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Fanatic Martial God - Chapter 9


Chapter 9 - Arriving at Qing Sui Town

MTL'd by Ilesyt and Epic Legend

Xiao Chen practiced with every effort every single day, his soul power had slowly but surely been nurtured to its best capability. However, Xiao Chen was not good in alchemy, after all, he did not have a good understanding of herbs.

In alchemy, the most basic thing is to understand the effectiveness of a variety of herbs, and now, in Ba Hun's storage ring, the herbs were just ordinary herbs. There were no precious herbs here, Xiao Chen had to understand it on his own.

’’I have been practicing for more than ten days, and now with my soul power, I should be able to refine a pill, but not right now, there are no herbs to refine a pill!’’ Xiao Chen laughed joyfully.

He had only been practicing for over ten days, and yet he had enough soul power to refine a grade one pill. If the alchemist in the Tian Yue mainland knew about that, how would they react?

Sould power was more difficult to cultivate than zhen yuan, and Xiao Chen only practiced for over ten days. It would absolutely shock the alchemy masters.

Xiao Chen looked at himself, because of his arduous practice, his clothes were in tatters. He couldn't help but smile, ’’My clothes are torn, I can't wear my shoes either. I look so pitiful.’’

Although there was some distress, Xiao Chen was very happy, very happy indeed. Now why wouldn't he be? He had been practicing for ten months, in that time, he not only achieved early Xindong stage, he has also become a grade one alchemist master!

’’I definitely don't want to go back to Romantic City, better to go to Tian Du. I have been practicing for almost a year, I have always been practicing and I don't have any fighting experience. Even if I improve my cultivation further, it would be useless.’’ Said Xiao Chen. He wanted to leave before, but did not expect to find the alchemy techniques, so thus continued for another half a month.

Although cultivation is important, but fighting experience is more important. Xiao Chen had never ever been in a battle before. The most was seeing the disciples of the Immortal Dao Sect spar in the past.

’’Goodbye, thank you for accompanying me for almost a year!’’ Xiao Chen smiled while standing in front of the cave for a while, and then he turned into a different direction.

Xiao Chen has no money, so he thought carefully on how to reach the destination. A carriage is too expensive for him. So, he decided to just go on foot, as that will also serve as practice. But the path was very long.

Since his marrow had been cleansed, Xiao Chen never felt tired. Since the morning he would practice the sword and then cultivate at evening, this super physique was quite shocking to Xiao Chen.

After leaving the cave, Xiao Chen travelled swiftly over the mountains, like a monkey jumping across trees. In the blink of an eye, he was gone.

An hour later, let alone a few mountains, Xiao Chen crossed over several mountains. The steep mountainside was for him like the even plains.

Xiao Chen happily chuckled as he ran, ’’I am now much stronger than before, after such heavy physical excertions, I still do not feel tired. This feeling of strength is amazing, no wonder the disciples of the Immortal Dao Sect were so happy when they made a breakthrough!’’

After another hour, Xiao Chen arrived at a small town, called Qing Sui Town. It was the only road leading to Tian Du.

Xiao Chen was barefooted, and was wearing dirty and ragged clothes. He looked like a beggar, attracting the attention of cultivators.

’’Ah! Who is this beggar?’’ A cultivator was looking at Xiao Chen quite strangely.

’’Ah! Is this a child? I haven't seen him before in the town. Quite a nice face too.’’

’’He is barefooted and is carrying a sword! Strange, how can I not see his cultivation?’’

’’He has good eyes, and the behaviour is very calm.’’

Xiao Chen was quite annoyed because of these weird looks, but he became happy once he saw that these strange eyes did not contain ridicule or disdain.

’’I do not have any money on me.’’ Xiao Chen whispered. ’’It seems I can only sell some of the herbs senior Ba Hun gave me. If I keep going around dressed like this, I will definitely look like a joke in the others' eyes.’’

Xiao Chen asked around and then arrived at the town's the pawn shops.

The shops had many people, some were in the middle of a transaction, while other were thinking.

Xiao Chen exchanged for a crystal stone and bought clothes with it. He dressed himself up like the gods.

He was dressed in a white shirt, a neat long hair shawl, delicate eyebrows, and on his tender face hung a trace of laughter. Compared with his original look, it was like a completely different person. Plus, he was carrying a sword, making it look like he had a lot of power and prestige. Just walking in the streets, no one could see that he was the ragged boy from before.

After having a big meal, he intended to leave the town, swiftly continuing of for the day.

Although there are cultivators in the town, their cultivation was very weak. The town was just a temporary place to stay.

Tian Du is different, the masters there are like clouds, and there those more powerful than the Yang Family. And you can get experience with not just the cultivators, because not far away from Tian Du, there is the Demonic Beast Mountains.

Demonic Beast Mountains, as the name suggests, there are a variety of demonic beasts in the mountain range. Cultivators from Tian Du go there to gain experience.

Tian Du is quite far away from Romantic City, but Xiao Chen had heard about the Demonic Beast Mountains from legends, and this is why he wanted to go to Tian Du. That is, to gain experience, in order to enhance his cultivation only through constant fighting. In order to continue to breaking through his own limits, but also absorb the rich experience of fighting!

Leaving a low-grade crystal, Xiao dust left.

Satiated and full of spirit, he left Qing Sui Town, and entered a dense forest with a cool breeze blowing. Xiao Chen was more than a bit happy.

’’Hey boss, there is a little devil in the woods!’’ In the woods, a burly man spoke while pointing at the joyful Xiao Chen.

’’Hey, this is a wealthy one, and only a little devil, you guys get your own.’’ Instantly, a wretched smile surfaced on the face of that boss, his eyes flashing a vicious color.

The happy Xiao Chen also saw those few burldy men. Seeing their eyes, he knew these weren't good men, but Xiao Chen did not worry.

’’Little devil, leave the silver and crystal stones on your body and back off, or leave your arm.’’ A burly man shouted, his sharp tiger eyes staring fiercely at Xiao Chen, with a look that seemed to want to eat people.


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