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Ex-Hero Candidate’s, Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Lv2, Laid-back Life In Another World - Chapter 63


Chapter 63-Ex-Hero

[tl note: sorry guys because my comp was crap ahem I missed this part of the novel and it should've been in chapter 62 but oh well its not like it will affect the chapter as a whole so I added it here to give you guys a long chap of the day]

・・Before the Dawn・Furio household's stairs ・

Gozaru's first wife Uliminus and second wife Varissa.

Varissa is in charge of keeping a vigil for Gozaru for the night on odd days whilst Varrissa is in charge of keeping a vigil for Gozaru for the night on even days, this was decided between the two, and today was an even day.

..Is, is this a bit too shameless?....

Varissa could feel her face turn bright red while checking on her night gawn which were a bit more revealing than usual., this much shouldn't really matter...I will make Gozaru-dono happier than usual and make myself the next I want to become one.....

After gripping her hands tightly and taking a deep breathe, started waking towards Gozaru's room.

’’Wait a minute nya, Second wife’’

Uliminus called Varissa from behind.

Varissa's eyebrow twitched as she looked back, Varissa in a see through baby doll appearance blushing entered her sight.

’’....what is it Varissa dono who is ’’next in line’’’’

’’Its about that nya, please I want you to hand over for today nya ’’

’’Unfortunately for you but I can't do that’’

’’Please just for today bend that rule nya’’

’’No, I won't bend the rule’’

’’I, I feel like today, today for sure I can be conceived nya!’’

’’Such coincidence, me too !’’



In front of the two who was fighting for tonight's position for getting into the nightlife with Gozaru.

’’Oi, what happened? You aren't done with the preparation?’’

Gozaru who felt curious as too why Varissa wasn't coming in showed his face out of the bedroom and called out.

’’I'm coming! Gozaru-dono~’’

’’N, No! to, today Varissa have a bad stomach nya, so I shall be your company tonight’’

Gozaru who was staring at the two rushing to him said,

’’I don't really understand but why don't you two just accompany me tonight together at the same time’’



the two stood frozen as they blushed.

Its true that they didn't completely thought of such idea but the sense of shame coming from such though just made it hard for the two to voice it out.

’’Nu? you don't like it? I see, if so today Varissa.....’’

’’I understand nya! I understand nya so lets do together with the three of us nya!’’

’’wai! u, u, u , Uliminus-dono! What are you saying all of a sudden’’

Saying so they started fighting again but this time they were slowly encroaching toward the bedroom.

’’Oh well, if its with the two of you tonight I might be able to go with full strength tonight’’

Saying so Gozaru laughed but it didn't reach the two's ears as they were cat fighting. day...

Uliminus and Varissa came out of Gozaru's room all wobbly was in afternoon

’’....It was a very good sample for my training, gratitude have no words’’

Hiya who is a devil who rules over light and darkness, at the same time Furio's slave and a researcher of training, sneaked out of th room where she hid for the entire duration of Gozaru's harem night, raised an impressed voice.

...Demon lord army moves...

There was once a powerful soldiers, who ranked highest in the demon lord's army called four devas


Fanged Wolf Fennringle who was one of them died,

Death Horse Slape who was also one of them retired.

Because of that, only two of the four strongest remained and they are, Snake queen Yorumeet and Double headed bird Fugy ・Bugy.

’’...Oi Fufun, what hows the selection going? A?’’

Yuguard raised a distasteful voice toward Fufun, while sitting on a throne with seemingly irritated expression.

’’Yes, We were able to find several candidate for it but currently are unable to make the decision and... ’’

Saying so she sighed after looking back at the document.

In front of such Demon king Yuiguard and Fufun,

Lightning Tiger ・ Muran

Vampire cold Woman・Jatem

Granite Giant・Destroy

Magic Cannon Beast・Dodo~n

The four who was selected for the candidate to become one of the highest ranked people in Demon king's army showed a bewildered expression.

’’Wa, wait a moment cha! Are you saying we are lacking to become one of the Four Devas cha?’’

Moran the lightning tiger raised her voice and approached Fufun.

’’We recognize your powers. thats why we called you in here. But you all together have a underwhelmingly low achievements. Such as that attack on CryLord Castle, did any of you here raised any accountable achievements?’’

Hearing Fufun's words, the candidates' words stuck in their throats.

What can you say the attack on CryLord castle was an absolute failure with it being history's most disastrous loss the demon lord's army ever faced.

And of course, everyone here served in the military for that attack and lost a miserable loss and retreated.

’’Its sort of out of place for us to talk back at but I feel as thought including that war in this evaluation is a bit unfair....At that battle, I will again talk back but, those two, the two devas, also haven't raised any achievement too, is what I think’’

[Tl note: she/he said it in a very respectful manner, its just hard for me to translate the into english...]

Jutem the Vampire Cold woman bowed gracefully at the demon king Yuiguard whilst including a sarcastic remark.

’’..for a little girl to become so arrogant......’’

Snake queen Yorumeet clicked her tongue as she was about to jump onto the girl but was stopped by the demon king Yuiguard.

’’You've kept your life for now’’

saying so looked away.

’’If so please give us some sort of mission roy’’

The granite giant Destroy who had a huge body behind everyone else raised his voice.

’’I agree on dodo~n, we will use that and make you guys recognize our strength dodo~n’’

Magic cannon beast Dodo~n agreed with Destroy while spinning his cannon on his back.

’’I see, I shall bestow upon you guys a mission. A perfect timing as the envoy of the evil god came and gave us a job’’

Saying so he stood up from the throne and raised his right hand.

’’Listen here you freaks, go collect the evil god magic stone. Some asshole has been stealing it and running away with it.

I don't give a shit if you kill the thief, but make sure to never harm the magic stone, am I understood?’’

The four hearing the demon king Yuiguard's command sat on one knees and,

’’Understood cha’’

’’I think you will enjoy the result’’

’’I shall do it roy’’

’’Rely on me dodo~n’’

All replied in their own way and bowed.

This nothing but a digression however,

When Yuiguard raised his left arm, Fufun was right next to him so accidentally or not it hit Fufun's chin

...Yuiguard sama thank you for the amazing gift.....

was in middle of the air as her consciousness left her she had a ecstatic expression on her face.

what a annoying Masochist.

・・At a certain place in a certain forest・・

’’What's wrong Blonde haired hero sama?’’

’’, its just that I felt a cold breeze pass through me.

More importantly after the meal we are going to go sell the magic stone’’

’’ee!? at this time?’’

’’Stop complaining! understand!’’

’’Ha, haiii’’

・・Houtarou town・ Sundry Goods Store UUGO


Uliminus who was the owner of the Sundry Goods store was stretching her neck as she read the circulation board.

’’Did something happen? any problems?’’

Varissa who was checking the items on the shelf asked.

And next to her was Jaren who carried mountains of inventory item while wobbling followed closely to her.

’’It seems like the indiscriminate attack incident have been on rise and the message to be careful have been on circulation nya’’

Saying so Uliminus showed the circulation board.

Skimming through it

’’Hmm, the the town next to us have already suffered the seems like this town might get affected from it too’’

Varissa with that crossed her arms and fell in thought.

Uliminus too looked at the circulation board again and

’’And it is written that with that attack in mind I am supposed to join the self-patrol team o this town’’

Saying so she showed an expression saying that it is bothersome.

Soon after, as a result of discussion with everyone inside the shop it has been decided that Furio, Gozaru, Uliminus, and Varissa will join in chronological order and with some of the former Silent Ear members will join together.

’’With that, Varissa who has an early dismissal join the patrol nya. I will report it immediately nya ’’

’’Umu, I understand’’

Varissa who answered Uliminus started skimming through the document regarding the details of the patrol job.

and behind her

....step, please hurry.....I don't think I can last any longer.....

Jaren who was refilling the items in the shop with Varissa was holding onto a large amount of supply in his arms and he looked as if he was about to die of exhaustion.

Because Varissa suddenly started talking with Uliminus he was basically abandoned and left alone to his demise.

While trying onto his escaping consciousness and holding onto the last bit of energy to hold the supplies he was waiting for Varissa to follow up and help him.

But Varissa in front of him was still skimming through the document.

’’...fumufumu, we patrol from 3rd district to 11th district..and after that...’’

Uliminus after seeing that Varissa was reading the documents went inside and approached one of the workers in supply department. whats the information we got regarding this incident nya? was a rather light investigation but we found one curious point.

..what is it nya?

....All the attacked shops have a evidence of item of evil god being brought there. the reason to that is still unknown.

...umm...I understand nya, continue with the investigation also tell others that too nya.


As soon as they finished with the whispering discussion they nodded toward each other and both went back to their work.

Few seconds later,

Jaren who lost all his strength fell unconscious as he dropped all the items everywhere.

...At certain corner in a certain back road in a certain town...

’’...what in the world is happening’’

’’Why did that clerk suddenly attacked us’’

Blonde haired hero and Allure went to the shop in the back alley of the town, as usual, was suddenly attacked by the clerk and they desperately ran away.

’’I don't know the reason....but 5 times in a row, I can't help but notice something must've happened’’

’’What should we do, Blonde haired hero sama!~’’

’’For now....’’

Saying so Blonde hero stood up and

’’lets think of a way to dispose of the magic stone’’

And they started moving toward the next town in search of back alley shop.


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