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Evil-like Duke Household - Chapter 22


Chapter 22

I, Liliane Ractos, am in really good mood.

After all, I heard about Jack's marriage interview, yesterday, from my dear husband.

His partner will be Annesa-chan from Earl Raul Nizzet-sama's place.

I only have met her once, but she is really quiet and has a gentle aura around her.

To be having such good girl as his marriage partner, Jack is really a blessed person, eh .

Ah, that's right. I got too excited that I ended up telling honored father-in-law about this, too, from the magic communication item.

Honored father-in-law, Diebold Ractos-sama, is the father of Grid-sama and is also the hero of the war.

He, himself, is the great magician [Sorcery King of the Dusk].

Even though he was called with such a scary nickname, in reality he is a really carefree and gentle person.

Well, it seems that since he cannot stop his habit at the time of the war, his way of wording became quite difficult to understand...

Oh my, what were we talking about again?

Aah, that's right.

When I told about the marriage thing to honored father-in-law along with the fixed date and time of that marriage meeting, to my surprise, the honoured father-in-law will return to the house after a long time !

Since the war ended, with the reason of the excess of the military of this country or something like that, the honoured father-in-law ended up having to move time-to-time from one kingdom's magical association to another one ever since Grid-sama become adult. We didn't have much chance to meet that's why I'm looking forward on meeting with him.

Thats right. Since it's the hero that will come back, I have to tell this news to the upper echelon of the kingdom too.

Well, while at it, perhaps I, too, should make a lunch box and give it too my dear husband and Erza as well~ .

I'm sure they will be pleased ~ ?

I felt downhearted as I arrived in the castle.

My dear husband already went outside to eat his lunch.

Even the Prime minister-sama is in the middle of talking with the king, that's for some reason sitting on the floor, maybe it's better not to bother them now, right ?

For now, I shall go to Erza's place.

I'll inform them about the arrival of the father-in-law after that.

In the knights'practice ground that is located at the castle grounds...

I heard that today is the training day for the people from the Heavy Armour Armour Knight Corps, possibly she is there too ...

[[ Eh !? Dear mother ! Why are you at this place ! ? ]]

Aah, she is here...

My daughter, Erza.

It seems she was in the middle of resting, and is about to grab some lunch after this.

... ... Don't you think it's fine to take off your helmet, at least, when resting Erza ?

In my opinion , I wish for erza to be more ladylike. But looking at Erza talking happily about the armour, I can't say it clearly to her face you know ~

[ Fufu ~ I have some business in the castle... And, while I'm at it, I also made a lunch box for you Erza ]

[[ Mother's lunch box !? Yeaah ~ ! ! Yaa~h , you know, we will have lunch after this. But the lunch at the knight corps dining hall is, you know, not really delicious so I'm really helped with this, yeah ! ! ]

[ Erza, you shouldn't say something like that you know ]

Really, this kid...

It's rude for her to say it clearly like that right ?

Look, even the knights around us are looking over her in amazement.

... aah, that's right that's right .

[ How about it, everyone ? The lunch box I made is too much today ... I wouldn't say that it will make you guys full, but how about some ? ]

[[ My dear mother's food is delicious, yeah ! ! ! ] ]

[ Hiiih! no ... tha, thank you ! ! ]

Oh my, that's regretable, are they perhaps holding back ?

Even though I hope that I could finally hear some thoughts from someone that's not the part of the family .

[[[ Hahah ! Surely they were scared by dear mother's presence , yeah ! ! ]]

[ Eh, of course that's not it, how rude of you ... Did you want me to punish you, eh, Erza ~ ?]

[[ EEH ! ? Punishment, perhaps, that it ... does mother mean that mother will add onions in today's menu , is that so !? Please stop it , I beg you ! Only that, only that is something I can't take, yeah ! ! ] ]

Fufu~n , this is the power of someone dominating the kitchen you know ~ !

... Well joking aside ~ .

Erza is still a kid no matter what she said, eh .

Oh eh .

Oh my ? somehow, everyone is whispering ...

[ What ? Oi , you lot , don't just stand there doin'nothing, the break time is about to end you know. Quickly ea ... eh , ain't that ... Isn't it Duchess Ractos we have here ! What's the bussiness that brings you here ? To think that the duchess would come to such a place like this ... ] (TL : the knight captain changed his way of speaking in the middle to be more formal ) (ED: He's meeting future mother-in-law, afterall fufufu)

[[ Ah ! Commander ! ! Commander say it to mom, too ! ! My mother is planning to add onions on the tonight's dinner you know ! ! !]]

[ Hah ? Onion? ... The heck are you talking about ?]

What arrived before us is Erza's superior.

He is the commander of the heavy armor knight unit.

Really, Erza, please don't do something so disgracefull like macking a ruckus over something like an onion. It's embarassing...

Look, your commander is flabbergasted, you know.

[ ... Ah , that's right, Commander-san, how about it? I have a lunch box with me, how about we eat it together ? ]

[ Ah ... yeah ]


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