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Empress With No Virtue - Chapter 90


Chapter 90

Chapter 90 - Confrontation

Ji Li You's letter said: let Ji Wu Jiu go to the top of Mount Bai Hua to settle everything tomorrow at wushi (1). Be sure to go alone. Otherwise Ye Zhen Zhen's life is not guaranteed.

The imperial palace was heavily guarded. Ji Li You's man can not enter the imperial palace to pass on the letter. Therefore, the letter was shot at the doorstep of Fang Xiu Qing's study room with an arrow. Written on it was: ’’Emperor, private and confidential’’.

So Fang Xiu Qing really sent the letter.

Mount Bai Hua was located on the southern outskirts of the capital. Actually, Ji Wu Jiu knew Ji Li You brought Ye Zhen Zhen to Fangshan. When they arrived at Tianjin Wei, they had the spy returned. The others followed from afar but didn't dare to act rashly, refrain to act against the evil for fear of harming the innocents (2).

Consequently, Ji Li You lost the spy after they entered the mountain.

After received the letter, Ji Wu Jiu made some arrangements. The point was how to save Ye Zhen Zhen's life. Since he wanted to protect the hostage, he could only do everything possible to meet the requirements of the kidnapper. Ji Wu Jiu didn't dare to harm Ye Zhen Zhen even a little bit, so he went alone to Mount Bai Hua. To ensure the secret guard would not secretly follow him and ruin things, he had tied them up beforehand.

There was a big pine tree on top of Mount Bai Hua. One thick and solid branch grew horizontal and stretched beyond the cliff. The stance was quite like a fairy waving toward the vast mountains.

Now, Ye Zhen Zhen's mouth was tied and she was hanged on this horizontal branch. Under her foot was abyss. One glance down would make someone extremely scared (3).

The weather was nice today. There was no fog in the mountain. She glanced at it as far as her eye can see to the winding mountain road beneath the trees. When Ji Wu Jiu's figure appeared at the mountain road, her tears suddenly poured out.

What to do, he really came!

He came alone, walked along the mountain road, his figure was slowly approaching.

Go back! Hurry go back!

Ji Wu Jiu could not hear her inner shout. He didn't look up, only lower his head, step by step went forward.

Ye Zhen Zhen cried till shaking. Tears blurred her eyes. Ji Li You coldly looked at her embarrassed state and finally couldn't take it anymore. He pulled out a handkerchief to help wiped her tears.

Ye Zhen Zhen looked down tried to find Ji Wu Jiu's figure again, but couldn't find him.

After a while, he reached the top of the mountain.

He lost a lot of weight.

Ye Zhen Zhen cried, desperately shook her head to him, hope he could understand her meaning.

However, he didn't go back. Body stood constantly, calm expression, just looked to her eyes a little more than a trace of unwilling to show concern.

Ye Zhen Zhen struggled to no avail. Her wrists which were bound tightly were very painful. She had no choice but to hold onto the hanging rope to ease the pain on her wrist.

Suddenly, she remembered one thing.

This side, Ji Wu Jiu had been very distressed seeing Ye Zhen Zhen in that way. He didn't want to mess up, so he had to clench fist and try to restrain himself.

Ji Li You saw him, slightly laughed, ’’You come.’’

Ji Wu Jiu didn't want to waste a breath with him, straightforwardly said, ’’Let her go, you name the condition.’’

’’Why so hurry,’’ Ji Li You walked several steps to where they were with hands clasped behind his back. ’’Really should let Ji Jian Cong in the heaven to have a good look. How he killed his own (elder) brother in the first place, how his son will be killed by his (elder) brother today. Karma, that's karma, hahaha!’’

Ji Wu Jiu took a deep breath, said, ’’We are not discussing the past.’’

’’Naturally you are not discussing the past, because your father is a brute who killed his (elder) brother!’’ Ji Li You's smile somehow looked sinister.


’’How, did I say something wrong? Oh, I indeed spoke wrong,’’ Ji Li You suddenly understood, ’’Should not as simple as forcing father, right? The emperor at that time had died, perhaps also because of him......’’

’’Shut up!’’ Ji Wu Jiu was angry until his face turned green, ’’Just say what you want, no need to involve the past.’’

’’I must speak! Your dad killed your uncle and grandfather. Definitely your throne came from robbery! Father's debt is son to repay. I am going to kill you for revenge today. Naturally also take back what was rightfully mine.’’

’’In this case, then do it.’’

’’No hurry.’’ He smiled, suddenly pulled out the sword, pointing the blade against rope on top of Ye Zhen Zhen's head.

Ji Wu Jiu hurriedly said, ’’Don't! We can discuss everything!’’

Ji Li You kept holding up the sword position, ’’That's it. I'm not as heartless as your father. I can give you a chance today. You choose between the country or the beauty. If you choose correctly, perhaps I can also giving you a way out. If you choose wrong, then go to see your Father in heaven!’’

’’What is right and wrong?’’

’’Then you can rely on your heart to choose.’’

Ji Wu Jiu frowned, ’’You do not need to play these tricks. Release Zhen Zhen, switch with me.’’

’’Looks like it has been chosen. But sorry, I must kill you.’’ Ji Li You said and waved his hand. The men hiding in the bushes lit the fire rope. Suddenly the surroundings splashed sparks, like a little fiery dragon flying rapidly on the ground.

Eventually has to reach this point? Ye Zhen Zhen closed her eyes in despair and did not dare to see what happened next.

However, after waited for a long time until her eyes became sore, Ye Zhen Zhen had not heard any movement, only the smell of fire burning the rope filling the air.

Ye Zhen Zhen opened her eyes. She saw Ji Wu Jiu still stood well. Ji Li You too, but the expression on his face was not right.

It's unlikely both of them put out fire at the same time, right?

Ji Wu Jiu said, ’’If you kill me now, you will never become the emperor. Because all the people who can prove your identity are dead. Even though you are Ji Li You, who will believe?’’

Ji Li You coldly said, ’’Deserves to be the son of Ji Jian Cong, as treacherous as your father.’’

Ji Wu Jiu ignored his sarcasm, continued to say, ’’I have left a secret imperial edict. If I die, then have Tan Ji to succeed as emperor. If you want to be the emperor, the only way to do that is by seizing me, to have me personally hand down an imperial edict to abdicate.’’

When Ji Li You was about to speak, suddenly many soldiers who were armed with weapons were caught up from the foot of the mountain, surrounded by everyone present.

’’Indeed as hypocritical as your father, say one thing and do another,’’ Ji Li You sneered, ’’It seems Your Majesty does not care about Empress's life or death. So, I have nothing to say.’’ He said, suddenly waved his sword to cut the rope.

That moment, Ji Wu Jiu's blood was almost frozen.

However, in an instant, an accident suddenly happened. The figure hanged beyond the cliff suddenly grabbed the rope and took the opportunity to change the situation. Both legs transversely attacked Ji Li You, put forth her strength to wipe out his neck with her ankle!

Ji Li you grasped the sword instinctively to chop Ye Zhen Zhen. The edge of the sword hit the side of her waist, but suddenly halted.

Two people tangled together and fell on the cliff. At this time, all the people found out that the rope on Ye Zhen Zhen's hand unknowingly had been released.

Ji Wu Jiu waved his hand. The soldiers hurriedly (4) stepped forward, captured all the traitors.

Ye Zhen Zhen was helped by Ji Wu Jiu.

Finally holding Ye Zhen Zhen's hand again, Ji Wu Jiu felt an unprecedented sense of reality. However, suddenly felt a burst of sting on his hand, he unfolded his hand and saw blood dripping from his palm.

Ye Zhen Zhen apologetically raised her hand to show him the ring on her index finger. There was a fine blade stretched under the red gems.

She used this ring once in Liaodong and later on had no chance to use it. She gradually forgot its special function, except that the ring was pretty, so Ye Zhen Zhen sometimes wore it. This time, she just happened to wore it and has not taken it out all along.

Ji Wu Jiu had lingering fears thinking about what just happened a moment ago, to the extent that unexpectedly he choked with emotion. Ye Zhen Zhen also foolishly looked at him. They remained silent for a short while.

Ji Wu Jiu especially wanted to hold Ye Zhen Zhen tightly in his arms. Of course, the scene now did not allow him to do so. At this moment, the soldiers around had already tied up Ji Li You and came to ask Ji Wu Jiu what he should do next.

He narrowed his eyes and asked , ’’Who told you to come?’’

Climbing up by himself from under the mountain, meager face, wearing chang pao (5), brow beaded with sweat, while panting he approached Ji Wu Jiu and saluted, ’’Chen (6)came late. Your Majesty, please forgive me!’’

’’Fang Xiu Qing,’’ Ji Wu Jiu bite his teeth with anger, even called him with full name, ’’Privately mobilize the army is a crime of conspiracy according to the law.’’

Fang Xiu Qing knelt on the ground, his back perfectly straight, ’’Chen surely knew this crime should be punished with death. But watching Your Majesty took the risk alone, Chen can not let it.’’

Ji Wu Jiu stared at him for a moment and finally laid his hand, ’’You take the people back first, Zhen will punish your crime later.’’

’’That, Your Majesty, you......’’

’’Zhen will go soon after.’’

They were finally left alone on the top of the mountain. Cool breeze blew, the rope hanging on the pine tree was dangling from the wind.

As Mount Bai Hua's name stood, there were many flowers and trees grew on the side of mountain. On such sunny day, looking down from the top of the mountain at the blaze colors of the flowers, the view was magnificent.

Ji Wu Jiu was not in the mood to look at these. His entire gaze stayed on Ye Zhen Zhen, not divided even a bit for the other things. Even though Ye Zhen Zhen also wholeheartedly missed him, but seeing his gaze burning with passion made her very embarrassed. Her face blushing and she lowered her head.

Ji Wu Jiu suddenly pulled her into her arms, such overwhelming (7) kiss carried away everything. Ye Zhen Zhen hugged his waist, raised her head and closed her eyes to welcome his warm kiss.

His kiss was also not a bit gentle, even somehow frantic, simply as if want to chew her bones and continuously swallow them down. Ye Zhen Zhen's legs was weaken by his kiss. He finally let go of her, leaning over at her ear and repeatedly said, ’’Zhen Zhen, I miss you.’’

’’I did not miss you at all.’’ Ye Zhen Zhen said.

Ji Wu Jiu knew she was angry, but still tightly held her in his arms, resentfully bit her ear.

’’You do not share your troubles with me. When occupied with something you only know to fight alone. After all I am you wife or not? Do you think if you use your own life to exchange with my life, I can live with no qualms?’’ Ye Zhen Zhen said, tears started to fall again.

Ji Wu Jiu quickly helped her wipe her tears, softly coaxed her, ’’Well, I was wrong, not anymore in the future. Zhen Zhen, please forgive me this time. Don't cry. My heart is broken if you cry......’’

Ye Zhen Zhen pushed him away, ’’In the future, you will still be like this!’’

Ji Wu Jiu thought: you really understand me. However, he didn't dare to say the words. Then he said, ’’Zhen Zhen, if you were me, you would also do that to me, right?’’

’’You are different, you are the emperor, do you know your importance for the country?’’

Ji Wu Jiu immediately said, ’’Zhen Zhen, you only know my importance for the country, but do you know your importance for me?’’


Ji Wu Jiu raised his finger to cover her lips and said, ’’We do not have to worry about those now. No one can hurt you or me in the future. In the future, we only have to live a happy life.’’

He intentionally say the word ’’happy’’ particularly powerful and resonating (8), how couldn't Ye Zhen Zhen understand his meaning, so she only lowered her head and ignored him.

Ji Wu Jiu watched Ye Zhen Zhen's cheek flushed, his heart warmed up. However, although he was bold and unrestrained, but not so bold and unrestrained as to be happy with her on the top of the mountain in broad daylight. Even if would not be seen by someone, but would be seen by monkey was also not good......

So they sat on the edge of the cliff and looked at the scenery and chatted.

Ye Zhen Zhen leaned on Ji Wu Jiu's shoulder and asked, ’’I always have a problem that I don't understand. How didn't those explode?’’

’’There wasn't.’’


’’Stupid,’’ He flicked her forehead, ’’He can bury, can't I dig?’’

~ Translated by: San Guniang ~


Wushi = 11 am-1 pm (in the system of two-hour subdivisions used in former times) 投鼠忌器 = tou shu ji qi = lit. to refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases (idiom)/to not act against an evil so as to prevent harm to innocents 心都提到嗓子眼 = xin dou ti dao sang zi yan = lit. heart has rose up into their throat/used to state that someone has extremely nervous or scared 七手八腳 = qi shou ba jiao = great hurry and bustle chang pao = traditional Chinese men's robe Chen = I (your servant, used in addresing the sovereign). Literally means this official or this minister 鋪天蓋地 = pu tian gai di = lit. hiding the sky and covering the earth (idiom) 掷地有声 = zhi di you sheng = lit. if thrown on the floor, it will make a sound (idiom)/fig. (of one's words) powerful and resonating/to have substance


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