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Eternal Martial Sovereign - Chapter 90


Chapter 90: Chapter 90 – Striking Fear Into Others

Chapter 90 – Striking Fear Into Others

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Master Shadow

As the saying went, a man has gold under his knees – how could Xiao Yun kneel? Those Qiu family people undoubtedly wanted to humiliate Xiao Yun in public.

“You want me to kneel? I’ll make you kneel first then.”

Xiao Yun did not show any fear in response to Qiu Chen’s domineering attitude. He coldly harrumphed and his gaze became colder, as mysterious ripples emanated out from him.

The Qiu family’s cultivators’ arrogance caused Xiao Yun’s killing intent to well up.

However, upon hearing those words, the nearby cultivators were dumbfounded. This youth’s tone was becoming more arrogant and boastful. His opponent was a True Essence realm cultivator;how could he make him kneel?

“Ignorant brat.” Qiu Chen’s expression darkened as he drew his palms through the air, and a fiendish True Essence swept out like a gale. The power it gave off caused all those who were around to feel a chill in their hearts.

“Qiu Chen’s going to use his Dark Fiend Palms.”

“Even True Essence realm cultivators might not be able to dodge or block this attack!” The other cultivators all watched on intently. Despite being so brave, this youth was most likely going to become meat paste very soon.

Dark Fiend Illusory Mist Palms!

Qiu Chen’s eyes gleamed as he swept his hands around, the fiendish aura gathering like a mist that was about to shoot at Xiao Yun.

“Spirit Destroying!” Just as Qiu Chen was about to unleash his attack, Xiao Yun’s eyes glinted as he nimbly moved to the side like a lithe snake, and a mighty wave of spirit energy swept out from between his eyebrows towards Qiu Chen’s head.

From his acute senses, Xiao Yun knew just how strong Qiu Chen’s Essence Qi was. His attack was incredibly powerful, and even if Xiao Yun wanted to use his spirit energy to affect his mind, he would meet some resistance. As such, while Qiu Chen was gathering Essence Qi to release his skill, Xiao Yun moved to the side.


The spirit energy was condensed into a thread, piercing into Qiu Chen’s mind and causing his soul to tremble.

“Arghh!” Qiu Chen cried out. He felt as if his soul had been pierced by a sharp needle, and his head threatened to split from the pain.

At this moment, Xiao Yun suddenly moved. He circled behind Qiu Chen and flipped his palm, his soft sword appearing in his hand.

Swish! Swish!

Xiao Yun’s sword was incredibly fast, and truly seemed as if it could pierce through the clouds to annihilate enemies. The sword light flashed, and Qiu Chen’s legs crumpled, bringing him into a kneeling position on the ground.

A muffled noise sounded out and everyone stared as Qiu Chen knelt on the ground, crying out in pain. They saw that the meridians behind his knees had been severed, and fresh blood continuously flowed out. It seemed that his legs had been crippled, such that he would never be able to fight again!

A gory smell pervaded the air, irritating everyone’s noses.

“Is there something wrong with my eyes? Is that Qiu Chen kneeling on the ground?”

“Heavens, wasn’t that Qiu Chen about to attack and suppress that youth? How did he fall into such a state?” Not too far away, the men who were wondering how Qiu Chen was going to deal with this brazen youth stared with wide eyes, revealing expressions of shock. The scene before them was simply too shocking, which caused a wave of discussion to erupt around them.

The cultivators from the various large families were also flabbergasted. A True Essence realm cultivator was kneeling on the ground – just what was going on?


Following this, everyone turned to look at the youth.

“Just what sort of cultivation does this youth have?”

“Was it him who just crippled Qiu Chen’s legs?” Everyone muttered, feeling as if their hearts were going to leap out of their chests. This youth looked only around 16 years old – how could he have such power?

The people who were most shocked were the Qiu family’s people. Before, everyone had been waiting coldly for Xiao Yun to be crippled. However, in just an instant, the True Essence realm cultivator from their family was suddenly kneeling on the ground. Thinking to what the youth had just said moments ago, the Qiu family’s people’s hearts trembled, feeling a strange sense of fear.

“Could it be that he’s really strong enough to fight with the might of the True Essence realm?”

Otherwise, how could this youth have made Qiu Chen kneel?

“You little bastard, who are you? How dare you harm our Qiu family’s people?” Near the fire chasm’s boundary, another of the Qiu family’s True Essence realm cultivators walked over. His gaze was icy cold, and he roared out after looking at the kneeling Qiu Chen.

This man was around 40 years old and had a robust aura. Seeing this person walk over, the Qiu family’s cultivators all gathered together, coldly glaring at Xiao Yun.

“He wanted to cripple me;should I have allowed him to do so?” Xiao Yun slightly raised his eyebrows, calmly looking at the True Essence realm cultivator.

“How can our Qiu family allow you to behave atrociously in our territory?” The man’s expression darkened as he yelled, “Surround him!”

“Yes!” The Qiu family’s people hurriedly made an encirclement around Xiao Yun.

Buzz! At this moment, a runic light flashed within the fire chasm – the Skyfire Palace had been opened.

“The Skyfire Palace has been opened.”

“Old patriarch Qiu Xuan Feng has entered.”

“Our elders have also entered,” cultivators from various families exclaimed excitedly.

“The Skyfire Palace has been opened?” Xiao Yun narrowed his eyes, coldly looking at the Qiu family’s people around him. To him, this Skyfire Palace was a rare opportunity. After all, it concerned his future cultivation and growth.

“You also want to enter the Skyfire Palace?” the man from the Qiu family coldly asked. “I’ll kill you then throw you into the flames.”

Following this, his gaze darkened as he attacked.

Heavenly Sun Hand!

His hands flashed with a golden light, giving off a blinding light. A gigantic hand formed, as brilliant as the sun, then slammed down towards Xiao Yun.

This was a full-force attack from a True Essence realm cultivator, so it caused massive ripples throughout the air.

Nearby, the Innate realm cultivators all prepared to attack and kill Xiao Yun.

“Since it’s like this, don’t blame me for being merciless.” Xiao Yun glared at them, and brought out the Spirit-Destroying Spear with his mind.


A light flashed within Xiao Yun’s sea of consciousness as the Spirit-Destroying Spear appeared, bringing with it a terrifying wave of spirit energy that seemed to freeze the surrounding air. The minds of the cultivators buzzed, lapsing into fear and terror.

The spectators saw a light flash through the air, piercing through the True Essence realm cultivator’s Heavenly Sun Hand.


A muffled explosion sounded out as the golden light dissipated. Terror appeared in the True Essence realm cultivator’s eyes as he stared dumbly ahead, his life seeping out of him. Finally, he fell to the ground, and those who observed closely would see that the front and back of his head had been pierced.

After succeeding in one blow, Xiao Yun brought the Spirit-Destroying Spear back into his sea of consciousness. He had used up much spirit energy already. Fortunately, the Qiu family did not have anymore True Essence realm cultivators.

“He’s dead?” After Xiao Yun took back the Spirit-Destroying Spear, the immense spirit energy’s pressure was gone. The cultivators from the various families looked over and saw the True Essence realm cultivator lying on the ground.

“Heavens, this fellow killed a True Essence realm cultivator.”

“Just what sort of cultivation does he have?”

“How could I not even see him attack?”

“Me too? I felt my mind shake, as if I was struck by lightning. By the time I came back to my senses, it was already like this.” The people in the crowd looked around at each other, describing their shock. It was almost impossible to believe that such a youthful-looking person could have such strength.

“Just where did he come from?” some of the True Essence realm cultivators of other families asked as they looked on seriously.

They all knew how strong the Qiu family’s two True Essence realm cultivators were, but did not even see how they had been injured and killed. If they faced this youth, would they meet the same fate? It was difficult to find a youth with such demonic talent within the entire Moonwind Kingdom!

“Could it be that he’s not from our Moonwind Kingdom?” some people wondered. There was no other explanation.

“This Qiu family is quite unfortunate to meet such a genius.” Those who pitied Xiao Yun or looked down on him immediately changed their attitudes and started to mock the Qiu family. Why had they insisted on offending this youth? Wouldn’t all of this have been avoided if they just let him go down?

Now, they had lost two True Essence realm cultivators. Even for the Qiu family, this was a heavy loss!

After killing one of them, Xiao Yun did not stay and continued to walk. Now that the Skyfire Palace had been opened and various elders had entered, he could not fall behind. After all, no one knew what sort of treasures or legacies it contained.

“You want to just leave after killing our family members?” Seeing that Xiao Yun continued to walk towards the fire chasm, a few Innate realm cultivators rushed towards him. There were ten or so of them and although they were not very powerful, they were all at the late stage of the Innate realm, so they would be difficult to deal with together.

Their sword lights were all gleaming, and the sound of the air being torn sounded out.

“You’re simply seeking death.” Xiao Yun’s gaze became cold as he pushed out with his palms and a violet light flashed out.

Firecloud Palms!

Flames blasted out, causing the air to twist and turn as a violet cloud-like fire billowed in front of Xiao Yun.

Although Xiao Yun’s Firecloud Palms had not reached a level where they could destroy everything in an instant, they were not to be looked down on.

This was not only because Xiao Yun had reached the late stage of the Innate realm, but because the Violet Flame Martial Spirit was quite extraordinary, and could not be compared to normal Essence Qi.


The clouds of fire collided with the sword lights, letting out terrifying heatwaves and sending two of the men flying.

“Are these flames?” The people nearby stared in incredulity. Even the Qiu family’s people at the back, who were rushing up, were completely dumbfounded.

Xiao Yun did not care much for how shocked these people were. He calmly looked at the Qiu family’s people as his eyes glinted. A light flashed between his eyebrows as a jade-green mist came forth, billowing towards the Qiu family’s people.

“What is this?” Seeing the mist come towards them, the Qiu family’s people felt quite confused.

“Crap, it’s a poisonous mist!”

“Hurry up and hold your breath!” After taking in two breaths, some of the Qiu family’s people immediately realised that something was wrong, and hurriedly warned the others.

“What? It’s a poisonous mist?” The other cultivators all became alert, and hurriedly held their breaths.

The crowd’s gaze towards the youth became somewhat strange. Just then, this youth had used a Fire Martial Skill, and now he had used poison. How could he know such a variety of skills?

The cultivators from the various families started to fear this youth, and now saw him as a dangerous person. They also secretly rejoiced that it wasn’t them that had stood in his way. Otherwise, their outcome would have been like the Qiu family’s.


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