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Eternal Martial Sovereign - Chapter 76


Chapter 76: Chapter 76 – Against All Odds

Chapter 76 – Against All Odds

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Phoobiee

“What a powerful aura!” As the terrifying shockwaves swept out, those who were nearby felt their souls trembling as their minds became hazy. They became unable to see clearly, and felt a strange sense of terror as they cried out.

As the people cried out, a loud explosion sounded out.


The Spirit-Destroying Spear pierced through the air, shooting towards Qi Ming’s mace. The massive mace that could dominate anything in its path was effortlessly destroyed by the Spirit-Destroying Spear in a single blow, as if it was a piece of rotten wood that had been hit with a Black grade weapon.

As the explosion sounded out, Qi Ming’s eyes stared in front of him blankly. He wanted to scream, but was unable to do so. This was because the Spirit-Destroying Spear was simply too powerful, causing his soul to quake.


The Spirit-Destroying Spear’s light flickered as it stabbed into Qi Ming, dissipating his soul. The powerful shockwaves also shattered his body into pieces.

Now that Xiao Yun had reached the complete stage of the First Layer of the Spirit-Destroying divine Art, his control over the Spirit-Destroying divine Art was even more powerful than when he had used it against Qiu Yu Chen. At this moment, he felt as if his soul was going to leave his body, and almost fell to the ground.

Luckily, Xiao Yun’s spirit energy was much more powerful than it had been in the past, so he was able to at least remain standing.


With a slight thought, the Spirit-Destroying Spear returned to his sea of consciousness and fused with the Heaven-Devouring Tower again. After the light from the Spirit-Destroying Spear disappeared, Xiao Yun became the focus of attention within the valley.


The entire valley was abnormally silent. it had been filled with bloodthirsty roars and an atmosphere of ruthlessness, but in this moment, the bloodlust within everyone’s hearts was instead replaced by a chilling feeling… everyone stared at the youth as they shivered.

A True Essence realm expert had mysteriously died at the hands of a youth at the Innate realm – this was something that no one could accept. The youth looked only around 16-years-old;how could he be so strong?

Everyone stared, completely dumbfounded;they breathed in a breath of cold air and looked at the youth in reverence.

The Tie family and Qi family’s cultivators muttered, “That boy’s too strong;is he even human? He’s like a god!”

Barely anyone had seen just how Xiao Yun had attacked, because the shockwaves from his spirit energy had caused their minds to go hazy for a brief period of time.

Just like that, the youth seemed even more mysterious.

“Second Brother!” Not too far away, Qi Zhong felt as if his eyes were going to burst and he furiously roared out, wanting to rush over with his trident.

“Qi Zhong, both of you are going to die today. Come, men of the Tie family, kill all of these people from the Qi family!” The Tie family’s Second Patriarch’s face was filled with excitement. He never thought that this youth would be so powerful.

After loudly laughing, the Tie family’s Second Patriarch once again slashed towards Qi Zhong with his large sword. The sword light filled the heavens, and looked like a rainbow that could split the heavens and earth, giving off a profound aura.

When he had been attacked by Qi Zhong and Qi Ming, he had felt incredibly powerless. However, now that Qi Ming had died, the situation could be turned around. His battle intent was reignited, and felt extremely confident in defeating Qi Zhong, whose cultivation was slightly lower than his. Just the aura that his sword gave off was enough to make a person tremble with fear.

“Hmph, don’t try to stop me!” Qi Zhong coldly harrumphed as he tossed out another iron ball.


The iron ball was smashed by the berserk Essence Qi, releasing a dense poisonous fog. The Tie family’s Second Patriarch deeply frowned, using his True Essence to disperse the poisonous gas, and once again attacked Qi Zhong with a back-handed slash.

“You’re seeking death!” Qi Zhong’s gaze darkened as he wielded his trident and counterattacked.


The sound of the weapons colliding sounded out. The clash between the trident and the large sword produced bright sparks. The Tie family’s Second Patriarch was sent stumbling back, and he deeply breathed in twice before he frowned. The poisonous gas had entered his body, but he forcefully suppressed it quickly.

Qi Zhong was also sent stumbling back, a trace of blood appearing on his lips.

“You’ve been poisoned, you old ghost. I’ll see how you keep fighting with me.” Qi Zhong looked at the Tie family’s Second Patriarch with a sinister look as he continued, “Once this poison enters your body, if you use circulate your True Essence, it’ll travel throughout your entire body and cause you to lose you’re ability to fight.”

The Tie family’s Second Patriarch circulated his Essence Qi, and found that the poison began to move throughout his body together with the Essence Qi. This caused him to tightly frown, his expression darkening – he really wasn’t able to fight anymore!

“What? The Second Patriarch’s poisoned?” Hearing this, the Tie family’s people started to panic out of fear. If the Second Patriarch was poisoned, who would stop this Qi Zhong? That person’s cultivation was at the late stage of the True Essence realm!

Finally, their eyes fell on the youth on the battlefield.

They muttered, “Will he be able to reverse the situation?”

Just then, Xiao Yun had killed Qi Ming, shocking everyone. However, Qi Zhong was at the late stage of the True Essence, and the gap between their strength was simply too great. It wouldn’t so easy to kill Qi Zhong – after all, Xiao Yun was only a 16-year-old youth. However, apart from this youth, there was no one else who could protect the Tie family at this moment in time.

“I’ll have you pay for my second brother’s death with your life!” As if he felt the expectation from the Qi family’s people, Qi Zhong charged towards Xiao Yun with his trident in his hands and a savage look on his face. The heavy and steady steps seemed to knock on people’s hearts, striking fear into them.

As Qi Zhong came closer, a heavy pressure descended, seeming to solidify the air around him;a boundless wave of killing intent also surged out from him.

Xiao Yun was currently regulating his breathing, doing his best to restore his spirit energy. He couldn’t help but frown when he felt the monstrous aura.

The late stage of the True Essence realm was simply too powerful, and just the pressure alone made him feel suffocated.

“This person won’t be an easy opponent!” Xiao Yun looked at Qi Zhong seriously, then hurriedly tried to control the Spirit-Destroying Spear in the Heaven-Devouring Tower. However, it was a pity that his spirit energy was not enough to use this spiritual armament, and it wouldn’t be so easy for him to defeat this enemy.

“Don’t worry, this lord’s here.” Just as Xiao Yun looked on in worry, the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow’s voice sounded out.

“You?” Xiao Yun was quite surprised, “Are you able to deal with cultivators at the late stage of the True Essence realm?”

“Even though I can’t directly do anything to him, I can help you use that Spirit-Destroying Spear,” the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow replied.

“Oh!” Xiao Yun’s eyes lit up as he said, “How can you help?”

“If we combine our spirit energy, you’ll be able to use that Spirit-Destroying Spear,” the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow replied.

“Combine our spirit energy?” Xiao Yun asked, “It won’t be that easy, right?”

“This lord has an Art that will allow us to combine our spirit energy,” the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow explained as it quickly taught Xiao Yun the Art.

“So it’s like that.” After listening to the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow, Xiao Yun nodded his head, comprehending the Art.

This Art and Mind Linking were different techniques that achieved the same result. It was a spirit seal that allowed 2 people to combine their spirit energy. However, using it was quite dangerous – if one of them harboured errant thoughts, it could result in great harm to the other person.

As such, it required utmost trust.

“What, you don’t trust this lord?” The Heaven-Devouring Sparrow rolled its eyes when it saw Xiao Yun’s hesitation.

“Since you dare to try it, why wouldn’t I?” Xiao Yun made his decision and started to combine his spirit energy with the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow’s.

By now, Qi Zhong was already quite close to him.

“Brat, you killed my brother, so you’ll have to pay with your life.” Qi Zhong stopped about 3 metres away from Xiao Yun. His eyes were incredibly sinister as all of the True Essence around him swept towards Xiao Yun like a gale, and he also stabbed towards the youth with his trident.


The trident glowed with light and brought with it massive gusts of wind. Its prongs glinted with an icy light as it pierced through the air and gave off a terrifying pressure. This strike looked like a bolt of lightning flashing through the sky, and was unimaginably fast.

“Crap, hurry up and dodge, Xiao Yun!” In the distance, Tie Feng’s eyes widened as he realised that the youth’s eyes were still closed. This caused him to feel incredibly panicked, and he continuously screamed out. If Xiao Yun didn’t move, how would he dodge this fierce attack?

“Watch out!” The Third Miss’ face was also filled with worry, her face incredibly pale.

“Stop!!” Further away, the Tie family’s Second Patriarch stabilised the poison within his body as he strode towards them with his large sword.

“You overestimate yourself.” As the Tie family’s Second Patriarch approach, Qi Zhong coldly laughed and wave his palm, sending a massive hand formed from Essence Qi towards the Second Patriarch. The Tie family’s Second Patriarch’s sword light instantly disappeared, and the powerful Essence Qi sent him stumbling back by 5 metres.

“Argh!” A mouthful of fresh blood spurted from the Tie family’s Second Patriarch’s mouth, containing a trace of blackness.

After being poisoned, the Tie family’s Second Patriarch became greatly weakened and could not put up a fight at all.

At this moment, Qi Zhong was grinning as he stabbed towards the youth in front of him.


The trident glinted with an icy light, bringing with it a bitingly-cold aura. As it pierced towards Xiao Yun, the air around it rippled. And yet, the youth did not move at all, causing the cultivators watching to feel as if their hearts had leapt into their throats.

“What is he doing?” The Tie family’s people were horrified. They were hoping that the youth could turn the tides, but now it looked like he would lose his life like this. This caused everyone to despair.

“Can he not sense the danger?” The Third Miss tightly gripped her hands together and deeply frowned in great worry.

It was at this moment the youth’s eyes flew open as a powerful wave of spirit energy rushed out from within his mind. The overwhelming spirit energy seemed to form a twister as it roared forwards.


The might behind the trident was shattered from the spirit energy.

Qi Zhong’s expression darkened as his mind buzzed, feeling as if there was a storm within his mind that threatened to tear apart his soul. This caused his body to sway slightly, and at this moment, a vortex appeared between Xiao Yun’s eyebrows.

Spirit-Destroying Spear!

The short spear appeared, giving off an icy light as it pierced through the air, stabbing into Qi Zhong’s head.

Qi Zhong’s mind trembled, as if it had been struck by lightning. As Xiao Yun’s soul dissipated, the aura around him also disappeared, and he fell like a deflated balloon.


The trident also fell to the ground.

Xiao Yun deeply breathed in and brought the Spirit-Destroying Spear back within his body. At this moment, he was completely exhausted, as if every single drop of strength had been wrung out of his body. His eyes dimmed.

As Qi Zhong fell, the atmosphere within the valley seemed to solidify.

The Qi family’s cultivators looked at each other and then looked at the corpse on the ground with expressions of disbelief. A cultivator at the late stage of the True Essence realm had died, just like that? Did that really just happen?

Many people were shaking their heads, unable to accept this – it had to be known that just a moment ago, the youth’s eyes were still closed, and did not look like he would attack at all.

“How did he kill Patriarch Qi?” The Qi family’s people all looked incredibly confused.


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