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Eternal Martial Sovereign - Chapter 63


Chapter 63: Chapter 63 – Admired By Tens of Thousands

Chapter 63 – Admired By Tens of Thousands

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Phoobiee

The Xiao family’s old patriarch spoke incredibly calmly and looked quite solemn, giving of the airs of a powerful expert. He seemed completely different to his normal carefree self, as he exuded a sense of might and dignity. When everyone heard his words, the entire crowd was sent into a frenzy.

“What? We get medicinal pills as well?”

“Haha, many thanks, Xiao family’s old patriarch!”

“The Xiao family’s so generous!”

“We’re willing to follow the Xiao family unreservedly in future!” Hearing this, many of the cultivators from the other families became delirious with joy and hurriedly cupped their fists in thanks.

Looking at the people, Xiao Yun calmly smiled. When the Fang family’s old patriarch had announced that he had stepped into the Essence Core, many of these people had said that they would follow him unreservedly.

However, in the blink of an eye, these people had decided to follow the Xiao family – it was evident that they were opportunists who were easily swayed.

However, Xiao Yun had long since matured, and knew that this was a world where might reigned supreme. Whoever was stronger could control anything. Although these people weren’t very sincere, having them follow the Xiao family could at least save them quite a bit of trouble. After all, if they hadn’t acted, many of the important figures from the Fang family would have escaped.

“Don’t worry grandpa. As long as I have the medicinal ingredients, I will be able to refine the medicinal pills,” Xiao Yun said as he smiled.

“Very good,” the Xiao family’s old patriarch approved as he also smiled and nodded.

“Medicinal ingredients?” the elders of the various families looked over and hurriedly asked. “Young master Xiao Yun, please tell us what medicinal ingredients you need. We’ll definitely gather them for you to aid you in the pill refining process, even if it costs us our fortunes”

“That’s right, no matter what medicinal ingredients they are, we’ll gather them,” everyone else agreed.

With the opportunity to obtain medicinal pills, no one dared to be arrogant.

It had to be known that even Pure Essence Pills were incredibly difficult for them to obtain. Who would be willing to give up on such a good opportunity? Even a few Innate Pills were a great blessing, so they would do everything in their power to receive them.

“Since that’s the case, I’ll write down a list so that everyone can go and gather them.” These people were so eager, so Xiao Yun did not refuse.

“We’ll have to trouble young master Xiao Yun then.” The elders of the various families all smiled at Xiao Yun. In response, Xiao Yun only waved his hands, and did not say much else.

“Haha, brother Yuan Shan, you have quite the amazing grandson!” The Lin family’s old patriarch walked over as he looked at Xiao Yun with a passionate gaze. He looked as if he wanted to take the youth for himself, and there was a hint of craftiness in his eyes.

“But of course! He’s this old man’s descendant!” The Xiao family’s old patriarch wasn’t humble at all as he laughed, “Who else can compare to him?”

Thinking to the fact that his grandson had refined an incredibly rare and precious Mysterious Congealing Pill, the Xiao family’s old patriarch felt ecstatic with joy. For him to have achieved so much while so young, there were very few people in the Moonwind Kingdom who could compare to him.

“That’s right, that’s right.” The Lin family’s old patriarch’s eyes lit up as he motioned with his hand. A young woman with long legs and a fiery figure slowly walked over.

Her eyes were hazy, her lips were slightly pursed, and she had a strange look on her face. This young woman was Lin Xiao Man.

Xiao Yun raised his eyebrows as she walked over.

“Xiao Yun, congratulations on winning the Martial Competition.” After walking over, Lin Xiao Man shook her head, casting away the complicated thoughts in her heart. She smiled at Xiao Yun and casually stretched out her hand, greeting the youth.

“Hmph, what a snob,” Yan Shi Yan cursed with a frown. However, she felt a little worried as she mumbled, “Surely big brother Xiao Yun wouldn’t be enchanted by her, right?”

Yan Shi Yan’s eyelashes batted as she looked on worriedly. Lin Xiao Man was wearing fairly short pants, revealing her slender and white long legs. What’s more, her chest was incredibly full, as if it was going to burst out of her clothes. A patch of snow-whiteness was exposed, which looked extremely alluring. Anyone who looked at her fiery figure would feel moved.

“No need to congratulate me.” Xiao Yun replied as he calmly glanced at the young woman and her outstretched hand.

“You!” Lin Xiao Man felt incredibly angry, and gritted her teeth. When had anyone ever dared to treat her like this?

Xiao Yun chose to ignore her and turned to look elsewhere. There, Yan Shi Fei and Madam Yan were slowly walking over.

The cultivators from the various families all conscientiously took a step back to make way for her. This was because everyone knew that the young woman’s relationship with Xiao Yun was quite intimate.

After all, they had been holding hands when they had arrived!

“Are you alright?” Yan Shi Fei walked over with a slight smile on her face. Her beauty was filled with gentleness, and when she looked at the youth, her eyes were full of care and concern. She had been scared beyond belief just then!

“How could anything happen to me?” Xiao Yun smiled as he shrugged.

“Oh, you!” Yan Shi Fei narrowed her eyes, feeling quite helpless. Although the youth had replied quite nonchalantly, she knew just how much danger he had been in. If he hadn’t turned the tables at the critical moment, it was possible that they would have been separated forever.

Seeing how affectionate they were with each other, the elders from the various families went elsewhere.

Xiao Hong and the others laughed, “Haha, this boy’s truly grown up!” Everyone else also laughed, feeling quite happy.

“Ahem.” Duke Yan walked over, awkwardly coughing.

“Duke Yan is quite blessed!” Some people teased.

“Ahaha,” Duke Yan embarrassedly laughed as he came over to Xiao Yun. “This is your medallion for becoming the champion of this Martial Competition. With this, you have the right to take the Heaven Origin Sect’s examination. Your strength is definitely enough to shock the Heaven Origin Sect’s experts.” After saying this, he handed the medallion to Xiao Yun.

“This is the Heaven Origin Sect’s examination medallion?” Xiao Yun muttered as he received the medallion.

Nearby, the other youths all looked on in admiration. This medallion was something that countless geniuses coveted. It had the potential to change their lives and allow them to come into contact with the boundless Martial World. To the younger descendants of the large families, it was a chance for them to become the fish that leapt through the dragon’s gate.

Xiao Yun put the medallion away and looked towards the beautiful, middle-aged woman by Duke Yan’s side.

Feeling the youth’s eyes fall on her, the woman averted her gaze, also looking quite embarrassed.

“Madam Yan, I should have the right to be with your daughter now, right?” Xiao Yun asked with a smile.

The youth spoke clearly and loudly, and his voice travelled across the entire arena so that everyone could hear it.

“Is Xiao Yun asking for Yan Shi Fei’ hand in marriage?”

“I’m so envious of big miss Yan to be able to capture Xiao Yun’s heart.”

“Wouldn’t it be great for Xiao Yun to choose me.”

Seeing how earnest the youth was, the daughters of the noble families all looked at Yan Shi Fei in admiration and envy. After all, Xiao Yun was a genius who would be difficult to find in a hundred years!

Lin Xiao Man felt even worse. She had been quite close with the youth when they were younger, but it was a pity that after he had lost his talent, she had distanced herself from him. Now, they had essentially become enemies, and he wasn’t even willing to shake her hand, let alone become closer with her.

“O-Of course you do.” Madam Yan looked incredibly awkward, and felt quite bitter. However, hearing the discussion around her, she squeezed out a smile and nodded. She was afraid that this youth would be stolen by another girl!

With the current situation, as long as Xiao Yun was willing, there would be countless girls swarming at him.

The current youth was no longer the trash from before – he was now a genius among geniuses, so who wouldn’t want to establish a relationship with him?

“That’s good.” Seeing that Madam Yan had now agreed, Xiao Yun felt delighted, and the bitterness within his heart finally dissipated.

Back then, Madam Yan had continuously made things difficult for him, and had thought that him wanting to be near Yan Shi Fei was like a toad wanting to eat swan meat. Now, he had proved himself, and shown that he wouldn’t always be a toad. One day, he would be a king admired by tens of thousands.

“As long as I work hard, anything is possible,” Xiao Yun thought to himself excitedly. If it wasn’t for his own efforts and struggles, how could he have survived from being attacked by Qiu Yu Chen?

So what if he had won the Martial Competition if he had died in the process?

Only by working hard and struggling could he win!

At this moment, a firm conviction rooted itself in Xiao Yun’s mind: when he faced danger, he would never shrink back. Even if there was a ten thousandth of a chance of success, he would give it his all!

Yan Shi Fei elegantly walked over to Xiao Yun’s side, and took the initiative to hold his hand.

It was as if she could see the pressure within Xiao Yun’s heart from his eyes.

Feeling the softness in his hand, Xiao Yun was able to relax slightly, and gave a slight smile. With this beauty by his side, everything was worth it.

Seeing how perfect Xiao Yun and her big sister looked together, Yan Shi Yan looked quite displeased.

“You’re all snobs. Just a few days ago, you wouldn’t let big sister be with big brother Xiao Yun, but now you’ve changed your mind,” Yan Shi Yan pouted, feeling quite unhappy. She looked at her mother and revealed an expression of condescension.

“I say, what’s going on with you, girl?” Madam Yan felt quite confused – what was going on with this girl?

When she was against Fei’Er being with Xiao Yun, this girl had been unhappy, and now that she had approved, she was still unhappy.

“At least Shi Fei being with Xiao Yun means she’ll have someone to support her,” Duke Yan nodded in satisfaction.

Just like that, the Martial Competition was concluded.

“Brother Yuan Shan, what are your plans?” the Lin family’s old patriarch asked.

“Plans?” The Xiao family’s old patriarch raised an eyebrow, looking over questioningly.

“Although you’ve killed Fang Kun, Xiao Yun killed that Qiu Yu Chen – there might be trouble form that!” the Lin family’s old patriarch said.

“Old Lin is right.” Hearing this, some of the elders from other families nodded in agreement.

“That’s indeed a problem,” Duke Yan said as he frowned.

The Xiao family’s old patriarch also fell into silence.

“Did Qiu Yu Chen have an important status within the Heaven Origin Sect?” Xiao Yun asked as he walked over.

“Mm,” Duke Yan nodded, “One of his uncles is an elder of the Heaven Origin Sect, and had wanted to take Fang Hao as his disciple.”

“Heaven Origin Sect’s elder? Looks like there’ll be trouble!” Xiao Yun frowned.

“You don’t need to worry too much,” Duke Yan said, “The Heaven Origin Sect isn’t controlled by the Qiu family.”

After pausing for a moment, Duke Yan continued speaking, “Your talent is unprecedented, and not only do you have a variant flame, you can also refine pills. You’ll definitely stand out during the examination. Once you’re chosen by someone, you’ll definitely be nurtured and become a core disciple of the Heaven Origin Sect. When that happens, why would you need to fear the Qiu family?”

“Core disciple?” Xiao Yun’s eyes flashed as a fiery look appeared within them.


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