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Eternal Life - Chapter 73


Fang Han returned to his home in the ’’Inner Court Yard,’’ closing all the doors behind him. He entered the Medicinal Pill Chamber, sat down, and crossed his legs in preparation for training his spiritual mind. Originally he lived in the WoXian Court Yard, but since all of his important baggage could be carried in the Acheron Map there was no need to clean up his old place.

The inside of the Acheron map hid a space large enough to fit an entire mountain.

The rooms in the’’Inner Courtyard’’ were different from the WoXian Courtyard. The building was made of some kind of pure white stone, it seemed lofty, spacious, deep and refreshing, like an authentic immortal estate. All of the rooms were shut tight and it was impossible for him to be disturbed as long as the Giant Stone Gate was closed.

The rooms of the courtyard were connected one to another. The entire residence contained a library, alchemy chamber, and a pool of clear spring water. Embedded into the ceiling of the lofty manor were a series of bright pearls.

These pearls were not the legendary ’’Luminous Pearls,’’ instead they were magic pearls which had the ability to absorb both sunlight and moonlight in order to radiate gentle light in the night time.

Fang Han saw that his residence even included a bulging medicinal pill furnace that stood taller than a grown man. The furnace had a myriad of fire-element Daoist runes carved into its surface. Next to the furnace were several pools filled with different types of spring water.

It was impossible for an Outer Sect Disciple to be treated in this manner.

Medicinal Pill Chamber.

The giant medicinal pill furnace wasn't made of gold, iron, stone, or jade. It was not a Linqi, nonetheless, it was still an excellent Faqi that could be used to refine both weapons and medicine.

For the most part, the room was very tranquil and clean.

In fact, the YuHua Sect had a rule in place that prohibited any disciple from trespassing on the territory of another disciple. This rule was established to ensure that every Inner Sect Disciple was able to cultivate without being disturbed. The penalty for breaking the rule was strict, the offender was either to be sent to the Sect's mines located in some far off place in the world to work as a laborer, or be sent to work as a farmer transplanting rice seedlings and taking care of the sect's herb fields.

Fang Han decided to cultivate while sitting next to the pill furnace.

’’The bottom of the furnace is connected to a vein of Earth Fire, atop it is a piece of crystal Faqi, it can absorb the true fire of the sun. Using it you can control the earth fire and heaven fire at will. All of that is necessary for refining, but it's useless to you since you know nothing about refining, the proper way to coordinate metals, or even how to prepare medicinal ingredients......But, one thing that you can use this furnace for is refining your body!’’

’’What do I need to do?’’ Fang Han asked stunned.

’’You jump into it and treat yourself as a pill to be refined, as long as you can properly control the fire then there's no reason why only flying swords or medicinal pills can be made in a furnace. Many masters temper their spirits by refining themselves like pills. It's likely the YuHua Sect also has this practice, but you've simply yet to learn of it. I, however, am privy to the Acheron Sect's body refining technique, It's called ’’Yamaraja Unbreakable Flesh.’’ With the way that you're cultivating at the moment, you won't be able to achieve any results quickly even if we do factor in medicinal pill supplements. The only way to get the most out of your cultivation would be to use another method to cultivate your spirit and flesh.’’ Yan said coldly. He recognized the urgency of the ten-year agreement Fang Han had with Hua Tian Du. Originally, even if Fang Han had the help of the Māra Medicinal Pills, he would need between one and three years to enter the Godly Expert Realm he simply didn't have that kind of time anymore.

Because even if Fang Han managed to enter the Godly Expert Realm, He'd still be nothing in Hua Tian Du's eyes.

’’Yamaraja Unbreakable Flesh?’’

Fang Han could tell by Yan's tone that the ’’Yamaraja Unbreakable Flesh’’ would be difficult to cultivate.

’’If you want to cultivate Yamaraja Unbreakable Flesh you will have to endure agonizing throes of pain. Do you think you can stand with it? The first step can enhance your spirit and flesh very greatly, however, to master the true Yamaraja Unbreakable Flesh, you will have to reach the tenth level of the Godly Expert Realm, Alter Destiny Realm,’’ Yan stated simply.

’’Bring it on, I'll do whatever you tell me needs to be done.’’ Fang Han accepted without hesitation.

’’Good.’’ Yan didn't say much when he saw Fang Han's response, suddenly he waved his claws in the Acheron Map, causing mana to leak out all of the sudden, then he tore the cover off of the Pill Furnace.

Gutong! Gutong! Gutong! Gutong! A torrent of water rushed out from the Acheron Map filling up the inside of the furnace, soon after fire sprung to life beneath the furnace, and at the very top of the furnace a plume of golden sunlight shone down into the pit of the furnace joining together with the fire to bring the water to a boil.

A moment later, steam began to rise from the Holy Acheron Water.

Yan shouted and eighteen Blood Pills along with eighteen bluish-green Medicinal Pills all flew into the boiling Holy Acheron Water. Instantly the water began to emit a strange aroma.

’’The Eighteen layers of hell correspond with eighteen kinds of suffering. Fang Han, jump in! Jump into the water! Cultivate your spirit and flesh, endure untold agony, you'll be fine so long as you have to remember these words.'Motionless and steady as the earth! Cherish meditation as though it were a trove of treasure!' No matter how great the pain is, you must stay still, you have to remain quiet and meditate. Otherwise, your mind will break and you'll be doomed, be boiled to death into a pile of flesh.’’

’’You want to cook me?’’

Fang Han only knew the general theory behind the ’’Yamaraja Unbreakable Flesh,’’ but to think that in practice one had to put a human in boiling water and cook them! Even masters in the Godly Expert Realm would die from that! After all, they were still restrained by their mortal bodies.

’’This Holy Acheron Water is not like other kinds of water. You can only cultivate Yamaraja Unbreakable Flesh within Holy Acheron Water, you can't cultivate it in any other kind of water, but the pain you'll feel when you jump won't change. In fact, it will actually become even more severe, you'll feel pain like you're being boiled to death. This kind of pain is called 'jumping into the deep fryer,’’ and it is because of that, not many disciples of our Acheron Sect chose to cultivate this technique back in the day. The biggest reason, of course, was that if you find yourself unable to bear the pain you'll be stripped of both your martial foundation and your life. Now think carefully, Will you jump in or not? I'll take good care of the fire and cook you up real nice.’’

(Into the hot oil stove is a saying from Buddhism, when one enter hell one will suffer 24/7 and one of the suffering is to put one into the hot oil stove and cook, extremely cruel.

Btw in Chinese there's an idiom that goes, ’’上刀山,下油鍋’’, ’’On to the mountain of knives, into the deep fryer’’, it means that one can do anything for the person they're talking about, even so far as to scale a mountain of knives and jump into the hot oil stove. The relationship between these two are relatively close.)

’’Into the deep fryer? I want to give it a try.’’

Fang Han ground his teeth, took off his clothes, then wrapped his arms around himself before jumping into the water, eyes shut, like a carp viciously flapping inside of the Pill Furnace. Putong! He fell in splashing water and steam.

When he leaped into the pot, the Acheron map which had previously taken the form of his tattoo flew up and remained outside the furnace.

Yan popped out from the map, saw Fang Han leap in, then he waved his claws to close the top of the furnace, Tightly sealing Fang Han inside.

’’So hot...I can't take it anymore! I can stand with it, though! Pain... endure! This is what cultivation is truly about, the paltry cultivation I did before were nothing, but this, this is something else. This is what I'm talking about. Good. Very good! Great!’’ At that moment Fang Han's body was truly overrun with torturous pain! His entire body was soaked in the boiling water, steam all around, the holy Acheron water had been thoroughly boiled. It was so hot that all of his pores were burning, stinging sharply, he never imagined that pain could be so severe.

A person cooked alive in boiling water!

What kind of pain must they feel?


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