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Evil-Natured Husband, Don’t Tease! - Chapter 277


Chapter 277

Chapter 277: The Woman In The Painting Is Damn Ugly!

He took large strides into the room, picking up the paintings from the floor. When he spotted some small splatters of blood - still wet - on the paper, he froze for a second before sprinting from the room. Coincidentally, he ran into Gu Yanhao who had just walked out of the guest room. Mu Gu asked anxiously, ’’Wuyou's not in the room?

Gu Yanhao's brows immediately scrunched together, his gloomy eyes looking at a flustered Mu Gu who held several wrinkled paintings in his hand. His voice held no warmth as he asked, ’’You're looking for Wuyou?’’

Mu Gu was jolted awake by the coldness in his voice. Suppressing the worry in him, he put up a nonchalant roguish smile, ’’Why would I be looking for her? I'm only curious why you're not accompanying her to rest?’’

’’She's not in the room, Gu Yanhao replied as he approached Mu Gu. Looking at the papers in his hand he queried, ’’What are you holding?’’

Mu Gu's fingers tightened unconsciously. Trying to laugh it off he said, ’’It's nothing, just...’’ Gu Yanhao had sharp eyes and agile hands. Before Mu Gu could say anything else, his hands reached out and released the papers from Mu Gu's grip.

’’Ah Hao!’’ Mu Gu's voice was raised in surprise. His hands shot out, wanting to grab the paintings back, but Gu Yanhao turned around, using his back to block Mu Gu while the papers in his hand were already spread open.

It was the painting of Imperial Consort Song sitting on the swing. Because the paper was wrinkled and creased, her face was distorted and didn't look very nice.

Gu Yanhao's frown deepened as he turned back to face Mu Gu, ’’Woman in a video game?’’

Hearing his conjecture, Mu Gu heaved a sigh of relief inside.

’’No.’’ Mu Gu's hand extended once once again, trying to get the paintings back, but Gu Yanhao shifted his body to the side, thwarting Mu Gu.

’’No?’’ Gu Yanhao smiled faintly, ’’ Then it must be the woman you like.’’ His gaze fell on the woman's face once more, ’’Quite the exquisite features.’’ But in the next moment, a storm emerged in the depth of his eyes as he noticed the hairpin in the woman's hair. Why did the woman's hairpin look so familiar? It was just like the one he bought for Song Wuyou in the auction which she then gave to Mu Xin, that Bounding Passion!

Gu Yanhao's long lashes veiled the dark light in his narrowed eyes. He looked up again, his gaze piercing straight into Mu Gu as he raised the paintings in his hand, ’’Who is the woman in the painting?’’

Mu Gu calmly looked at paintings, ’’I simply drew it...’’

Gu Yanhao didn't seem to believe his words, repeating, ’’Simply repeating, ’’Simply drew it? Why would you simply draw a woman who has the Bounding Passion hairpin in her hair?’’

Mu Gu wasn't perturbed, ’’I saw Mu Xin looked quite nice wearing it, so I drew it.’’

Gu Yanhao's piercing stare was still fixed on Mu Gu, ’’You're acting too calm, making it hard for others to believe what you're saying.’’

A light flickered in Mu Gu's peach blossom eyes. Putting on his usual shameless carefree rogue expression, he asked ’’If I answered efficiently, you'd still say I was hiding something? Ah Hao, these paintings were really I drawn casually.’’

’’This woman in this painting is damn ugly! Gu Yanhao practically shoved the paintings back into Mu Gu's chest and stormed down the stairs.

Holding the paintings, Mu Gu turned slightly as he watched Gu Yanhao. Complicated emotions swirled in his obsidian black eyes. In fact, the woman in the painting really cannot compare to the current Song Wuyou's looks...

Downstairs, after inquiring looks...

Downstairs, after inquiring from Mu Xin, Gu Yanhao found out Song Wuyou didn't come down again after she went up earlier. Hearing that, Gu Yanhao made his way up once again. By this time, Song Wuyou had calmed down after splashing her face with cold water and had already returned to the guest room. When Gu Yanhao entered, she was hugging a pillow, sitting on the bed. When he walked in, she raised her head, looking at him with a subdued expression

Noticing her pale complexion, his brows creased with concern, ’’Not feeling well?’’

Song Wuyou nodded: ’’Very tired.’’

Her gaze never left Gu Yanhao's eyes. Pain, sadness, and sourness swirled in her heart.

Gu Yanhao sat down beside her on the bed, lightly caressing her head, ’’Today you only went two laps on the horse. How can that tire you out like this?’’

Song Wuyou's answered in her clear voice, ’’Perhaps it was the long ride in the car.’’


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