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Eternal Martial Sovereign - Chapter 165


Chapter 165: Chapter 165 - Mysterious Eagle Martial Spirit

Chapter 165 - Mysterious Eagle Martial Spirit

Translator: Enrei


The Nanjiang region was remote and lacked a lot of natural resources, and as a result, cultivators there were generally inferior to those of other regions. With all that in mind, Liu Zhong was lucky to have even 27% spirit body value. If he was willing to diligently cultivate, he could become quite powerful in the future, and so several managers nodded slightly.

“Next: Wang Lei, come take the test,” the young man continued after Liu Zhong walked away.

A fierce-looking young boy stepped forward. He had a simple-minded smile on his face as he walked next to the crystal pillar to begin his test. True Essence flowed through his palm, but his flickered an unusual pale blue.

“What kind of constitution does he have?” The crowd stared blankly, stunned by this strange True Essence.

“Ah, this is a rare Martial Spirit called the Essence Restoring Martial Spirit. It allows the cultivator to recover True Essence, and once it matures, it will offer a huge advantage in battle. This Martial Spirit can even speed up the cultivator’s cultivation.” The portly elder smiled slightly. He was the one who had recruited this genius, after all.

“Essence Restoring Martial Spirit? That certainly is an extraordinary Martial Spirit.” After hearing this explanation, the nearby managers were all astonished, and couldn’t help but let some admiration show in their eyes. With this Martial Spirit, one would no longer have to worry about exhausting one’s True Essence during combat.

After all, when experts were in a fight, every bit of True Essence made the difference between life and death.

“What’s so impressive about a recovery-type Martial Spirit? In this world, only combat-type Martial Spirits can emerge victorious,” the red-faced manager said dismissively, his mouth twisting. He nonchalantly cast his gaze towards a hawk-nosed boy next to him.

That boy was the real genius here.

The red-faced manager smiled coldly to himself. He wasn’t impressed by the other managers’ recruits at all.

Just as everyone was starting to get apprehensive, the crystal ball projected a screen of light and showed Wang Lei’s results.

Wang Lei, Essence Restoring Martial Spirit, 32% Martial Spirit inheritance value, middle-level inferior Marital Spirit!

“Not bad.” The young man nodded, handed Wang Lei a badge, and said, “This is your Identity Token. Because of your Martial Spirit, you have more potential than a cultivator with a spirit body, so you gain a bonus 3 points. Thus, you have earned a total of 35 points in your assessment.”

“Thank you, Big Brother.” Wang Lei grinned humbly and happily accepted the badge, then returned to his spot.

“What? Martial Spirits get a bonus?” After hearing the young man, the disciples who were still waiting for the test became visibly dissatisfied. They all had spirit bodies, and none of them thought they were inferior to Martial Spirits. Why should Martial Spirits get more points than them?

Liu Zhong was especially affected, his brows furrowing tightly.

“A Martial Spirit originates from the body, and once fully awakened, the cultivator’s many abilities will be greatly improved. It has far more potential than a spirit body. Were it not for the fact that he had a recovery-type Martial Spirit, which has less combat ability than a combat-type Martial Spirit, he would have gained seven bonus points,” the young man explained. Temple Master Jiang nodded slightly to one side and did not interfere.

The other disciples only stopped their murmuring after hearing this explanation, though they still remained unsatisfied. They were all proud and arrogant and considered themselves prodigies. How could they bow to another genius with a Martial Spirit?

“Just wait until the competition, and we’ll see how his Martial Spirit fares,” some people said to themselves.

After this, another youth went to take the assessment.

Duan Ling’er, wind spirit body, 39% spirit body value, middle-level spirit body.

She was a young girl, only in the late stages of the Innate realm.

“Thirty-nine percent is quite the good constitution.” After seeing her test results, the managers on the platform nodded one after the other. They’d seen countless assessments, so they had a good understanding of the abilities of the geniuses in Nanjiang.

One after another cultivator went to take the assessment, each one of them with either a spirit body or a Martial Spirit. No one was able to reach 40% spirit value, so it was easy to imagine just how hard it was to have a perfect spirit body or Martial Spirit.

In just a while, only four out of the eighteen teenagers remained unassessed. Xiao Yun had arrived the the latest, so he was the last in line.

At this moment, a slender youth stepped forward. He stretched out his pale hand and pressed it gently on the crystal ball. Rays of light sparkled, and a whistle suddenly rang from the crystal ball, the sound as shrill as a great eagle’s cry.

“This is a Martial Spirit?” After hearing that sound, the elders all became agitated. It was obviously a Martial Spirit, or else it couldn’t have had such a birdlike cry. In that moment, everyone’s gaze fell on the youth, their expressions incredibly excited.

Of course, it was possible it was from a bloodline. However, those who had the blood of avian beasts were extremely rare, and were usually descended from great ancient clans.

“What kind of Martial Spirit could he have?”

The youths on the platform were all astonished.

So many people had taken the test already, but they all had spirit bodies. Only Wang Lei had a Martial Spirit, and even then it was a recovery-type Martial Spirit. Now, this youth’s Martial Spirit made them feel anxious, yet incredibly curious at the same time.

As the cry sounded, light flickered in the youth’s palm, as if a great eagle had sunk into the crystal ball. A True Essence was injected into the crystal pillar, and the watermark began to soar upwards.

Ten percent.

Thirty percent.

Thirty-five percent!

As the watermark reached 35%, the crowd held their breaths, their faces tight with nervousness as the watermark was still rising slowly.

“Is he really going to reach forty percent Martial Spirit inheritance value?” Everyone, especially those who had already been assessed, held some misgivings, and they were all incredibly nervous, clenching their fists tightly as they stared unflinchingly at the watermark.

If this person reached 40%, and then received the Martial Spirit bonus, how could that be possible? Few people would be able to compete with him.

Suddenly, the watermark stopped, and the crystal ball flashed and projected a line of text.

Chen Feng, Mystic Eagle Martial Spirit, 41% Martial Spirit inheritance value, middle-level Martial Spirit.

“Forty-one! It reached forty-one!” Even the managers’ eyes lit up at this inheritance value.

Among all the new Core Temple disciples, those who could reach 40% Martial Spirit inheritance were extremely rare, and they could even be regarded as top geniuses.

Those who reached forty-one reached forty-one like Chen Feng were so rare they could be counted on one hand. Even just one point of difference in inheritance values would result in a huge difference in cultivation potential.

After seeing this inheritance value, even the previously silent Temple Master Jiang couldn’t help but show some surprise. Immediately, he very courteously said, “Manager Huang, you’ve done very well to unearth someone with a forty-one percent Martial Spirit inheritance value!”

“I was just lucky, that’s all,” the red-faced manager said proudly with a smile.

“Here’s your Identity Token.” The young man in charge of the assessment took out a badge and handed it to the slender youth. “Because your Mystic Eagle Martial Spirit is a combat-type Martial Spirit, you’ll receive a bonus seven points, which gives you a total of forty-eight points.”

“Thank you, Big Brother.” Chen Feng took the badge proudly. He returned to his place in the crowd, but his gaze showed hints of arrogance as it swept across the people next to him. He seemed incredibly full of himself, as if other people were worth nothing in his eyes.

The youths next to Chen Feng weren’t happy to see his attitude, but they had to swallow their discontent.

Not only did Chen Feng possess a Martial Spirit, he was also in the peak early stages of the True Essence realm. If the power of his Martial Spirit were to also be taken into account, there would be few who could compete with him. As long as he did well in the competition, he would easily be able to rank at the top.

The youths next to him could only accept this reality.

None of the next few to be assessed had a Martial Spirit, and their spirit values were all between thirty to thirty-three.

“Congrats, Brother Huang. Chen Feng will surely be able to be ranked first and receive the best resources. In the future he’ll for sure be able to make rapid progress, and if he can match the new disciples from a few months ago in the competition, then you’ll be rewarded richly.” The other managers, as if they also believed that Chen Feng would also rank first, began to congratulate the red-faced manager.

“How could we have been outdone by the old geezer?”

“If only I’d known, I I’d known, I would’ve gone to Nanfeng for the appraisal.” Some other managers’ faces darkened, and they bitterly expressed their regrets.

Manager Qin still had his cool poker face.

In the blink of an eye, only Xiao Yun remained unassessed.

“Xiao Yun of the Moonwind Kingdom, please come forward to be assessed.” The young man glanced at the list in his hands and turned to the youth across from him. There was a strange light in the young man’s eyes, and a slight smile played on his lips, hinting at curiosity and expectations.

“Yes!” Xiao Yun responded, and casually walked forward.

“This Xiao Yun kicked up quite the storm in the Moonwind testing arena. What kind of qualifications does he have?” As Xiao Yun approached, the young man narrowed his eyes expectantly. The incident in the Moonwind Kingdom had long been spread to the Heaven Origin Sect, but only as far as those in the higher levels. This young man followed Temple Master Jiang closely and was his personal disciple, so naturally, he had heard the news as well.

After all, if such a thing were to be spread to the public, it would have a negative impact on the sect.

“You’ve gotten unlucky this time, Brother Qin, having only recruited someone who’s barely made the mark,” a tan elder remarked with a hint of mockery as he watched Xiao Yun walk forward. “Is the Moonwind Kingdom really so incapable? Or is it that all their geniuses have already been recruited into the sect? Oh, now that I mention it, Elder Qiu from the Water Peak took a disciple with an Ice Martial Spirit. I’ve heard that within his clan, there’s also a youth with a fire spirit body, but unfortunately, he’s long since been accepted into the Fire Peak, and he hasn’t followed you into the Core Temple!”

Qiu Yufeng had an affinity for Fire Essence Qi, so he was considered to have a fire spirit body, but Qiu Zhi happened to be under the Fire Peak, so he didn’t come to the Core Temple. There, he would be able to receive better instruction, and he didn’t have to compete with anyone at all.

“I believe in quality over quantity when it comes to recruiting disciples,” Manager Qin said calmly, his face indifferent.


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