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Evolution Theory Of The Hunter - Chapter 104


Evolution Theory of the Hunter - Chapter 104

Usually Soo Ah will come to me and take a towel, but she is completely exhausted right now.

Once I confirmed that the Mukamuka had completely disappeared from the area, I checked the status of the party members.

Han Joon Seok and Edward were looking at Soo Ah. She was getting up at her seat.

’’Just rest.’’

’’No. There are many monsters caught by the cobwebs, I need to move now. I should catch everything. ’’

’’You can do that later. By the way, why is your condition messed up like that? ’’

No matter how fast I moved, it was a fact that it wasn't good enough.

Without me, the time to stop the enemies alone is at most 2 to 3 minutes.

It was too short for Soo Ah that caused her strength and her own buff to worn out.

’’I think this is the first time that I could not control my strength. This is the first time I've moved so fast. ’’

It seemed that there was no time for her to adjust to her own speed. I also had a rapid increase in physical abilities, but compared to the fact that she stepped on the stage, she was a competitor.

Even if you have the same endurance, you might think that if you overbid early, it will be similar to your physical strength.

’’It's a little better yet than the average person, so I think you should take care of your speed control.’’

’’Yes, I think I can get my speed up when I get used to it.’’

’’Then that's a relief.’’

For now, I took some rest and waited for Soo Ah to recover.

Soo Ah, who's resting for about 10 minutes, slowly got up.

’’I think I'm okay now.’’

’’Then let's move.’’

’’So where did Kelby go?’’

’’Ah...... ’’

’’Did you forget him?’’

’’Haha... well........’’

’’What the. But still no matter what happened, still it is. If Yeonkyoung is here, I should really hear even a single sound. ’’

’’Well if Yeonkyoung is here then I would have not forgotten Kelby.’’

I made a modest excuse and we went to find Kelby.

As we walked, we got ore and items that fell on the ground.

The village side was quiet.

I only killed the captain Mukamuka out of madness, so I cannot stay here even if only some of them will return their heads to their body and be alive again.

’’Oh- What is this?’’

Soo Ah picked up a sparkling ore. It was an ore from the body of Mukamuka.

’’Hey. Put it down first. ’’


High-level ore has radiation. The Geiger counter was also a necessity for the porters who went to the 3rd or higher level.

After Soo Ah made a space expansion, she took the Geiger counter out of the bag and measured the radiation, I checked that there was no problem and picked it up.

Because it was the first ore we saw, I checked it through the manual.


Enhanced Stones (4): Combine to make item levels equal like enhanced stones.



I was amazed at this. I thought it was just one of the ordinary ores, but it was a completely different thing than I expected.

’’What is it? What is it that you're so surprised? ’’

’’I think it raises the item level.’’

’’Item level?’’

’’Yeah. So I think I can raise the level of the low-level item to 4th level. ’’

When I checked the combination formula, it seemed that if there were three enhancement stones, any item could be upgraded into level four.

’’Can I make a level 1 to level 4?’’

’’I think so. This is quite okay. ’’

I thought I was going to have a new item. And this was a good thing. Right now, there are some low-level items to use, but there are some things that I cannot use because of its low level.

Especially the Bloodysword. If you only take this special ability, even though it is almost level A, you can get it and the damage is too low, so even if it is only a 4th level monster, it has almost no damage.

However, even if you only have enhancement stone, you can make a lot of changes.

’’Wow.... If this fact is known, it will be very expensive among people. ’’

’’Probably not.’’


’’You can only strengthen through combinations. I will be the only one who can do it. ’’

’’I think so. I think this is a very big profit for you. It will be a lot of money if you sell it even after strengthening and strengthening.’’

’’Then that would be great.’’

’’What else is there?’’

I went to the manual and looked at the combination formula of enhancement stone.

For the 4th level fortified stones combination, you need 3 fortress stones and 3 level stones.

So I needed an all-encompassing Allanite. Fortunately, I have about three Allanites in my hand.

It was mixed with the ore I collected during the battle with CheongHo Dan.

’’Ok. Now I just need to get two more. ’’

’’You're like a miner, not a hunter.’’

’’What. There is no difference in what I do. ’’

Eventually, it is my job to pick up ore and items by wielding tools. The same is true for job whose average life span is not long. But if it is something else, it means that it makes a lot of money.

I went to the middle of the road, where all the items and ores are scattered all over.

There were blood spots all over the way. While the monsters corpse are decreasing , the blood that has been shed is gone, it looks like there's no battle happened.

’’I think it's Kelby.’’

’’It sounds like there. Let's go quickly and check it. ’’

Soo Ah hastened and stepped quickly. As I was moving along with her, I heard something strange.

Chew. Chew.

It sounds like someone is chewing something solid. When we got to the place where I heard it, we saw Kelby chewing a Mukamuka hanging from the web.

I have already seen Kelby doing this kind of thing several times, but Soo Ah is shocked.

’’What are you eating?!’’



Kelby swallowed the bones that made her surprised. Soo Ah ran quickly.

’’Spit it out! If you'll eat something like that, it will damage you! ’’

’’Leave him alone. It's his ability. ’’



When Kelby stood up, he grew up to over two meters in length, he bowed his head and shook his face over Soo Ah's head. With a bloody mouth.

’’Hey, geez. Wipe your mouth! ’’

Soo Ah pulled the towel out of her bag and rubbed his mouth. For your information, all bloody towels are disposable.

I briefly explained Kelby's ability. Han Joon Seok, who was still watching, nodded and opened his mouth.

’’I was a little surprised to be honest. I think it would be better not to show it to Yeonkyoung.’’

’’I do not know if she'll be cute if she'll witness that kind of thing. Well I'm not taking him around like a pet, so you have to take care of yourself.’’

’’Yeah, yeah whatever. ’’

’’I was really surprised. What kind of power does it improve if he eats like that? ’’

Soo Ah said as she wiped the blood on the face of Kelby and sighed. But still, pretty Yeonkyoung is standing next to Kelby, so she had some mental shock.

’’It looks like he can mimic the characteristics of a monster. Mukamuka is said to be powerful, so I don't think it would help. ’’

Eating monsters or items weren't scaled so we could not figure everything out. I didn't observe him because I was fighting with him all the time.

’’Hooo. I haven't seen even a single mukamuka on my way when I came, did he eat it all? ’’

’’I had a break for about ten minutes and he would not have eaten that much. I think there are a lot of guys out there. ’’

’’Hmm... ... Then by chasing, I can catch them all. To clear. ’’

’’There will probably be another way to clear it. The size of the dungeon is regulated, and the number of monsters is so large that it takes less than two hours to clear all of them. So, how long has it been now? ’’

’’For almost two hours, it will be done.’’

’’This punk... I have to go. ’’

There was no entrance to the red dungeon on the first vampire road I saw. However, if they enter the old dungeons created through the 'Mystic Dungeon', they were able to leave anytime if they decided to go out, like the original dungeon.

There are some distinctive differences, but all the mood rules seemed to be the same.

’’Is not it better to clear out and get out of this one?’’

’’Then you have to pay extra?’’

’’Do we have any money?’’

Soo Ah shrugged, and she was right. The additional amount is not enough in my position. More important than a few pennies is information about this dungeon.

Finding out how to clear it could be more important than adding money.

For now, she decided to proceed with the dungeon exploration, as she said.

The next most monsters after Mukamuka are the TuTulips. It is almost the same size as a cougar, and it is three times bigger.

The action is agile and the grip is strong. That's right.

But the problem here is that there is a more ghastly guy than the TuTulips.


Heavy bass sounding.

When Kelby roared, the TuTulips fell back.




When Kelby ran, the TuTulips scattered with a strange sound.

With that unexpected sight, I broke out a laugh.

Soo Ah opened her mouth.

’’Woah... .. I thought he's a cat for a second. ’’

’’But it is a level 4 monster. It's funny to go on one side of the neck and rip it off .’’

’’If that's the case then I think I'll have to get a new one. This is a level three scale. I'm nervous. ’’

Soo Ah looked down at her cobweb's armor (Archne Leather armor) and opened her mouth.

’’I definitely like to change to go to high-level dungeons.’’

’’But It's nice to have cobwebs ... ’’

’’You have the enhancement stone so you can upgrade. Sunbeh oppa, you should do it first (upgrading using the enhancement stone).’’

’’Your words...... well, shouldn't I be REALLY the first one to do it?’’

’’I'm serious.’’

I do not know what to say if this girl gets so serious.

Instead of answering, I opened my mouth to Han Joon Seok.

’’Will you please give me the needle gun for a second?’’

’’Yeah. What will you do? ’’

’’Well, I want to do a fire test.’’

While Kelby drove out the TuTulips, I pointed at the needle gun towards the runners.




’’Nice shot!’’

Soo Ah shouted out loud. I cannot do that habit anymore.





One at a time. I do not have any induction function, but the reason I am so good is not that I am a striker, but because the TuTulips are bigger.

The TuTulips that was hit by the needle gun jumped around and looked around, but Kelby was busy running away without thinking about the roaring dumbass.

I followed them and pulled the trigger.

As a result of the experiment, I confirmed that if I hit a total of three feet, I could make them completely incompetent.

If I would fit it properly, I could kill in three, and if not, I could also kill in five feet.

Han Jun-seok, who watched, opened his mouth.

’’It's a lot of power.’’

’’I think this is enough for the fire test. It seems that the damage is better than the low-level bow. ’’

’’I have the disadvantage of being able to use it only at medium distance.’’

I agree with Han Joon Seok's comment. The bow has fallen sharply beyond a minimum of 100 meters.

This would certainly be ambiguous for long distance dealers.

Instead, it seemed like it would be nice for people with zero attack power to carry around as self-defense.

After finishing the fire test, Kelby bit all of the TuTulips and killed them. We waited for the reduction and we got the ore and the items and we started moving again.


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