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Fanatic Martial God - Chapter 6


Chapter 6 - Advancing by leaps and bounds

Translated by Sunyancai

Xiao Chen, cultivating deep inside the forest, found that all the Spirit Qi from heaven and earth converged into the cave. Also, he was cultivating at an extremely astonishing speed. If anyone were to witness this scene, their jaw would drop open from shock.

Xiao Chen, having his marrow cleansed by the divine blood, went without entering the Foundation Building stage, directly into the Shade Spinning stage, and was now rushing to the mid level of this stage.

The cultivation levels in Sky Moon Continent are divided into twelve different stages, which are: Zhuji stage, Xuanzhao stage, Ronghe stage, Xindong stage, Bigu stage, Jindan stage, Yuanying stage, Chuqiao stage, Fenshen stage, Heti stage, Dujie stage, Dacheng stage. Each stage was further divided into three grades: early, mid and late.

Now, Xiao Chen's cultivation was pretty low. He was in early Xuanzhao stage without any combat experience. Any random guy could easily kill him.

Xiao Chen knew that quite well. So now his first priority was to improve his cultivation. The cultivation stage was the most important, and then it came to the skills, which were also referred to as the martial skills.

The Immortal Dao Sect was destroyed, and Xiao Chen went missing right after that. No one in Romantic City knew about Xiao Chen being alive, and absolutely no one knew that he was no longer a waste. Here, where there was nobody around, he could completely relax and cultivate without worry.

Certainly, Xiao Chen did not cultivate recklessly. After he had cultivated the Vital Spirit, he started practicing the fists he learnt in the Immortal Dao Sect.

After three days cultivating, Xiao Chen would spend one day practicing the fists he learnt in the Immortal Dao Sect. Combined with the Vital Spirit, every single strike was filled with powerful strength and it was imposingly stunning.

Xiao Chen's cultivation had not reached the Bigu stage yet, so it was quite normal that he constantly felt hungry. But in order to keep on cultivation, Xiao Chen would just eat raw plants, flowers, grass and bark of trees. With those things stuffed in his stomach, Xiao Chen kept cultivating for days and didn't stop even once. His cultivation was fanatical as if he had already fallen in love with cultivating.

As time went by, Xiao Chen's cultivation progress advanced by leaps and bounds. He became faster and faster, and now he could leap through the big trees inside the forest freely at his will, like monkeys. He could vanish in the forest with just a few leaps. It was a shocking progress!

’’It feels so good to be stronger! After only a month, I have broken through two grades in a row and achieved late Xuanzhao stage! I myself can hardly believe this astonishing speed of progress! It feels like I am now a whole new person, and the cultivation arts passed on by master Bahun are really fierce!’’ Xiao Chen was thrilled, and his laughter filled the forest as he moved through the trees swiftly.

His cultivation arrived from early to late Xuanzhao stage in just half a month, which was a several times faster than the others! He was not the him of before anymore, and the vast difference was immeasurable.

’’Xiao Kui has been cultivating since childhood, so up to now he has been cultivating for over eleven years. Look at him now, he is only in Ronghe stage. The strongest person in Xiao Family is father, and he is in the mid Bigu stage. I heard that someone in Yang Family is now in the Jindan stage! They have been cultivating for decades, while now, I am in the late Xuanzhao stage after only half a month's cultivation! I believe that I can surpass them soon enough! For those in Xiao family who underestimated me, you shall wait and see. For people of Yang Family, who insulted me in the past, you shall wait and see. I, Xiao Chen, will never be weaker than any one of you!’’ When becoming strong and powerful, Xiao Chen became a little arrogant himself.

Thinking about those who had mocked him, bullied him and insulted him, he felt intense hatred in his heart. The feeling was the same for those mysterious guys who had destroyed the Immortal Dao Sect. A heart of vengeance made Xiao Chen yearn for even more powerful strength, and the desire of vengeance was the motivation of his cultivation.

’’Hoh! Hah!’’

Xiao Chen's loud and clear roars were echoing in the forest, as he jumped fast with his agile body. He had performed every movement of the fists of the Immortal Dao Sect incisively and thoroughly. Don't let his little figure fool you, the explosive strength of those fists was like that of a ferocious tiger.

Time went by as Xiao Chen cultivated madly. In the twinkling of an eye, Xiao Chen had been cultivating in the cave for nearly half a year. After half a year's penance, Xiao Chen had reached mid Ronghe stage. His large progress was a hard act to follow.

’’Mid Ronghe stage. Now, I should be able to defeat Xiao Kui. After only half a year, I have made such progress in cultivation...’’ Xiao Chen smiled with all his heart. Even though he was still not powerful enough, he was gratified that finally his efforts paid off. It was a hundred times better than in the past, when all his efforts were in vain!

Now since he had achieved something in cultivation, Xiao Chen began to pay attention to the Ancient Chaos Sword Art. Although he had not practiced the Ancient Chaos Sword Art in over half a year, he had swung the ancient sword for quite a few times. With the company of the sword, he did not feel lonely at all. Instead, he enjoyed the quiet environment very much.

’’Given that I am now in the mid Ronghe stage, it should not be so difficult for me to practice the Ancient Chaos Sword Art. Even though I have Vital Spirit now, I know nothing aside from the fists I learnt from Immortal Dao Sect. Also, there are fighting techniques. Cultivation techniques and fighting techniques are both very important during a combat!’’ Xiao Chen whispered to himself, and he thought about the times when disciples in the Immortal Dao Sect were contesting with each other. The cultivation and fighting techniques they performed were absolutely crucial in defeating the opponent.

Thinking about that, Xiao Chen returned to the cave. He took out the powerful Ancient Chaos Sword Art and began to read it carefully.

Although he had no experience in sword arts, Shao Xuan believed that as long as he tried hard, he would definitely succeed with his talent now. He has to spend more time than others in cultivating, so he can catch up with the others.

’’The Ancient Chaos Sword Art! Its movements vary a lot and could reach the peak of perfection! When one achieves the highest level, the power of his sword would be able to tear apart heaven and earth, and change their colors! It could be divided into three major movements. The first one, Skybreak! The second one, Shadowless! The third one, Chaos Fury!’’

Xiao Chen read on the information on the Ancient Chaos Sword Art carefully. The more he read it, the more excited he became. The names of the movements were already powerful, so the power it could let out must be more dreadful after he mastered them!

Xiao Chen said excitedly, ’’Such powerful sword art! Although I cannot practice the first movement with my ability yet, I could always work on the normal movements! At least I would know something more than the fists I learnt before!’’

Speaking of that, Xiao Chen was desperate to start practicing. He pulled out the ancient sword from his back, and began to act according to the instructions in the Ancient Chaos Sword Art. His movements were slow and strange, but Xiao Chen had no intention of giving up.

Time went by, in order to master different movements in the Ancient Chaos Sword Art, Xiao Chen spent seven days and seven nights to practice, nonstop. Finally, he became more and more proficient, and the speed of his swinging the sword was faster than ever. There was something starting to form in his movements.

’’It's fine. Although I do not understand the essence yet, I am quite proficient in the movements. Now I shall circulate the Vital Spirit and see the power of the sword art!’’ Xiao Chen said cheerfully. He became more and more skilled in the movements of the sword art, which was the result of hard work!


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