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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine - Chapter 444


Chapter 444- I Will Be Responsible For You Part 2

’’Xiao Feng!’’ The Third Master of the Xiao family's expression changed as he sniggered. ’’It isn't impossible for her to enter my Xiao family. The prerequisite is that she has sufficient capability. Our Xiao family doesn't keep trash!’’

When he said the word 'trash', the domineering aura from Xiao Feng intensified as a trace of a cold ray of light flashed in his eyes. But at that moment, a hand landed on his shoulder.

Xiao Feng's back stiffened slightly as he withdrew his domineering aura.

’’Alright. I agree.’’ Mu Ru Yue raised her head to look at the Third Master of the Xiao family, a trace of light flickering in her eyes.

She had once promised ancestor Xiao Yun that she would return to the Xiao family and investigate who set him up...

’’Little sister.’’ Xiao Feng turned around and gripped Mu Ru Yue's hand. With a frown, he said, ’’I stayed here for you. Since you are here, there isn't a need to continue staying here.’’

’’Eldest brother.’’ Mu Ru Yue smiled and blinked at Xiao Feng as she explained, ’’I still have some matters that I want to settle here so how about staying for a while longer? Once I finish those matters, we will leave this place...’’

Xiao Feng was startled slightly before he nodded.

’’Tell me.’’ Mu Ru Yue looked at the Third Master of the Xiao family, a layer of frost on her peerlessly beautiful face. ’’What am I to do?’’

The Third Master of the Xiao family sniggered. ’’You will know once you follow me.’’


Xiao Feng instinctively extended his hand to hold onto Mu Ru Yue's hand and shot a wary glance at the Third Master of the Xiao family. ’’What are you scheming?’’

’’What do I want? I just want to test her abilities. Since she has the confidence, why not test it out?’’

His smile contained mockery as he looked with disdain at Mu Ru Yue.

Mu Ru Yue shook off Xiao Feng's hand before she looked at the Third Master of the Xiao family and agreed. ’’Alright, I will follow you!’’


’’Eldest brother, don't worry. I am confident in doing this.’’

Seeing the young girl's beautiful face, Xiao Feng's fingers trembled slightly.

This girl would never do anything she wasn't sure of and wouldn't do any...

’’Alright. I believe in you.’’

How could he not trust his little sister?

Mu Ru Yue didn't say anything further and turned her head toward the Third Master of the Xiao family and said, ’’Let's go.’’

The Third Master of the Xiao family sniggered.

'I will surely make it is impossible for her to return this time. Father can't kill me as his biological son for such a girl, right?'

In the back mountain of the Xiao family.

Mu Ru Yue felt a bone-piercing cold inside a freezing mountain cavern. She frowned, but before she could comment about anything, a locking sound was heard. The entrance of the cavern was sealed.

’’Hahaha! Silly little girl, have fun playing with the ferocious beast inside!!’’

Brazen laughter were heard from outside the sealed entrance.

Mu Ru Yue's expression didn't change as she surveyed the cavern. But a baby-like sound that gave off a cold, sinister aura entered her ears before she could familiarize herself with her surrounding.

’’Hehe! I can finally enjoy some human meat.’’

Instantly, Mu Ru Yue's pupils contracted as she looked at where the voice was coming from. An enormous body suddenly appeared in her eyes...

It was a peculiar beast with a goat body and human face. A pair of eyes was located at its underarm. It had tiger teeth and human claws. It looked tremendously fugly. Those razor-sharp teeth could make anyone tremble with fear.

’’Tao Tie. The ferocious beast Tao Tie!’’

In the legend, the dragon race had nine sons and one of them was Tao Tie. Yet, why was an ancient beast like Tao Tie1 locked up in the Xiao family?


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