow one of your wives' outfits to wear temporarily.'

Qin Song grabbed the outfit Ting Ting held and threw it at the stinky witch.

Yuan Yi Yi stretched out a long white jade arm and caught the outfit. Yuan Yi Yi turned to Qin Song's little wife who he was protecting inside his chest and Yuan Yi Yi gave the little wife a sly smile. 'I'll head to the room first.'

The stinky witch walked to the guest room and closed the door.

Qin Song quickly explained to Ting Ting. 'I'm innocent. I don't have anything shady to do with her. If I did have even the slightest bad intention about her I'll die a painful death, I won't have a proper burial and I can't rest in peace.'

Han Ting Ting was frustrated she couldn't push Qin Song away from her. 'Let me go!'

'If I let you go, you won't run off?' Qin Song asked.

Qin Song was tired from the long day. He loosened his hold around Ting Ting. Unexpectedly she turned around to run off to the bedroom. He pulled her back and hugged her tight.

'Honey, listen to my explanation first,' Qin Song said.

Han Ting Ting's heart was on fire... her school set!

'She's a potential new investor. After the banquet there was a freak storm and we were both drenched. She didn't have a car. I couldn't leave someone in the rain and get sick. I had no choice but to take her back here for her assistant to come get her. I showered upstairs, nothing happened!' Qin Song explained. 'Honey, you have to believe me, it's the truth.'

Han Ting Ting stopped crying. 'She's your special female client, right? The same woman that wears the fragrance that makes you sneeze?'

'Um,' Qin Song admitted. 'I said special as in a special nuisance! Look at what she's done to my face.' He put Ting Ting's hand on his face and looked at her pitifully. 'My face can only have an allergic reaction because of my wife. Honey, I'll buy you a cat. Whenever you're angry at me use the cat's fur to blow it onto my nose. You can punish me anytime.'

Han Ting Ting struggled to get out of Qin Song's hold. 'Let me go make ginger tea for both of you.'

'My wife's the best! Give me a welcome home kiss,' Qin Song said. He held Ting Ting's face and kissed her deeply. 'Honey, your show of jealousy is loveable! Feel my heart, it's pounding for you.'

Yuan Yi Yi popped her head out of the guest room. She laughed at the amusing Qin Song and his little wife's reunion scene. 'Sorry for interrupting... my assistant is here to pick me up.'

Qin Song lifted Ting Ting slightly off the floor and moved to the side to make room for the stinky witch to leave, the sooner she left the better.

But the moment the stinky witch stepped out, Qin Song was shocked.

The stinky witch's blue skirt reached to her bottom, she was about one point seven metres so her long legs stood out. It would have made a lot of people drool. The white V-neck crop top with only one button in the middle, showed off more cleavage than it hid... it was an eye opener for Qin Song who've never seen another half-naked woman after meeting Ting Ting.

Yuan Yi Yi pretended she felt comfortable in such a revealing white V-neck crop top. She felt it was a loveable school outfit but the style didn't suit her. She adjusted the white top to hide her practically opened chest. She smiled at Qin Song's little wife. 'It's nice to meet you, I'm Yuan Yi Yi.'

'Um,' Han Ting Ting said.

Han Ting Ting didn't think there was anything nice about meeting Yuan Yi Yi whilst Yuan Yi Yi wore her school set!

Yuan Yi Yi felt it was more like she heard about Qin Song's little wife long ago and it didn't feel like a first meeting.

Han Ting Ting wanted to hurry up and faint. 'Hello, I'm Han Ting Ting.'

Yuan Yi Yi stopped herself from smiling a secret smile. 'I know.'

Yuan Yi Yi's phone rang and it was her assistant. 'I'll take my leave. Thank you for letting me borrow your clothes.' She winked at Han Ting Ting. 'I love it!'

'Ahem...' Qin Song coughed to stop himself from laughing.

Han Ting Ting wanted to go lock herself in the bedroom, she didn't want to see another person for the rest of her life.

Qin Song saw Ting Ting took one step, he held her back by the waist and laughed. 'Where are you going, my little student?'

Han Ting Ting struggled to escape. 'I want to go make you ginger tea.'

'Honey, do you really think I need to drink ginger tea?' Qin Song whispered. He hugged Ting Ting's waist from behind. He nibbled her earlobe. 'My whole body is hot. My Ting Bao, are you hot too?'

'Um, hot,' Han Ting Ting admitted.

'My Ting Bao is good,' Qin Song whispered.

Qin Song kissed Ting Ting's neck and shoulder. She muffled a moan.

'My Ting Bao is a good student and a good student deserves to be rewarded, right?' Qin Song whispered.

Qin Song glided his fingers from Ting Ting's waist to her collar bone. It took little effort from him before the sound of her clothes ripping was heard.

Han Ting Ting thought Song Song was driven crazy!

Han Ting Ting wanted to cry out for mercy. The Song Song behind her back had gone crazy! He pushed her onto the sofa and she wanted her refund back. She wasn't the one who wore the school uniform! Tu Tu that scam artist!


'Mr Qin junior, we've got the evidence,' Qin Song's assistant said.

'Go ahead,' Qin Song said.

Qin Song went into the kitchen to get a glass of apple juice. He slowly drank sip by sip whilst taking the call. But he was distracted by his desire to exercise with Ting Ting again tonight, she made his heart bloom, his head cleared and his whole body refreshed.

'It happened as you anticipated. Someone attempted to block your exit from the venue today. But I haven't found out who leaked your schedule,' Qin Song's assistant said.

'No need to investigate. They won't gunning for me. They probably didn't know I was going to be there otherwise they wouldn't dare to make a move. It's more likely they wanted to give Yuan Yi Yi a scare so she wouldn't have anything to do with me,' Qin Song said. He saw the warm lighting in the living room whilst he stood in the shadowed corner of the kitchen. 'But I think whoever is behind it is scared that I'm living a long and prosperous life.'

'It was lucky you were there or Miss Yuan would have been injured,' Qin Song's assistant said.

Qin Song hung up the phone. His uncles were bumbling old fools. Did they really think little cat and mouse tactics would make the stinky witch scared? Unfortunately for them the stinky witch wasn't weak as she made herself appear on the outside. He smiled coldly, his foolish uncles dared to mess with the stinky witch. The stinky witch was going to make them pay double that it'd be difficult for his uncles to live comfortable lives in the future.

If Qin Song had no blood relations with his uncles, he wouldn't hesitate to deal with them one by one. But since they made another bad judgement, that person secretly backing the stinky witch wasn't going to go easy on them. Unlike him that person wasn't sympathetic or good natured. He wanted to get the tender over and done with. Then he'd kick his uncles out of Qin's company and give them a chance to live a peaceful retired life.

That person... Qin Song had mixed thoughts about that person, he didn't know whether to thank or curse that person.


It was the middle of the night. Qin Song had enough of planning his next moves. He went into the living room and sat beside Ting Ting who was sleeping deeply. He gently rubbed her cheeks.

'Um,' Han Ting Ting murmured.

No matter how deep Han Ting Ting slept, one touch from Song Song and it'd make her body alert. She opened her eyes and saw his face. She looked at him lovingly.

One gentle look from Ting Ting and Qin Song forgot everything that gave him a headache. He laid on the sofa and hugged her. He pinched her cheek. 'Why did you wake up? Do you want more?'

The 'little country bun' resting against Qin Song's chest nodded her head.

Qin Song was elated, he wiped away Ting Ting's sweaty and messy hair strands from her face. He lifted her chin and kissed her hard. 'Did you find it refreshing tonight?'

Han Ting Ting pressed her embarrassed face on his chest and bit his chest. Song Song teased her and cried out in pain. 'Song Song, are you happy?'

'Um,' Qin Song admitted. Tonight's meat session aimed straight at his heart. His lips pressed to her ear. 'But it was because I was loving you that made me happy. If it was someone else nothing would have happened and I would have kicked them out the door.'

Han Ting Ting didn't say anything else. She hugged Song Song's waist.

'Honey, what made me react was your intention not the outfit. I just need to think about you thinking of different ways to seduce me and I'd be ready to explode,' Qin Song said. In the tranquil living room he kissed Ting Ting and whispered many things in her ear to reassure her. 'My Ting Bao is good. In the future, my Ting Bao has to be good each day and night.'

The lights were turned off and Han Ting Ting had to undergo advanced lessons throughout the night. She quietly sent a heartfelt apology to her little students, because she'd have to reschedule the next morning's dancing lesson for another day.


End of Chapter Twelve (Part 2 of 2)


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