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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine - Chapter 380


Chapter 380 -Who Dares To Steal My Man Part 4

'Can it be that he is really related to the Zi family and happened to be left behind?'

Mu Ru Yue's heart suddenly skipped a beat.

Since Ye Wu Chen was the reincarnation of Zi Huang, his appearance must be really similar to his past life. Zi Qian Jing might be a survivor the Zi family in that case.

But this was just her guess so she didn't voice it out.

The room door was barged open suddenly, making Ye Wu Chen frown. He shot a gloomy gaze toward the door which then landed on an elder.

Fu Li's expression was indifferent as he shook his sleeve and walked in from outside.

’’Ye Wu Chen, you are here as expected. I've got something to ask you. Are you willing to marry Ruo Ying? She suffered such severe injuries for you. How can you not be moved?’’


Once he said that, a sniffled laugh was suddenly heard from the side.

Fu Li's gaze became sharp as he shot a gaze toward the handsome, sniggering youth.

’’What are you laughing about?’’

’’I'm laughing about the shameless Lin Ruo Ying that is a broken shoe1. Don't mention him, even a beggar wouldn't want her.’’ Zi Qian Jing's eyes consisted of elation as he smirked sinisterly and continued, ’’And you want to shove that broken shoe onto him? I just can't bear with it so I laughed.’’

He chased a 'mistress' away and now comes the master of that 'mistress'. It seemed that people thousands of years later loved to barge into others' relationships.

He definitely wouldn't allow anyone to break this couple apart.

’’My disciple hasn't been intimate with anyone and hasn't even been touched by a man. How can she be a broken shoe?’’ Fu Li smiled coldly with a trace of viciousness in his eyes.

Today, Ye Wu Chen must marry her regardless of his will!

He definitely wouldn't give up the chance to make a connection with him!

’’You don't believe?’’ Zi Qian Jing stretched his waist lazily. He spoke while expressing smiles with his brows and eyes, ’’You can totally go and check if she is still a virgin. Nobody would be willing to give that woman a gaze even if she was thrown among beggars!’’

Even though Ye Wu Chen was jealous of Zi Qian Jing because he was treated so gently by her, it was undeniable that he agreed to what he said.

’’That's right, you want Ben Wang to take in a woman that beggars wouldn't want? You're thinking too highly of yourself. Ben Wang is disgusted just by looking at her. Don't make Ben Wang be unable to eat anything in his life!’’

Compared to what Zi Qian Jing said, Fu Li fumed over Ye Wu Chen's insults.

’’Ye Wu Chen, don't forget that you're a disciple of the Martial Hall!’’

’’Martial Hall?’’ Ye Wu Chen chuckled, disapproving what he said. ’’You think you can threaten Ben Wang? It is just a puny Martial Hall, so what if it is abolished?’’

’’You! Impudent!’’

Fu Li's expression changed drastically as he chuckled coldly. ’’You want to abolish the Martial Hall? It is a pity that you don't have the capability. I will give you one last chance. You don't seem to quite understand your situation.’’

Zi Qian Jing narrowed his eyes slightly. With a cynical cold smile, he commented, ’’If he alone can't, how about adding me? It is just a Martial Hall. Wu Chen, I can also make it vanish without your assistance.’’

Hearing those word, Ye Wu Chen shot his gaze toward Zi Qian Jing.

Perhaps he initially disliked this youth that was snatching his wife from him. But now, Ye Wu Chen felt that they were like birds of a feather flocking together at this instant.

They both had a similar point. They wanted to protect Mu Ru Yue!

Just as Ye Wu Chen wanted to say something, Mu Ru Yue held his hand to stop him. She gradually placed down her chopsticks and stood up to look at the same eye level as Fu Li and asked, ’’Ye Wu Chen is my man. You want to help your disciple steal my man before me? Have you asked for my opinion? It can't be that you are treating me as a dead person, right?’’

  1. Broken shoes means to be not a virgin.


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