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Empress With No Virtue - Chapter 101.2


Chapter 101.2

Chapter 101 (Part 2)

Fang Xiuqing came to Yangxin Hall as scheduled. Ye Zhen Zhen glanced meaningfully at him. Fang Xiuqing caught her weird gaze and he shivered without a reason. He had a bad feeling...

But what bad things could have happened? The emperor summoned him only to discuss the state affairs. He questioned himself what he had done wrong recently.

Since Fang Xiuqing once had altercations with the Ye Family and Ye Zhen Zhen herself, Ye Zhen Zhen actually wanted to teach him a lesson. But this old guy is one of the pillars of the country, and she is the empress, it was not easy to intervene directly with the minister.

This is good, it can be considered a golden opportunity.

Ye Zhen Zhen stood up and walked to Fang Xiuqing.

Fang Xiuqing waited respectfully for her to speak.

However, the emperor did not speak, but raised his hand and pulled his (FXQ) beard.

Fang Xiuqing: ’’...’’

’’Fang Daren's beard is not bad.’’

’’Your majesty, you have overpraised.’’ Fang Xiuqing unconsciously touched the beard. His beard was beautiful, and he was well maintained. Someone compiled a ’’Beautiful Beards List’’, and he was in it. For a man, especially an old man, the beard is as important as the face, actually the beard is even more important than the face.

Therefore, Fang Xiuqing is also very proud of his beautiful beard. And now, even the emperor has praised him. Although he did not show it, he couldn't help but feel proud.

However the emperor's next statement came, sounding like thunder. ’’So beautiful, maintenance must be laborious.. how about just getting rid of it.’’

Fang Xiuqing felt a little shocked, ’’Your majesty?’’

’’Why, you cannot understand me..err me?’’

*The first me used is for common people, while the second is exclusively for the emperor to address himself*

Fang Xiuqing fell to the ground, kneeling. ’’This old minister does not know what he has done wrong Humbly seeking the emperor's enlightenment.’’ He could not understand the emperor's sudden urge to find fault with him, and the said way to find fault was too bizarre...

’’You did not make any mistake, I just don't feel good looking at you, my mood is also affected. 'Sharing the king's fortune, as well as the worries.'You should understand this phrase, you should not need me to explain a second time right?’’

Fang Xiuqing suddenly realized something, and felt he could understand a little bit about his majesty's weirdness. The emperor has no beard, no.. to be exact, the emperor cannot have a beard. The reason was because the Empress Dowager did not like the emperor with a beard, so the emperor has to shave regularly. Hence even though the emperor already has three children, he still looked like a pretty boy.

In conclusion, the emperor must be jealous of his beautiful beard.

Fang Xiuqing felt a little wronged, a little helpless, and yet also a little sympathetic for the emperor. So he received the emperor's command and left.

Ye Zhen Zhen stayed in Yangxin Hall for a while and left. She felt that she had no choice but to attend court for Ji Wu Jiu, but reading reports is not an urgent matter. So she first went to the Cining Palace to greet the Dowager, received a few supercilious looks, then returned to Kunning Palace in search of Ji Wu Jiu to discuss the matter of their switched souls.

Ji Wu Jiu was almost annoyed to death by Ji Zhen Ze.

He was originally a very quiet person, towards his son he was always a strict father, and gradually turned a bit proud*. Even though he was now Ye Zhen Zhen, he tried to show his normal expression, but the little guy started tearing and the surrounding maids and eunuchs silently condemned him with their eyes.

He could only endure.

When Ye Zhen Zhen returned to Kunning Palace, she saw ’’herself’’ lying on the chair in front of the flower bed. Ji Zhen Ze climbed along her legs to head into her embrace but was picked up by his clothes and placed on the ground. Ji Zhen Ze continued to climb again and again, and she picked him up again and again.

The two didn't seem to be tired, and were happy to repeat this 'exercize'.

Ye Zhen Zhen walked over and looked down at the person on the chair and sighed. ’’I found out that my looks are pretty good.’’

Ji Wu Jiu stared at her.

Ji Zhen Ze called out ’’Father Emperor’’, and then his body was suddenly in the air, his father emperor actually picked him up and also kissed him heavily on the face.

Ji Zhen Ze was wide-eyed with shock.

Ye Zhen Zhen pinched the small nose of Ji Zhen Ze and smiled. ’’Son, were you obedient today?’’ While asking this question, he placed his forehead against Ji Zhen Ze's forehead, gently squatting down.

Ji Zheng turned his face and looked at the person on the recliner. ’’Mother, has Father gone mad?’’

Ye Zhen Zhen: ’’...’’

Ji Wu Jiu: ’’...’’

Ye Zhen Zhen let the servants take servants take Ji Zhen Ze away, she needed to talk to Ji Wu Jiu about a serious matter.

But there was nothing to discuss at all, because Ji Wu Jiu did not find any solution.

’’Why don't you try kissing first.’’ said Ji Wu Jiu. The souls switching was kind of a physical contact. Kissing was also another kind of physical contact and communication. What if while kissing, their souls switched back?

Although kissing herself was slightly embarrassing, but this pressure was not much, it was easier to break the psychological burden.

Ye Zhen Zhen listened, bowed her head and kissed him, then looked up, ’’No changes.’’

Ji Wu Jiu decided to do a deep kiss. So he stood up from the chair. In order to give him space to stand, Ye Zhen Zhen moved two steps backwards. She didn't want to touch the edge of the flowerbed, but while avoiding she had a misstep and ended up lying in the flowerbed. Ji Wu Jiu wanted to help her, but because it is not his own body, the reaction was not as fast nor flexible, hence she still fell.

A particular type of peony flower was planted in the flowerbed. This was the flowers'blooming season, the large graceful peonies looked very beautiful.

Ji Wu Jiu walked up and rode on the waist of Ye Zhen Zhen, holding her head up while bowing his head down.

The two lingered for a while, hardening their resolve.

The servants who passed by the palace saw the empress pressing the emperor down to the ground, ferociously kissing him and they suddenly realized that the emperor liked bold women, no wonder other women could not be favored.

While in the midst of kisses, midst of kisses, blackness suddenly went pass Ji Wu Jiu's vision, and when he recovered his sight, he found that the person in front of him changed back to Ye Zhen Zhen.

Ye Zhen Zhen also realized this change and was pleasantly surprised, ’’We have finally changed back!’’

Ji Wu Jiu flipped over and pressed her under his body. The peony flowers beside them swayed with their movements, and a blooming pink peony flower laid right near the face of Ye Zhen Zhen. The flowers were beautiful just like the beauty, and the beauty was like the flowers.

’’The peonies are really beautiful,’’ Ji Wu Jiu smiled, bowing down to kiss her again, in between kisses he said, ’’Zhen Zhen, we shall meet here tonight, okay?’’

Ye Zhen Zhen was in a good mood, so she agreed. She originally thought that the meeting was to admire the flowers at night, but she discovered that she was really too innocent.

When the night moon rose, amidst the peonies the pair exchanged affections, the mood was as light as spring.

The next day, Ji Wu Jiu got up early and found that he was still himself, so he let go of his worries and went to morning court with great enthusiasm.

Then, he found that Fang Xiuqing was a bit special today - this guy has been watching him with a particularly resentful look, and Ji Wu Jiu felt a little guilty seeing him act weirdly.

The strangest thing was that Fang Xiuqing shaved his beard, and at first glance he looked like Feng Youde's long lost brother.

Some things, even if you think for a hundred times, just weren't meant to be understood.

- The end -


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