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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine - Chapter 593


Chapter 593

Chapter 593 - Aunt Zi Shao Part 4

It was certain that what Mu Ru Yue and Ouyang Yun Jin said had an impact...

The night was like deep water. The light from the moon and stars were dim.

A girl suddenly halted her steps, but she didn't turn her head back. She just said indifferently, ’’Since you have followed us until here, you should just come forth.’’

An adorable and exquisite pink garment moved in a flash to appear before her.

Nangong Zi Lan bit her lips as she hesitated for a while. She then stepped forth and raised her gaze to focus on the girl in a snow-white robe under the tranquil night as she asked, ’’Lady, was what you said previously the truth? Is elder brother Jun... really a coward?’’

Mu Ru Yue smiled slightly, but with a cold tone, she replied, ’’Dongfang Jun and Xiao Yue wasn't in an ordinary relationship. The reason why the Dongfang family severely beaten up Xiao Yue to chase her away was due to them wanting to have a marriage alliance with the Nangong family. Furthermore, your elder brother Jun gave her up for powers. He, yet, wants to harass Xiao Yue now. I will have to trouble you to tell him that he isn't compatible with Xiao Yue so he should stop pestering her. I definitely will not terminate my contract with Xiao Yue!’’

Nangong Zi Lan's body shuddered as shock filled her adorable large eyes.

'How is this possible?

'How could Xiao Yue and elder brother be in that kind of relationship? Why am I so clueless about this? Elder brother Jun had previously told me that he won't love anyone except me in his entire life, deceiving me with his promise.

'What is the most unbearable point that I can't stand is that was elder brother Jun really that weak to abandon his beloved girl for power?

'What am I to him then?

'Will he also treat me in the same fashion in the future?'

’’Is what you said the truth?’’ Nangong Zi Lan bit her lips. With her complexion pale-white, she asked, ’’Why should I believe you?’’

It wasn't that she didn't believe but she was unwilling to believe instead...

She had done so much. Yet, the man that moved her heart was that kind of person.

Mu Ru Yue smiled coldly as she replied, ’’It is up to you to believe what I said or not. I am just telling you this for Xiao Yue. I also believe with the might of the Nangong family, they will be able to investigate anything if they did a full investigation.’’

Nangong Zi Lan closed her eyes in sorrow as she thought about everything that happened all these years, making her heart twitched in pain.

'Actually, grandfather has always been unwilling for me to marry elder brother Jun and so he kept delaying the marriage. Yet, I didn't care to go against him to be with elder brother Jun due to being deceived by his act.

'If this is really just a lie, how will I be able to bear it?'

'Lady, can I see elder sister Xiao Yue?’’ Nangong Zi Lan opened her eyes as she asked that. The sweet and beautiful smile on her face vanished as bitterness took its place. She then continued, ’’I've been wanting to see her all these years. I also didn't know that she had always been suffering...’’

Mu Ru Yue's heart softened as she sighed and said, ’’Xiao Yue isn't by my side recently. But you will meet up with her sooner or later. As for how Dongfang Jun really is, you should just let your Nangong family personally investigate about it. It will also be more credible in having your family investigate this matter than just hearing it from me, an outsider.’’

Mu Ru Yue didn't say further after she said that, disappearing under the boundless night sky with Ye Wu Chen walking by her side.

Nangong Zi Lan clenched her fists tightly. Her complexion was gravely pale as she proclaimed, emphasizing on each of her words, ’’Elder brother Jun, I hope that you aren't lying to me. If not, I will never forgive you!’’

She really didn't want all of his gentleness and protection on her to be just a lie and that he did really barged deep into the Demon Beast Mountain Range for her...


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