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Evil Emperors Wild Consort - Chapter 981


Chapter 981


A loud noise sounded as the middle-aged man raised his machete up high. His eyes were filled with a cruel chill as he slashed his weapon at Wen Yan. In a short moment, a hurricane arose and the energy from the sword came whirling towards Wen Yan like a savage wolf. The corners of the middle-aged man's lips curled into a sneer. He looked as if he was already staring at a dead man.

"Lord Governor, watch out!"

The faces of the Cloudy Wind City's soldiers around Wen Yan drained of color as they quickly rushed to protect the Lord Governor. However, before they could reach Wen Yan's side, they were flung out of the way by that savage wolf-like energy from the machete. It was a very upsetting sight.

Under the wild winds, Wen Yan's face no longer displayed his previous gentleness. He stared emotionlessly at the blade which was cast down in front of him as his stern eyes filled with seriousness.


At this critical moment, a ray of light shot out from Wen Yan's body and formed a protective shield around him. That light also flicked the middle-aged man's machete out of the way instantly...

The bloodlust on the middle-aged man's face was frozen in place. He stared at Wen Yan fixedly and said, "You have a defense-class spiritual weapon?"

It makes sense!

No wonder he had the courage to make an enemy of the Snow Jade Bandits, he holds a defense-class spiritual weapon! Unfortunately, defense-class spiritual weapons were naturally one level weaker than attack-class spiritual weapons! He would not be able to defeat us simply with this spiritual weapon alone!

"Master, let me fight."

When Wen Yan lowered his eyes, a voice echoed from within his soul.

"No!"Wen Yan shook his head and sighed, "Until the most critical moment arrives, I cannot let you out. Otherwise, it would bring disaster upon the Jiang family! I'm not willing to let this happen!"

"But Master, if this continues, they would take the Dragon Blood Fruit away..."

The voice slowly became more anxious. However, aside from Wen Yan alone, no one else could hear the voice which echoed from within his soul.

Nevertheless, Gu Ruoyun seems to have sensed something and she glanced over at Wen Yan. However, she soon turned away.

"Let me handle this alone."

Wen Yan raised his cold and sharp features as his eyes turned towards the Snow Jade Bandits'mercenaries before him.

"Big Brother, this brat actually has a spiritual weapon on him,"sneered the woman in red. She then sent a vicious and cruel glare towards Wen Yan, "How about the three of us attack together and take that spiritual weapon! Stop wasting our time with him!"


The middle-aged man had fallen silent for a while before he then nodded. A malicious light flashed through his eyes as he said, "Second Brother, Third Sister. Let's attack this brat together. As for the rest of the people from Cloudy Wind City, we shall let the others handle them."

As he spoke, the Three Leaders locked their bloodthirsty eyes upon Wen Yan who was standing in the crowd. Soon, an endless amount of murderous intent exploded from their beings, making the soldiers around them feel suffocated as well.

It was very obvious that the Three Leaders were intent on killing Wen Yan!

"Master, I'm hungry. Let Ling'er come out and quickly destroy these ants."

Just as the situation was becoming more exciting, a childish voice suddenly pierced through the skies, falling into the ears of everyone present.

The Three Leaders could not help but look around, trying to follow that voice. They would certainly like to find out who would be so arrogant and have the gall to spout such words.

However, when they saw the small figure behind Gu Ruoyun, they could not help but burst into laughter.


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