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Epoch Of Twilight - Chapter 572


Chapter 572: The Terrified Giant Beast
As the rain continued to pour, a golden-haired giant beast was running at a high speed and occasionally turned its head to look back.

This was a humongous giant beast. Its muscles throughout his body were similar to reinforced, twisted steel wires. With its black sheen, it seemed even more dangerous and terrifying, influencing people not to doubt the giant beast's power. It could potentially flip over a mother ship that weighed up to a hundred thousand tons.

The beast's step frequency was two to three times that of a normal human. When accompanied by its fifty-meter height, its speed easily surpassed the sound barrier. Aside from the deep loud noise of the earth rumbling, it would be accompanied with the ear-piercing sound of a sonic boom wherever it went.

As a level 8 giant beast on earth, there is nothing that could threaten its existence. If it encountered an enemy of equal level, even if he could not defeat it, the beast's terrifying strength would give it the advantage.

In all these years, it had met some powerful enemies. Its territory was a warm area filled with a myriad of food sources, resulting in the occasional invaders attempting to challenge its position as the sovereign of the region. In the end, all challengers would leave with minor or heavy injury as the price they paid, since the beast would tear the opponent apart with its strength.

The most dangerous challenger was a cunning mutated bird. The beast never hesitated to use deception to trick the opponent so that it could kill the bird. It allowed the mutated bird's beak and claws to injure him by piercing through its stomach and exposing its gut. It then proceeded to fake its death, and at last those actions finally fooled the cautious mutated bird as it flew down from the sky. It then swiftly used its remaining strength and instantly broke the mutated bird's neck. Due to that fight, it had to rest for over half a year to recover from the injury.

After all these years, it had gone through these type of battles six times. The end result was that fewer invaders dared to come and challenge it anymore. In the next dozen years, it had not experienced a challenge.

However, such a powerful giant beast at this moment ran with a sense of panic and terror.

Ever since the appearance of that dreadful presence, it had begun running non-stop. Although it was an intelligent giant beast, it would remain in the same place as soon as the presence disappeared.

The appearance of the frightful presence only explained one thing, the surrounding area was unsafe.

The only part that was undeterminable was how far it was from that presence.

A hundred kilometers?

A thousand kilometers?

As a mutated beast that understood mankind's measuring scale, it was nothing to be shocked off. This intelligent mutated beast had spent some time with humans, thus the human language was naturally something it knew as well.

Actually, it had learned more than that. It even secretly learned sword skills that the humans used to use. In his territory, it owned a 40 meter-long wooden broadsword. Sadly, it had only wielded the sword once before it broke.

Very quickly, it had returned to its own territory. Currently, it was an area filled with water vapor, lush and thick forests, as well as rich geothermal resources, causing the area to remain at a normal temperature throughout the year.

The huge movements caused by its running had created a disturbance in the forest. Countless mutated birds flapped their wings in panic and a huge amount of mutated beast began to run for their lives.

The giant beast ran while looking deadly. Its fierce breath similar to that of a high-pressure column destroyed the nearby flora.

An unlucky mutated mutated beast panicked while also not choosing its path carefully. It desperately ran in a straight direction and suddenly went limp, its body went tumbling on the ground intensely under the huge force of inertia.

Before its tumbling stopped, this mutated beast had been picked up by the giant beast.

This mutated beast was not small at all. Its entire body was a few dozen meters tall and weighed a few dozen tons as well. But before the giant beast, it was nothing at all. The mutated beast was lifted with one hand and once the mutated beast was picked up, its skull was bitten off by the giant beast.

The next moment, blood sprayed everywhere and the sound of cracking bones was heard.

Only a few bites later, the entire mutated beast had entered into the giant beast's stomach.

This little quantity of food was obviously unable to satisfy this giant beast's astonishing appetite. Quickly after that, the giant beast continued to chase a number of mutated beasts. After eating its fill, it had eaten hundreds of tons of food in its stomach.

However, it was not nostalgic about the territory that it had occupied for over a dozen years and it quickly proceeded to leave the area, running towards an even further direction.

It wanted to leave far away from this land until it could finally feel safe again.

There were no signs of the rain stopping as the rain continued to get heavier. Its golden hair seemed isolated by a sort of force. Even when the beast was in the rain, its entire body remained clean, giving off a gleaming golden light.

This giant beast leaped over mountains as he ran until it was forced to stop at a huge river.

Even to the giant beast, the river was extraordinarily huge. The river was raging under torrent while the surrounding floods were rushing in this deep abyss-like Great River, forming River, forming an endless waterfall.

The beast stood at the shore watching as the floods were washing up ashore. To a living creature with the giant beast's body type, this could not be considered to be dangerous, since the flood's water level had not even been able to cover up its heel.

It looked at the bottomless huge river, almost eager to try and cross it but it hesitated over and over again. In the end, the beast dared not cross.

To a land creature, whether it was a lake or a river, they were synonymous with danger. Moreover, this was a never-before-seen river. Even with the beast's current strength, if it fell into the water, it would still be an extremely dangerous task.

At this moment, the beast suddenly heard a cracking noise on the ice layer beneath its feet. This scared it into quickly turning back and leaping over thousands of meters away. When it landed, it looked toward its previous location. The giant ice layer that was beneath its feet had detached from the river's shore and was washed into the huge river, causing a loud noise.

The beast dare not to stand on the riverside, only looking at the river from far away.

Its eye carried a sense of unease. This place was not far away from its territory and it was familiar with its surrounding environment, but it had never seen this huge river before.

The familiar environment was changing and it could not determine whether these types of changes were good or bad.

It roared loudly, shaking its surroundings. The ice layer a few kilometers within the radius that had been covered by the loud roar had started showing cracks.

The cracking of the ice scared the beast, it quickly turned away and started running, not daring to stay in the same location.

However, misery loves company, only after a few steps that terrifying presence had terrifying presence had re-emerged. This time the presence was not fading, slowly it could be felt, the beast's fear surfaced as a mysterious power surged within it.

Immediately, its body was wrapped by a transparent force field and flew up into the air.


Seeing its body flying higher and higher, its hair was standing on its end. The intense fear of death allowed it to instantly break away from the heart deterrent caused by the presence and the beast showed its fangs as ferocity filled up its face and it began to growl deeply.

The beast's body muscle began to rapidly swell and the huge surge of energy caused an air resonance similar to that of a bell.

At this moment, the beast's golden hair had lit up and emitted an eye-squinting bright light.

The next moment, its huge body fiercely rammed into the air bubble.


As if being hit by about ten missiles. The next moment, the entire air bubble emitted a light similar to the sun.

With its strength, it would be reduced to nothing when rammed by the beast, even if it was a mountain. However, it used every strength it had but this layer of formless air bubble was left undamaged, aside from shaking briefly for a moment.

After the ineffective ramming, the beast was not discouraged. Instead, it spiked the brutal, savage violence within it.

It roared loudly and rammed towards the bubble again and again. It finally began to cause some structural change to the air bubble resulting in the bubble becoming more and more unstable. It began to shake intensely, looking as if it was nearing its breaking point and at that moment, a majestic grand voice rang in the beast's heart, the voice was filled with impatience.

"Don't move!"

Facing this sudden voice, this giant beast suddenly widened its eyes as if it was struck by lightning, freezing it.


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