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Evil Dragon Reincarnation ~Even If I Am Reincarnated Into The Other World I Am I~ - Chapter 24


Chapter 24

I will try and focus on skillfully earning money

’’Ah, aaah’’

’’I understand that it is painful, but we need to persist a little more. ’’

’’Aah, but master.....I already’’

’’From there on, it would be a very crucial step.’’

’’Uu, but it is my very first time....I cannot take power anymore’’

’’Well, it can't be helped. Well carry me off to the finish right away.’’


In the room of the inn.

I should celebrate to commemorate the first battle Irene and me, we finished safely.

Irene is exhausted that it is as though her spirit is coming out.

I have experienced it many times, for Irene it may be unavoidable since it is her first experience.

’’How was it, how was the feeling of your first experience finishing?’’

’’Waaa..... It was very, tiring. ’’

’’It is isn't it? But you have to do it. Your level would become higher than the other guys.’’

’’If you say so, then it is worth the effort.’’

’’Will you fight another round?’’

’’Wa, I cannot do it anymore. I do not have the strength.’’

’’I see.’’

Really, Irene seems to have never experienced arm wrestling since birth.

That is why I acted as her first opponent.

Although, you may have misunderstood when you listen back to the previous conversation.

’’Master is really strong. There is no mistaking it that if there is a tournament then you would win.’’

’’A tournament, huh.’’

’’Shall we go look for one?’’

’’No, even if there is one, it would not be held as convenient of a time such as today. However, if you think about it, we can make a killing if it was held today. Please assist me.’’

’’Of course!’’

I told Irene the overview and general strategy then I went down the stairs.

Some time around 10 am, during her free time, Merida would usually sit by the counter.

’’Say, I have a little request.’’

’’Hmm, you have?’’

’’I want you to lend me a hundred thousand.’’

’’Ha! What!? Why are you asking to borrow money all of a sudden!?’’

’’No, I will return it today. Please, this is the only way’’

’’It is my request. Please let master lend some money.’’

Merida was reluctant for a while, I persisted and continuously ask her, in the end she finally lent me the money. It would seem that the presence of Irene was quite big. I would have likely ran into the problem of credibility if I was alone.

’’The condition is that it should be returned as 100,000 Rize. If you run away with it, I will chase after you wherever you go.’’

’’I got it, you do not have to worry about that part. There is a winning count.’’

’’Thank you very much, Merida-san.’’

’’Irene helped with the accommodation. By the way, what are you going to use it on?’’

’’That is.....’’


My money is about 125, 000 Rize when combined with the money I borrowed.

I bought a rectangular type desk using 5000 Rize.

I placed in in a space where it will not interfere with the vendors' stalls.

I took the other 120,000 Rize and started a business.

’’Well I am counting on you.’’

Irene nodded deeply, we called on the people who were walking on the street.

’’Would you do arm wrestling for 1000 Rize? If you can win, I will give you 120,000 Rize without fail.’’

Irene who was a fair, beautiful and well endowed girl stood out. There were many men throughout the day would look back at her while walking together.

People would stop walking at the call of Irene, please pay attention to me. (TLN: lol)

The money was neatly stacked on the desk.


I appealed to them and told them that it is not a scam. I made another appeal. (TLN: Start double check)

’’Goho goho goho’’ (SFX: coughing)

’’Ah nii-sama, it is time for your medicine, please wait.’’

Irene suddenly switched into sister mode and took out something that looked like a herb. After I bit it a few times, I gulped it down with water. It is just something minty and not medical.

’’So, someone, is there someone who can compete with me? It is a chance to win 120,000 Rize with only a thousand Rize.’’

’’You and your companion are so weak’’

’’Is that how it looks like?’’

’’A thousand Rize, take me on.’’

Alright, the first duck has been caught by me so easily. The old man with a good body gave the money to Irene and puts his arm on the desk.

’’I wonder, will I really get 120,000 Rize?’’

’’O, of course’’

’’Ma, we will just force you if you try to escape.’’

’’Hii. I, I will not do that. Is it alright if I start?’’


’’I will twist you and crush you.’’



Curious onlookers gathered one after the other to see the unusual spectacle. That's it, that's it.

Uncle and I placed our hands together, the arm wrestling began with Irene's signal.


’’’’Uwaa, tsu, shiii’’

I hold my hands just about 10 cm from the desk. This old man will win in a little while, I clenched my teeth and gave it my full strength.

’’O, onii-sama please do not lose!’’

’’Irene. But, this person is strong, very, very strong, ’’

’’Onii-sama please hang in there, you can win!’’

’’Unununu, I got it....uuooooaaaaaa!’’

I pushed back the old man's hand while shouting out loud, I decided to finish this as it is.

While breathing heavily, I wiped the sweat off of my forehead. There was no sweat on my hands but I am sure that they would not notice it.

’’Damn it!’’

The old man got frustrated. Maa, I was winning near the end.... from an outsider's point of view.

’’That was close, desu~. A little more and I would have lost, it truly was.’’

’’I will go next.’’

His companion emerged while rolling up his sleeves.

’’Well, I will not lose!’’

I will attain victory in the next one against his companion by fluctuating between offense and defense. This time the people around us who are watching got really excited. Such fevering enthusiasm, observed carefully, these people are feeling quite worked up.

In addition there is an adventurer guild nearby this street. Inevitably there are a lot of confident guys stroking their arms.

I do not have to worry about finding an opponent. 

It continued throughout the day until the evening. I competed and won against over a hundred people. Ugh I am already on my limit please help.....acting like you are working hard is tough.


A bag filled with coins was placed at the counter.

’’Ah, by some chance...’’

’’Merida, I will get that 102,000 Rize. Thanks in advance.’’

’’Eeeh, to you as well thank you!’’

Since there is an interest of 2 thousand Rize daily it is impossible to not be in high spirits.

I confirmed today's harvest that was on the table.

’’Master, 153 people were splendidly defeated.’’


’’The money on hand is 20,000 and 153,000 Rize, in total 173,000 Rize. With 2,000 for interest charges, that is 171,000 Rize. I can pay even pay for the hotel with a bit left over.’’

’’I will go wild tomorrow.’’

’’Let's do our best.’’

And the next day, we repeated the same thing.

But today I was not in the state wherein I can greet and bite at every challenge.

About 30 people entered, but he counter stopped around there. There were a few customers from yesterday, they were spreading rumors saying

Damn this guy is strong, so better give up on it. And...

’’What should we do now, the people seems to have stopped challenging it.’’

’’I thought we could go for a little more.’’

’’But is 30,000 Rize not enough?’’

’’No, let's change our business process.’’


’’Lend me your ear for a second.’’

I told Irene that the big brother with a weak constitution was already outdated. Irene understood this and went back to getting customers again.

’’Do you want to arm wrestle with the legendary strongest warrior? He is a legend that defeated a dragon with a single finger flick.’’

There there, people started gathering again. I decided to do a matcho pose towards the men and said

’’Yo small fishes, against the strongest me, can you win?’’

I could see some of them going wild. There are a couple of guys who are haters saying ’’Stop it, your money will be wasted’’ but none of the new guys believe them.

Because my appearance looked weak, the guy made a strong introduction by flexing and making a macho pose.

Today I will try my hardest in arm wrestling.

Once I am done with my work then I will return to Irene in the inn.

’’So today we earned 72,00 Rize.’’

’’Well it fell from yesterday's.earnings.’’

’’After all rumors of master's strength has spread.’’

’’We will reach the limit soon huh. I am also getting tired of it, shall we round it up tomorrow?’’

Physically there is no problem. Keeping hands with filthy men all the time is making my heart sink. It is hard because there is a huge ratio of guys with sweaty and slimy hands.

The next day, I started the same way.

Although I worked hard until the evening, it is visible that profits fell.

Currently, it is just about 23,000 Rize.

But well, it is all good because I earned 200,000 Rize in 3 days.

’’It is almost time to close shop.’’

’’I agree. Good job.’’

I get ready for Irene to return. Then, I suddenly overheard a conversation between 2 women.

’’Hey Rastella, isn't that the rumored?’’

’’Looks like it. Lets go.’’

Uneventfully the 2 people without hesitating, walked straight towards me.

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