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Epoch Of Twilight - Chapter 335


Chapter 335

Next, Luo Yuan was accompanied by Chen Xinjie to view the house. The house was nearly 600 square feet and the decoration was quite good. There was nothing to be dissatisfied for expect for the house was actually located in the underground that made people subconsciously feel repressed.

After wandered around in Hope City since they came from Desert City, he finally officially settled down in this city.

At night, everyone was joyful and excited after they saw the house. In addition to the fruit thatwas brought back by Luo Yuan, it certainly raised the cheerful mood to the next level. The depressed feeling they had since the earthquake had now dissipated by half. Even Chen Jiayi, whose plant-based disease was getting serious also occasionally chuckled.

Looked at the crowd laugh, Luo Yuan smiled and did not say anything. After the destruction of civilization and humanity, this heartfelt laughter was undoubtedly precious to see.

"Brother Luo, come and eat some fruit. This is the best fruit to eat." Wang Shishi asked Luo Yuan when she saw him sat quietly at the side.

"I have eaten some in the noon. These are left for you guys." Luo Yuan softly said, "If you guys want to eat these fruit, I can always bring back more." Once Luo Yuan said it, Wang Shishi started asking for more.

"Brother Luo, you are the best! Bring more of the red fruit but bring less of the yellow fruit, it has too many dregs and is hard to bite."

"You still want to pick and choose when you already have fruits to eat." Luo Yuan said and laughed.

"Since I have the nice ones to eat, why would I want to eat the ones that are not so nice?" Wang Shshi said with a straight face, "Brother Luo, tell us more about the Firearms Bureau. Sister Huang said they are all super-evolved humans in the department."

Luo Yuan looked at Huang Jiahui and she suddenly laughed, awkwardly. However, he did not care much, after all there was nothing confidential. Since everyone was interested to know, he told them more about the department briefly.

Even when Luo Yuan spoke in a flat tone, everyone was amazed and felt envious to what he had said.


When it was about eight o'clock, the gathering ended and everyone dismissed and returned to their rooms. Luo Yuan was the last one who took a bath. When he wanted to go into the bedroom to sleep, he found that his bedroom was locked. He was about to knock on the door but stopped his hand midway.

He thought of that glance Zhao Yali gave before she left, it was only now that he realized the actual meaning of it. Seemed like both of the ladies had come into consensus about the schedule.

All this while, Luo Yuan and Zhao Yali's relationship was kept secret. Though everyone understood it all, nobody said anything since Zhao Yali did not have thick skin. Usually, when there were more people around them, they hardly spoke as well. Although it made him feel some inconvenience, it was still similar to an affair of some kind and gave him some excitement. On top of that, he enjoyed seeing the way Zhao Yali resisting him and yet she would still, in the end, accept what he had done to her.

When he thought about it, he was excited. He secretly went over to Zhao Yali's room and gently twisted the door handle. It was not locked. She was indeed hinting at something when she glanced at him. He opened the door and sneaked in, quietly closing the door behind him. For someone at his level, darkness was now almost no different than day. He saw that Zhao Yali was wearing pyjamas, covered by thin quilts while her back faced him.

When Luo Yuan gently coughed, Zhao Yali shuddered. He saw that she was trying her best not to move and tried to act serious. He could not help himself and asked, "Why Sister Yali, you're suddenly so brave today?"

Luo Yuan said as he undressed himself and teased, "I wouldn't be in the mood if it wasn't for your glance at me before you left."

It seemed that she was stimulated by the words Luo Yuan uttered. Her skin quickly turned red but still, she did not react. Seeing her reaction, Luo Yuan was not surprised but was slightly happy with it. As compared to the past, her attitude had improved a lot. This time, she was at least in acquiesce.

He quickly finished undressing and sneaked into the blanket. At the same time, he extended his skilled and flexible hands into her pajamas and his hands went straight to work on her body. Her body was very warm and trembled slightly as her breath grew ragged. Luo Yuan was in doubt when he felt that the thing he was grabbing had grown bigger and more elastic.

If he still remembered correctly, Zhao Yali as a mature lady did not have such a slim waist and such tight skin.

Luo Yuan touched her for a while and felt something was not right. "No, this is not Zhao Yali." He was stunned and cursed in his heart. When he tried to sneak out, the other person seemed to feel his escape plan and quickly turned over to grab him. Luo Yuan wanted to get rid of her but she had sat on his body.

When Luo Yuan saw the face, his body startled, "Shishi you... Why are you sleeping here? It's not..."

"Why can’t I sleep here? This is my room," said Wang Shishi shyly as she gasped.

In the dark, her eyes were shiny and charming. Luo Yuan wanted to say it was Zhao Yali's room but he shut his mouth. Apparently, it was not the right time to speak about such things as he quickly said, "Well, I was wrong, Shishi. Come down."

"I don’t want to. Are looking for Sister Zhao? Wouldn't it be the same if you looked for me instead? I can do whatever she does." Wang Shishi said bravely. Once she finished the sentence she was scared but also excited.

"Shishi, you are still young and do not understand anything. To be honest, I have always treated you as a daughter or sister." Luo Yuan urged earnestly.

Wang Shishi did not respond but groaned. Her hips gently rocked against Luo Yuan's private parts a few times and made the extremely sensitive Luo Yuan breathe heavily as his privates grew. "Is this how you treat your sister? Brother Luo, you are a hypocrite! Don't even think about forgetting everything you just did to me. Now, I am not pure anymore and an apology is not enough compensation. How am I going to find a boyfriend? How can I live? How would other people look at me? "

At this time Wang Shishi refused to continue being well-behaved. Her barrage of words made Luo Yuan speechless. In his heart, he thought, "Not pure anymore? You are a millennial and not live in the 80’s. How can you be more conservative than me?" Though he said that, he knew that his actions were inexcusable and in fact, he did a shameful thing so it was difficult for him to argue.

In the dark, her black hair slowly fell down from the shoulder as she took off her underwear revealing a fair and perfect body. She lowered her body and the pair of bulging breasts gently shook in front of Luo Yuan. It made Luo Yuan feel hot and thirsty. He vaguely heard Wang Shishi ask him, "Brother Luo, am I pretty?"


After they were done, Luo Yuan climbed down from Wang Shishi's body. When he looked at the tired and weak Wang Shishi he was happy but felt a tinge of worry in his heart. He never expected that he would have lost control.

He covered his face and regretted that he did not hold back with the temptation and was not able to control his lower body. There was definitely going to be a lot of time spent looking at the floor tomorrow.

While he was deep in thought, delicate arms hugged Luo Yuan from behind, the gentle touch made his mind swing. He secretly cursed, "Fine, if they want to blame me then i'll just let them be. Wang Shishi is part of the family, they should be able to understand it..."

The next day, Luo Yuan did go out early. Wang Shishi slept until she woke up naturally. The brave Wang Shishi last night was now embarrassed and shy. She did not dare to look at him and whispered, "I am a little bit scared."

Luo Yuan understood what she was worried about and softly said, "Don’t worry, I am here for you."

He was not a man if he did not dare to bear the responsibility.

Wang Shishi answered lightly and both of them dressed up. When Luo Yuan opened the door and walked out the room together with Wang Shishi, Chen Jiayi just woke up with a bleary-eye and saw the scene. She was stunned and immediately ran back to her room like she was frightened by something.

They entered the living room, the crowd that was originally chatting suddenly became silent. Huang Jiahui sighed secretly and looked sad. At the same time, Zhao Yali was focusing on eating her breakfast. She did not seem to pay attention and acted calmly.

"You guys are having breakfast." Luo Yuan laughed awkwardly and said while he pulled the worried Wang Shishi to join the table. Their action spoke plenty without the need to say anything.

No one answered, only Wang Xiaguang snorted a bit.

"Jiahui, you slimed down a lot recently. Eat more. How can you eat so little every day? There is no need for you to lose weight. As for Sister Yali, the weather has been changing a lot you have to wear more to keep warm."

Zhao Yali was angry in her heart. Last night she deliberately left the door unlocked but someone did not come to her. When she opened the door, she heard sounds coming from Wang Shishi's room. After all that had happened, he still had the cheek to purposely strike a conversation? If she was not a timid person she would have thrown the chopstick at his face.

Huang Jiahui glanced at him, "Now you blame me for being too thin."

Luo Yuan quickly smiled and apologized, "No, of course, I am not blaming."

"I bet you dare not blame me. Come and sit here, Shishi. Accompany me to the market later. I have not visited the market nearby yet." As a mature woman, although Huang Jiahui was uncomfortable and had an unspeakable bitterness in heart, she knew how to hold back and let go. Both of them had been together for so long, she knew his temper too well. Although Luo Yuan had a gracious attitude and also spoke softly, underneath his facade he was a very proud man. It was already his limit to be so humble to her.

After all, they were together just because they needed to stay warm with each other during the apocalypse. No matter her age or experience in matters of marriage they were not considered as a normal couple. This had always been her pain point. She was very clear that Luo Yuan did not have much feelings for her at that point of time. With his status and strength, he could demand any woman that he fancied. There was a period when she could barely sleep during the night and was worried that Luo Yuan would abandon her and be with other women. Up until the time they had lived together for a long period of time did their relationship become more harmonious, like a family did her feeling of unease gradually subside.

But even so, she never thought of owning Luo Yuan exclusively. Although it was a surprise to see Luo Yuan and Wang Shishi together, she already knew that this would happen sooner or later. Living during the apocalypse, she had learned to let go of things as ensuring that she was alive was more important.

Wang Shishi lowered her head and answered quietly, her mind was finally relieved.

"Sister Yali can go together too! You already stayed in the hostel for so long, it's good to go out to get some fresh air." Luo Yuan looked at Zhao Yali and smiled.

Zhao Yali looked up and saw guilt in his eyes. She was soft hearted and agreed without saying much.


"I shouldn’t try to hint at people again next time." Luo Yuan thought secretly.


Half an hour later, as Luo Yuan pleasantly walked to the weapons unit building, Sun Yuting was already waiting in front of the office.

"Vice-captain." she quickly came to Luo Yuan when she saw him and addressed him respectfully.

Luo Yuan opened the door and smiled, "Come in."

He sat on the massage chair and ordered, "The first task for you is to collect all the data of completed and uncompleted task after the announcement and send them to me."

"Noted. Do you have any other orders?"

"No, complete this first. By the way, get me a cup of tea." Luo Yuan said.


This tea was not like the tea before the apocalypse but was tea made from mutated tea leaves. After he drank a cup yesterday, not only was fragrance fresh but it also helped him to calm down his mind so he quickly fell in love with this drink.

The tea was soon sent in and Sun Yuting gently closed the door and went out.

Whilst taking a whiff of the tea, Luo Yuan gently tapped his index finger on the table. There were so many tasks that led him to believe he would be able to find clues regarding an intelligent race, which included the discovery of a wisdom tree.

Although the redevelopment area was powerful, it did not mean that they knew of everything. Even if they had found the magical effects of the wisdom tree, they would probably still have missed a few things.


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