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Evil-like Duke Household - Chapter 31


Chapter 31

x month x days

A ceremony for the return of the Diebold Ractos, who suddenly came to visit our kingdom, is to be held .

The detailed content about that ceremony, just like what we have done every year . This year too, we will publish the details of that ceremony .

First, after he arrived at the border of our kindom, Diebold-sama was escorted via carriage by our kingdom's escort knights and went towards the Imperial Capital .

Of couse, he was accompanied with Ms . Rianna Veil, the [ Witch of Ice Floe ] .

From the testimony of the one who became coachman at that time, it seems that Diebold-sama and her pupil had a conversation in relation with some difficult magic .

It's a discussion about sorcery between the [ Sorcery King of the Dusk ] and the [ Witch of Ice Floe ] .

When I heard the coachman's testimony, I regreted over why I didn't become the coachman at that time .

From what I've heard from the coachman, he said some words like [ the fresh spring ] ( but, since the coachman is a fool and he only remembers a part of it, it could be different from the actual words ) came out in their conversation . . . I guess it's a nickname of some unexplored magic region or something like that . To my regret, since the coachman is a fool, I can't do anything other than guessing .

Why didn't that stupid coachman properly remember it, dammit !

Furthermore, it seems that in the middle of their march, Diebold-sama has detected an enemy from afar . And then, surprisingly, the enemy was defeated by the shadow sorcery that Diebold-sama uses !

The shadow sorcery that the [ Sorcerer King of the Dusk ] utilizes !

Every person present at that time, including the coachman, were able to see the number one sorcery that I want to see even if I have to sell all of my private belongings right before their eyes ! !

I'm so jealous ! !

Futhermore ! !

The only stupid impression that the coachman is able to utter is [ it's like , amazing ] !

I perfectly understand that it's amazing ! But what kind of amazing is what I want to hear, that stupid foo ajw

<<the continuation below this were distorted for a few paragaphs and cannot be read >>

I strayed from the topic . But anyway, Diebold-sama whom finally arrived at the city walls, changed his ride from an escort carriage into a carriage without a roof for his return ceremony and then entered the city .

On the big road of the capital that connects the rampart to the royal castle, every member of the Chivalric Order and all of the Kingdom's troops were standing in rows and continued to salute toward Diebold-sama until he entered the castle gates .

And then while at it, Diebold-sama too, was maintaining a splendid salute to them as he went towards the Imperial Castle .

Diebold-sama's salute was something like, how should I describe describe it, it was an act that's fitting of the Hero of the War .

I heard it was really amazing .

By the way, that testimony was given by one of the troops of the kingdom's Battle Magician Unit .

. . . I've thought about this everytime . Wouldn't it be better if not just the kingdom's troops, but everybody in the magician guild can attend that ceremony .

Why, we who pursue the way of magic that's not related with the military have to hear those from the magician troops excitedly boasting on and on at us !

Only them, with something trivial like 'military service', got to experience such an envious experience . We were only able to hear their boastings while biting our fingernails . Thus, it's something that's really unforgivable . And here, in case of such a problem, our consensus is submitting a proposal towards the higher ups of the kingdom in an urgent matter regarding the importance of sorcery . . . . . . .

<<the nonsensical content continued for a few paragraphs below >>

There're still a lot of things that I want to talk about the magic troops . But there's other one whom I can't forgive more than them . It's that <<insert cursing here>> fellow, Count Raul Nizzet .

At the time when he left the magic guild and became the governor's aid, I considerably pittied him about that . But now, I want I want him to return all of the pity that I gave him .

As Diebold-sama arrived in the Imperial Castle and the ceremony to celebrate his return is over, something unbelievable happened that <<a dirty cursing that's musn't be seen >>Count of <<unjustified slander>> in a dinner party that's held for the higher ups of the kingdom, which is attended by His Majesty and His Highnesses, Prime minister-dono, Governor, and Knight Captain, that's held for congratulating the arrival of Diebold-sama . He joined that dinner as his position as the aid of the governor !

In the end, that <<Discriminatory statement >>Count , exchanged words with Diebold-sama, shake hands with him, and even asked him for an autograph!

To ask for an autograph of the [ Sorcery King of the Dusk ] is something so awe-inspiring . And being able to ask Diebold-sama's autograph while being composed . . . that shameless << the name of the count that's twisted into something's evil >>!

Furthermore, that bastard <<A word that ignores one's human right >>of a <<childish insult >>of a <<a word to despise person >>kept boasting about that to me !

<<the highest grade of insult written in all caps >>! !

In the first place, he's always like that, that <<exceedingly unpleasing statement >>always acts like that to me everytime something good happens . . .

<<below, in four page long, abusive language toward Count Nizzet are written, in several places the words became blurry because became blurry because of water >>(TL : he cried !? ) (ED: He's probably so angry and envious that he cried)

. . . And so on . . . There are, perhaps, many people who is currently holding hatred toward Count Nizzet, but please cease your resentment towards him .

It's just that, adding his position as the aid of the governor, he was in a condition where he has to exchange words with Diebold-sama no matter what happens .

He is truly an amazing gentleman .

He is absolutely not the <<vulgar word>>bastard like the one mentioned above .

To prove that, and to my suprise, he even gave the autograph of Diebold-sama to me .

Asking for such a thing to the [ Hero of the War ] and the [ Sorcery King of the Dusk ] for my sake, he's a man who really cares for his friend .

It's really delicate, beautifull, but strong handwriting .

The polished character string that makes one think that it was a spell created by a high grade alchemist sorcerer .

The sign that even surpasses a high class painting is indeed something fitting to be one of the national treasures .

I have never felt this much blessing from being born as a sorcerer up to this point of my life .

And so, I think I will end the article about the triumphant return ceremony at this point .

May glory upon our magic!

By : Azolias Magician Guild- Guildmaster, Nicole Drake .


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