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Evil Emperors Wild Consort - Chapter 982


Chapter 982

"Little sister, as a person, one should not be so arrogant! If you want my attention, wait for me to destroy Wen Yan first then I'll have a good chat with you about life,"the woman in red said as she smiled glamorously. However, that smile carried a hint of contempt as her eyes sized up the little Vermillion Bird with ridicule.

Everyone knows that the Third Leader of the Snow Jade Bandits has a preference for women though she was a woman herself. She loves beautiful women the most. Even if that person may be a child who was no older than the age of ten, she would never spare that girl at all!

Especially since the little Vermillion Bird's features were like tender, polished, and beautifully carved jade. She was so adorable that one would be seized by the urge to fondle her admiringly.

However, not a single person knew when this little girl had appeared.

They had not noticed her before at all!

The little Vermillion Bird pursed her lips and turned to the woman in green robes next to her with a miserable look on her face, "Master, I'm so very hungry. Let Ling'er out and have him destroy her then we'll go get something to eat, alright?"

"Ling'er is your little brother. You can tell him that yourself."

Gu Ruoyun smiled as she stroked the little Vermillion Bird's head.

This little girl isn't used being idle all the time. She had always been unwilling to stay in the Ancient divine Pagoda for too long so this time she had come out without even waiting for my permission.


The little Vermillion Bird flashed Gu Ruoyun an adorable smile. Her eyes, which were lit with a cluster of flames, turned towards the Three Leaders who were standing a short distance away. The corners of her lips then curled into an evil smile, "Ling'er, destroy these ants! I certainly don't want these idiotic humans to stain my hands!"


As she spoke, a fiery-red figure descended from the sky and landed landed in front of the little Vermillion Bird with a loud crash.

It was a large Firebird. Its wings were made of flames and emitted a scorching heat.

Its eyes contained a merciless light which was cruel and vicious. In its eyes, the people standing before it were merely like ants.

Wen Yan's brows furrowed slightly as he staring fixedly at the Firebird which had descended from the skies. A peculiar light then flashed in his eyes, "Tian Qi, what do you make of the powers of this spiritual beast?"

All was quiet within his soul.

After a long pause, a clear voice echoed, "It's more powerful than me."

More powerful than her?

Wen Yan's gaze slowly turned rigid. Tian Qi's powers have already reached the rank of a high-level Martial Supreme. This spiritual beast's rank is above hers, could it be that it was a Martial Saint?

The spiritual beast named Tian Qi 1 seemed to hear Wen Yan's thoughts as she replied faintly, "No! Master, that spiritual beast not a Martial Saint! It's more likely that this spiritual beast had failed to break through to the Martial Saint rank. Hence, it's only a Semi-Saint."

A Semi-Saint?

A hint of disappointment appeared in Wen Yan's eyes.

Others may not be aware of what reaching the rank of Semi-Saint entails but he knows it very well!

That is also to say, this spiritual beast's power will forever be limited to this point and that it will no longer be able to have any more breakthroughs.

"Tian Qi, based on what you've told me, I'm afraid that it would be no match for you. Even though it's power surpasses yours, it will no longer have any more breakthroughs! Based on your level of ability, I believe that you will definitely avoid this mistake! Your breakthrough to a Martial Saint will come sooner or later! It's unfortunate to see this though. Initially, I had thought of recruiting her when I saw how this lady had brought out such a powerful spiritual beast. Now that I see that this spiritual beast has already lost its ability for further breakthroughs, I'm afraid that I'll have to pass on this."

Wen Yan's expression slowly sank yet his eyes were filled with sympathy.


Tian Qi fell silent for a moment before she continued to speak, "I can sense that the little girl next to the lady in green robes is also a spiritual beast! Furthermore, I can't accurately pinpoint her powers at all. This means that her abilities have far surpassed mine. I'm afraid that the only kind of spiritual beast who would have this sort of power, is... A Holy Beast!"

Incidentally, Tian Qi's chinese name is 天启, which are the exact same characters in Honorable Sir Tianqi's name!


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