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Eternal Martial Sovereign - Chapter 22


Chapter 22 - Clung Onto?

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Master Shadow

The violet mist spread out, causing Xiao Yun to immediately stop in his tracks. After seeing the Silver Snake Adventurer Group's captain fall, Xiao Yun took in a breath of cold air. ’’So the Violet Vine also contains poison as well. Luckily there was someone there before me.’’

’’The captain died?’’

’’The Violet Vine's been cut.’’

’’Don't let that kid take the Violet Vine!’’ Just as Xiao Yun stopped, the cultivators who he had stopped with his spirit energy came back to their senses. When they saw the light of the Violet Vine had grown dim, their eyes burned with desire.

Now that the captain had died, this Violet Vine was fated to be theirs.


Humans die in pursuit of wealth and birds die in pursuit of food;the wages of avarice is death. Just as they prepared to grab the Violet Vine, the broken rhizome let out a violet light, as another violet mist swept out from the Violet Vine.

The mist covered a radius of 100 metres, and almost everyone was enveloped by the violet mist without exception.

’’This is a poison mist!’’ Xiao Yun was full of wariness, and immediately held his breath so that he didn't breathe any in.

Even that expert of the late stage of the Innate realm had fallen from this poisonous mist!

However, the men who were charging towards Xiao Yun didn't realise the danger they were in. As they yelled, the dense violet mist entered their bodies. Their faces all became ashen as the poison spread to their heart and meridians.


Pitiful cries started to sound out as the remaining 7 men also fell.


Seeing these men fall, the Violet Vine gave a weak buzz, as if its anger had been soothed by killing these bad guys.

The poisonous mist dissipated, and although Xiao Yun had been holding his breath, there were still a few traces that entered his body through his nose. However, his Martial Spirit instantly absorbed it, so he was unaffected. However, he stared at the Violet Vine strangely.

This guy's poison was not ordinary at all!


The Violet Vine let out a joyful cheer. However, it immediately noticed that the youths were staring at it, which caused it to become restless. Anyone who could block against its life essence poison wasn't ordinary!

The Violet Vine started to glow with a violet light, preparing to escape.

’’Don't run!’’ Xiao Yun leapt over, hurriedly chasing after the Violet Vine.

The enemies had finally all been cleared out;how could he allow the Violet Vine to escape now?

The Violet Vine moved quite slowly because of the injuries it had sustained and the poison from the marsh.

When it realised Xiao Yun was going to catch up, the Violet Vine suddenly stopped and turned to face Xiao Yun.

Upon closer inspection, there was a purple glow on one of the Violet Vine's branches. Within that glow was a little soul that looked like a tree-person. Evidently, this was the Violet Vine's soul.

Just as Xiao Yun was about to catch up to the Violent Vine, a telepathic message was transmitted into his mind. ’’Bad guys, you're all bad guys!’’ That voice was incredibly childish, and sounded like that of a 2 year old child's. From the sweetness of the voice, it should be a female.

’’This is the soul's voice?’’ Xiao Yun was quite surprised upon hearing this voice.

Long ago, he had known that some creatures could develop consciousness, which could grow and become similar to a human. When Xiao Yun was younger, he had thought that this was just a legend, and had disregarded it.

However, hearing this telepathic transmission, his heart shook.

This world was quite strange and fantastic!

As Xiao Yun marvelled in shock, the Violet Vine spoke again.

’’Hmph, those who want to harm me will all die.’’ The tender voice was once again transmitted into Xiao Yun's mind, after which the Violet Vine flashed with a violet light. It began to use its life essence to spray out the poison mist again.

’’Goddamn, it's so young and yet it's already screaming for murder. What's wrong with it?’’ Xiao Yun felt quite helpless as he also sent out a telepathic transmission. He simply couldn't understand how such a young-sounding voice could be so violent.

Do I look like a bad person?

Xiao Yun didn't dare to be careless, and hurriedly used the Martial Spirit to defend against the poison mist.

The poison mist this time was much more powerful than the previous one, and he didn't dare to act recklessly.

After receiving Xiao Yun's telepathic transmission, the Violet Vine's childish voice replied, ’’Hmph, you look just like a bad person.’’

Xiao Yun felt quite depressed. However, before he could reply, the Martial Spirit within his sea of consciousness moved;a jade-green light enwrapped his entire body, blocking off the poison mist. The resplendent jade-green light had actually completely dispelled the poison mist around him.

As the poison mist dissipated, the air around him felt incredibly refreshing, and seemed to be filled with the aura of life.

Xiao Yun let out a sigh of relief when he saw he hadn't been poisoned or corroded.

The Violet Vine cried out joyously, ’’That's the aura of life!’’ The soul flashing with violet light seemed to stare at Xiao Yun, as if a wolf was eyeing him.


The gigantic vine suddenly shrank, becoming 30 centimetres tall.

This vine was glowing with a violet light, and was crystal clear. If one looked at it closely, they would find that it was a little tree-person.

This tree-person had 2 rhizomes as its feet, with stems coming out that looked like toes. At its centre it had a ginseng-like waist, and 2 vines formed its arms from which rattan-like strands hung. On top was a humanoid head, on which were some hair-like roots.

On its face were 2 violet eyes which continuously flashed, as well as long and thin roots that looked like eyelashes.

Xiao Yun was stunned at the sight of this delicate little tree-person. ’’Is this the Violet Vine's soul?’’

This Violet Vine was too mysterious - it had almost become a person. This was especially so for its violet eyes, which kept blinking. They looked incredibly like human eyes, and it was currently staring at the youth. Its mouth, which had not fully formed yet, rippled with a violet glow, as if it was salivating.

Xiao Yun felt quite stunned towards this sudden change of attitude. ’’Surely it's not viewing me as its prey.’’

Just as Xiao Yun was filled with wariness towards the Violet Vine staring at him, the Violet Vine's eyes blinked as it clumsily used its arms to wipe its violet saliva and sprang towards Xiao Yun.


The Violet Vine was like a little child, and clutched Xiao Yun's leg.

Seeing this little fellow suddenly hug his leg, Xiao Yun was completely dumbstruck.

Wasn't it yelling for murder just then?

It seemed like it had no intention to attack him anymore!

As a look of utter confusion appeared on Xiao Yun's face, the little fellow looked at him as it spoke in its childish voice, ’’Big brother, I want milk milk!’’

It now looked extremely cute, and possessed none of the viciousness it just had.

’’I want milk milk?’’ Xiao Yun was perplexed, and wasn't sure whether to laugh or to cry. What was going on?

Just then, this little fellow had just sprayed poison at him, wanting to kill him.

’’I want milk milk,’’ the little fellow continued to say in its childlike voice, a look of pleading in its eyes.

Xiao Yun wasn't quite sure how to respond. ’’Err, settle down, big brother doesn't have any milk milk;go ask someone else.’’

Asking him for milk - what a joke!

He suspected that this little fellow was actually mocking him.

The little fellow spoke as it looked at him earnestly, ’’You do! You just released some!’’

’’I just released some??’’ Xiao Yun was a bit confused, and he asked, ’’Was it that jade-green glow?’’

’’Mm,’’ the Violet Vine vigorously nodded, its crystal-like eyes filled with hope.

Xiao Yun felt at a loss for words. So this little fellow had been attracted to the jade-green light that his Martial Spirit had released.

Why did it call the light 'milk milk'?

Very soon, Xiao Yun understood.

His Martial Spirit was a plant type Martial Spirit, so it belonged to the same category as the Violet Vine. The jade-green glow was created using the Martial Spirit's source energy, and to this little fellow, it was 'milk milk', and was beneficial to it. As such, its attitude had taken a 180 degree turn.

Xiao Yun's eyes lit up.

Xiao Yun's eyes narrowed as he gave a smile to the little fellow. ’’If you want milk milk, that's fine. However, you can't be naughty anymore.’’ He looked just like a perverted uncle preparing to trick a naïve little girl.

’’Mm.’’ However, this little fellow vigorously nodded, and said in its childish voice, ’’Big brother, Lil Violet is so pitiful. I was hurt by those bad people and had my source energy cut off from me. After the vital essence in my branches are used up, Lil Violet's going to die.’’

Not only did this little fellow speak in a childish voice, it started to try to garner Xiao Yun's sympathy. Its actions and words were completely different to how it was before. This caused Xiao Yun, who had an evil smile on his face, to feel quite stunned.

No matter how he looked, this little fellow didn't look like the good type.

However, big sister Shi Fei greatly desired a support-type Martial Spirit;he didn't want to let go of this opportunity.

After thinking for a moment, Xiao Yun replied, ’’Alright, don't worry, with big brother, you definitely won't die.’’

The violet little fellow clutched at Xiao Yun's pants as it repeated in its childish voice, ’’I want milk milk.’’

Xiao Yun shook his head and started to use his Martial Spirit to cast the jade-green light towards the little fellow.

Just as the jade-green light touched its body, the Violet Vine's body shone with a violet light, as it started to absorb the jade-green light. In just an instant, the incredibly weak Violet Vine seemed to have recovered quite a bit, and its violet eyes became brighter.

’’Looks like my Martial Spirit's source energy is quite effective,’’ Xiao Yun thought to himself as he watched. After the Violet Vine's aura had recovered considerably, Xiao Yun stopped sending out the jade-green light.

This little fellow could fight against Innate realm experts;if it recovered all of its strength, it would be difficult for Xiao Yun to control it.

’’Lil Violet's still hungry.’’ The little fellow looked at Xiao Yun pitifully.

’’Big brother doesn't have any more milk milk. Be good, Lil Violet, and don't make a ruckus.’’ Xiao Yun felt exasperated. This little fellow was incredibly greedy!


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