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Evil Emperors Wild Consort - Chapter 936


Chapter 936

"Elder Feng."

Feng Xiaoxiao sensed Gu Ruoyun's gaze and frowned mildly. The woman's green robes reflected against her pretty pupils as she asked in a hushed tone, "Who's that lady next to the Holy Doctor?"

Elder Feng glanced at Gu Ruoyun and answered, "If my guess is right, she must be the one who was responsible for severely injuring Huang Feifei and the one who had forced Huang Chuan to apologize." 

"Really?"Feng Xiaoxiao fell silent. After a long pause, she spoke again, "She's very dangerous!"

Elder Feng was completely shocked by her statement. 

After all, his Lady has always been splendidly gifted from a young age and was the number one cultivator amongst the younger generation in Wind Valley! Through her own efforts, she had managed to oust her half-brother to become the Young Valley Lord of Wind Valley!

Furthermore, even in the First City, she was certainly one of the top gifted cultivators amongst the youngsters!

Yet, she was now saying that such a young woman was dangerous?

Based on Elder Feng's point of view, he simply could not see the danger in Gu Ruoyun at all no matter how hard he tried!

"Eldest Lady, please forgive my ignorance, what you really mean is..."

"Elder Feng,"Feng Xiaoxiao stared at Gu Ruoyun seriously and spoke to Elder Feng leisurely, "I know that Huang Chuan's actions today are a result of your endorsement. Since that's the case, we'll let him be as long as Wind Valley isn't dragged along with him. There's no need to bother too much over what he does. As for this woman, she is very dangerous indeed! I don't know why I feel this way but I'm sure that once she has grown, not a single soul would be able to control her!"

"Eldest Lady, I don't think I agree with that! This woman may have considerable talents but this was based on the standards in the outside world! Eldest Lady, you are the Young Valley Lord of the First City. Your talents are mesmerizing and beyond compare. No matter how powerful she is, she can't possibly be a match for you, Eldest Lady."

Feng Xiaoxiao smiled gently but the light in her eyes were unreadable.

"Elder Feng, my talents may be quite good but this mainland is vast. No one can guarantee whether a peerless genius like her would not appear or not."or not."

Instantly, Elder Feng fell silent. Not too long after that, a malicious light flashed in his eyes as he said, "If that's the case, Eldest Lady, why don't we entice this woman so we can be the ones to control her. This way, no matter how dangerous she becomes, she will belong under us."

"No."Feng Xiaoxiao shook her head, "Don't judge her simply because she looks so cool and calm on the surface. In truth, she's a very proud person. Someone like her would never allow herself to remain at the edge of a blade willingly. We cannot control her."

We cannot control her?

Elder Feng was shocked, "So, we'll ignore her? Just like that?" like that?"

"It's best not to make an enemy of someone like her. If we do that, we shall have to obliterate her entirely in order to prevent the chance of a future disaster!"As she spoke, the smile on Feng Xiaoxiao's face slowly vanished and was replaced with an austere and severe look, "Furthermore, she must be killed under the most definite of circumstances. If she escapes, our troubles will never end! However, we don't have any deep animosity with her at the moment so there's no need for us to be on guard. As for Huang Chuan, there's no need to for you to bother about him. I can find tens of thousands of other dogs after discarding this one."

To her, Huang Chuan was merely a lackey of Wind Valley, they could definitely live without him!

Elder Feng had something else to say but, in the end, he had kept his thoughts to himself. He then stared skeptically at Gu Ruoyun, unsure of what capabilities that woman held which would cause the Eldest Lady to make such a deep evaluation of her.


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