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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine - Chapter 357


Chapter 357- Explanation? What explanation? Part 2

The dean nodded as he thought what Song Ran said was logical. Suddenly, he realized something and glared furiously at Song Ran, ’’You said she was just flattering me? You actually said she was just flattering me! That girl obviously heard of my name before and aimed to come to the Central Region Academy. Her expression was so sincere when she said that. How could she just be flattering me?’’

The dean had a complacent expression on his face as he thought about how the prestique Senior Yue knew of his famed name. Nothing else could make him so delighted until today.

’’Song Ran, you can just scram back to your Alchemy Hall and take good care of the little girl. If anyone dares to bully her, you can directly eliminate them for me.’’

Upon saying that, the dean walked away with his head held high with pride.

Song Ran was speechless. How could someone so narcissistic impress others?

He sighed and turned around to head back to the Alchemy Hall...

Yet, once Song Ran stepped into the hall, he saw an elder with an ashened expression sitting on a chair, awaiting his return. He couldn't help but be startled and asked, ’’Fu Li, why are you here?’’

’’Why?’’ Fu Li chuckled coldly and continued, ’’Song Ran, it can't be that you don't know that a disciple from your Alchemy Hall known as Mu Ru Yue crippled Mo Li with her magical beast, right?’’

’’Mo Li is crippled?’’ Song Ran was stunned before he laughed heartily. ’’That bastard Mo Li had been crippled? Haha! This is such a rejoicing news!’’

’’Song Ran!’’


Fu Li slammed his palm on the table as he looked coldly at Song Ran who had an elated expression. ’’What do you mean by that? Your disciple injured my Martial Hall In-charge. Don't you think you should give me an explanation?’’

’’Explanation? What explanation?’’ Song Ran sniggered. ’’Firstly, Mo Li is from my Alchemy Hall, but was taken by your Martial Hall. I didn't bother with that on your behalf. But have you heard of the phrase 'If one doesn't court disaster, they won't die' before? He reaped what he sowed for having such an outcome. Secondly, the dean just instructed that even you won't be able to retain Mo Li.’’

’’The dean?’’ Fu Li's expression changed and asked, ’’What has this to do with the dean?’’

Song Ran shrugged his shoulders and chuckled as he replied, ’’How can I know? Mo Li probably did something that provoked the dean so he passed down such an order. Oh, that's right. There is a disciple of yours. What's her name again? Oh, it should be Lin Ruo Ying. You should advise her to behave herself and that the entire academy doesn't revolve around her.’’

’’Song Ran, what do you mean by that?’’ Fu Li's expression narrowed as a cold ray of light appeared in his eyes. He continued, ’’How did the kind hearted Ruo Ying offend you? You can toss any grudges onto me. Our grudges don't have nothing to do with her.’’

It was undeniable that Fu Li doted on his disciple. He treated her as his own biological daughter so how could he allow others to trample over her?

Song Ran pouted and replied, ’’Whatever you think then. Honestly, I dislike Lin Ruo Ying. If your Martial Hall provokes me again, the Alchemy Hall won't distribute any more pills to the disciples of the Martial Hall. You think you're all so mighty? Then, you just have to think of other ways to improve your strength yourselves.’’

Fu Li's expression suddenly changed. His grudge with Song Ran was really deep. He didn't dare to fall out with him until now for that exact reason. The disciples of the Martial Hall wouldn't be able to increase their strength as rapidly as they could now if the supply of pills from the Alchemy Hall stopped.

’’Song Ran, you are misusing your powers to avenge your personal matters. Aren't you afraid the dean will remove you from your post and punish you?’’


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