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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine - Chapter 149


Chapter 149 - Adoring The Ghost King's Woman Part 3

’’Mu Ting Er, if it wasn't for you, how could I have given Mu Ru Yue up? Even if I took your first time, it was due to you seducing me. If it weren't for you, then I would have already wed Mu Ru Yue. She would then be my crown prince's main wife!’’

His words on that day still felt like thorns piercing her heart up to today...

’’Why? Why does Mu Ru Yue have such a good life when I'm suffering so much? The Ghost King was actually pretending to be a fool and instead possessed great strength. Moreover, when father wanted to send Xue Er to be a concubine of the Ghost King, the Ghost King actually said he wouldn't want anybody but that slut Mu Ru Yue!’’

Mu Ting Er clenched her fist tightly, her complexion pale.

’’Having only each other in their life? How can Mu Ru Yue achieve such a wondrous matter when I can't? You want to enjoy the Ghost King's love by yourself? I, Mu Ting Er, won't let that happen. I will make it so that it will be impossible for you to become the main wife of the Ghost King. Hahahaa!’’

Mu Ting Er laughed madly. Her hair lay unkempt on her shoulders, and with her small, pale face, she looked like a lunatic from afar.

She had done her best to boast of how outstanding and perfect the Ghost King was when before the young mistress of the Xiao family yesterday. Not only did he have a divine appearance, but he also held peerless strength. He had pretended to be a fool to gather powers in the dark to avenge his parents, but had revealed his identity for a girl.

The main thing was that the man was clean. He didn't have any relationship with girls. Once a girl became his wife, he would treat that sole wife well.

How could any girl not be moved by such a man?

Even though she hadn't heard about the Xiao family of Sheng domain, as a woman, who wouldn't desire a partner that was outstanding and perfect and only loved her and wouldn't be involved with any other girl?

She didn't believe that the young mistress wouldn't be interested in him.

’’Mu Ting Er!’’

Suddenly, a cold voice was heard behind her.

Her body trembled slightly as she turned around to look at the man coming toward her. With a slight purse of her lips, she asked, ’’Your Highness, why have you come?’’


Ye Tian Feng rushed to stand before her and viciously swung his hand at Mu Ting Er.

With a crisp sound, Mu Ting Er fell to the ground from that slap, a trail of blood flowing out from the corner of her mouth as she looked up with disbelief at the cold man before her.

’’Mu Ting Er, did you vilify Mu Ru Yue before the young mistress of the Xiao family?’’

Mu Ting Er bit her lips, but didn't say anything. A trace of anger seeped into her eyes.

The crown prince had actually slapped her for that girl.

’’Mu Ting Er, don't think that people don't know what you have done. You're too gutsy. Not only did you tempt the young mistress of the Xiao family to find the Ghost King, you also vilified Mu Ru Yue. You're so malicious! Jealousy has become your personality? Do you not care about anything other than getting what you want? Aren't you talking only for yourself? Moreover, you told the young mistress of the Xiao family that Mu Ru Yue's feelings toward the Ghost King wasn't genuine and that she just wanted to use him. Don't you know you will bring a lot of calamity onto my Jing King manor?!’’

Ye Tian Feng's face turned ashen as he viciously kicked Mu Ting Er, shouting at her with a malevolent appearance.

’’Why?!’’ Mu Ting Er shouted brazenly. ’’Your Highness, what have I done wrong for you to treat me in such a manner? Don't you like Mu Ru Yue and hate the Ghost King? Why, when I am helping you, are you treating me like this?’’


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