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Fanatic Martial God - Chapter 2


Chapter 2 - A falling mist of blood

At night, the wind howled, lightning flashed and thunder shook the skies. Tiny raindrops began to fall from the sky, when Xiao Chen walked along a path in the mountains by himself.

He felt very comfortable. The cold raindrops had completely washed away his anger, as they kept falling on his body.

The Immortal Taoist Sect was an obscure sect located at the west side of Sky Moon Continent, and it was also the only sect that was not far from Romantic City. Xiao Chen had joined the Immortal Taoist Sect for three years. The benevolent Chief of the Immortal Taoist Sect couldn't bear to see a young man suffering from that kind of pain and torment, so he took him in, provided him with a chance to cultivate regardless of the outcome.

The thick smell of blood pervaded from the Immortal Taoist Sect, with a large mist of blood suffusing and lingering above in the sky. It seemed extremely uncanny.

’’What's going on? Why did the sky turn red? What's this smell? It's...It's blood!’’

Coming to the entrance of Immortal Taoist Sect, Xiao Chen saw the weird blood mist in the sky as lightning flashed. In the meantime, he sensed the smell of blood, and noticed the blood mixed in the rain. Xiao Chen froze for a moment, then hurriedly rushed towards the Immortal Taoist Sect.


Thunder and lightning pierced the void and lit up the Immortal Taoist Sect in the darkness. With a careful look, many bloody corpses were strewn across the ground. It was so miserable that one could hardly bear to see it. Every single disciple in the Immortal Taoist Sect had been killed, and their blood flowed like rivers and tinted the ground red.

At this scene, Xiao Chen suddenly got scared to death, and his face immediately turned pale. Without knowing what happened, all disciples in the Immortal Taoist Sect had died in the twinkling of an eye.

In the square, a middle-aged man was holding a disciple from the Immortal Taoist Sect, and he asked in an icy voice, ’’Where is the Wind Spirit Jade?’’

The middle-aged man was in his twenties, and he wore a white gown. With black shoulder-length hair, pale complexion and sharp eyes, he seemed pretty scary.

The disciple did not answer, but looked at the middle-aged man scornfully.

’’For the last time I ask you, where is the Wind Spirit Jade?’’ asked the middle-aged man flatly. His voice was low and filled with murderous intent.

The disciple of the Immortal Taoist Sect sneered, ’’Humph! Who knows?’’

The middle-aged man frowned and his right hand stabbed through the disciple's chest. Blood sprayed out as the disciple died on the spot.

’’Brother Tianming!’’ Shao Chen shouted out instantly. His weak body trembled and his eyes were filled with anger, fear, despair and grief.

’’I respect you for not being afraid of death.’’ The middle-aged man said indifferently without blinking his eyes. He casually flung and tossed the corpse aside.

Seeing Brother Tianming's body was thrown away, Xiao Chen could not bear his anger and rushed forward, as he roared, ’’Who are you? Why are you doing this? Why?’’

The middle-aged man glanced at Xiao Chen and with a simple wave, he blew Xiao Chen away, ’’Oh, so it's a waste without any Zhen Qi!’’

Xiao Chen could not speak anymore and his chest felt as if it was hit by an extremely heavy stone. He could not get back on his feet and he had a mouthful of blood.

’’Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!’’

Abruptly, along with some noise, a few figures appeared on the square of the Immortal Taoist Sect.

’’Have you found the Wind Spirit Jade?’’ The middle aged man looked at those figures and asked coldly.

One man shook his head, ’’I've searched the entire Immortal Taoist Sect, but the Wind Spirit Jade has not been found.’’

And he continued doubtfully, ’’Is the Wind Spirit Jade really at such a remote place? The Immortal Taoist Sect is merely a small sect. Does that old bastard Qingyang really possess the Wind Spirit Jade?’’

Traces of icy sparks flashed in the middle-aged man's eyes. His snake-like eyes were cold, ’’Qingyang is a stubborn old man and it seems that he would rather sacrifice all these disciples lives, than give away the Wind Spirit Jade! Humph!’’

’’This wimpy kid looks like that waste from the Xiao family. I've seen his portrait when we were leaving. Perhaps this waste might know about the whereabouts of the Wind Spirit Jade?’’ The man mocked, and there was disdain in his eyes.

’’He's useless. That old bastard Qingyang would not be so stupid to trust a waste with the Wind Spirit Jade!’’

The middle-aged man showed no emotion on his face. He glanced down at Xiao Chen, and then looked at the large mist of blood in the sky above, before he commanded coldly, ’’The mist of blood looks weird, let's retreat first and report to the Chief.’’

’’So how do we handle this waste?’’ A man pointed at Xiao Chen.

’’Wastes do not deserve to be killed by me.’’ The middle-aged man said contemptuously, before he vanished in the darkness without looking at him.

Xiao Chen's taut nerves finally relaxed after that mysterious man left, and he suddenly kneeled down on the ground. Xiao Chen was filled with extreme fear, since he just experienced the Yang family's insult and his sect's doom.

Looking at the corpses lying on the ground, Xiao Chen's tears coursed down his cheeks. His heart was filled with grief, anger, helplessness and despair. In his mind echoed the mysterious men's mockery, mixed with a lot of memories from the Immortal Taoist Sect.

Xiao Chen had a dream since childhood, and almost everyone in Sky Moon Continent all shared this same dream, which was to become the most powerful person between heaven and earth. Even if he was only a useless person, he firmly believed in his dream. Just because of his firm belief, he struggled harder than his peers and endured twelve years of pain and misery, which made him more mature than others.

However, that dream of his had been completely crushed. This sudden massacre made him totally confused and lost. Even if he was more mature than his peers, he was completely unnerved by such brutal slaughter.

Seeing the disciples of the Immortal Taoist Sect dying in front of him, Shao Chen first felt helpless inside, and then he felt a strong desire to gain strength.

The words, ’’Wastes do not deserve to be killed by me’’ hit Xiao Chen hard. He could not stand such an insult, and these words ignited the vengeance in his heart.

’’Peng! Peng!’’

His desire to seek revenge grew stronger and stronger. His heart beat rapidly his chest, and his eyes were filled with an endless murderous rage.

’’I want you to pay for your words! And Yang family, I'll make you regret! I'll get justice for the disciples of my Immortal Taoist Sect! I want revenge! Ah!’’

Thinking back to those mocking words from the mysterious men, and the insult from the Yang family. Xiao Chen felt completely furious by them. His heart was torn apart and bled by fury and grief. Xiao Chen suddenly cried to the sky, and bloody lights flashed in his eyes.


Just at that time, the mist of blood on the sky abruptly began to rotate at a high speed and formed into a huge whirlpool. In the middle of the whirlpool, a tiny red light dropped from the clouds onto Xiao Chen's forehead, between his eyebrows. Something eerie happened. The massive blood mist gradually began to rush into his glabella, and at the moment, Xiao Chen's body began to emanate a bright red light, and a suffocating ancient air suffused out, but it disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Xiao Chen was still screaming towards the sky out of anger, and it seemed that he did not notice the weirdness. In the end he passed out because the pressure was more than his body could bear. Just then, Xiao Chen's body began to transform.


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